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Michael’s POV????????????????


I was in my office when my phone bleeped. It was Lucas, finally he called. “Hello man, thank goodness you finally called me, I thought you’ve forgotten about me” I said smiling. “Of course not, how could I forget you, even if you are far from me, you still find a way to cause me problems” he said shocking me. “His?? What are you talking about??” I asked. “Why did you hurt carol again? I told you, this is your chance to make her trust you again and now you are breaking the trust. You had to bring another lady to the house⛲???? and flirt with her right in front of Carol just to make her jealous, isn’t there another way to do that” he asked. “Well man, my hands where tired, this was the only way I could think of okay, and how did you find out” I asked really surprised that he knew. “You’ve forgotten that Alice is here, of course, carol called her and now she is planning on leaving me here just to go and meet carol, mich.. You know what that means right? She trusted carol into your hands cos she believed you were sorry for what you did and will not hurt her again, but because of what you did, you aren’t only loosing Carol’s love and trust but also that of Alice, cos you might not get carol back with this your attitude when Alice is back, cos carol will surely listen to what Alice say, so dude… Wake up!!” He said. “Sorry buddy, I didn’t mean to hurt her, i just didn’t know what to do, I’m sorry” I said. “Try to make it up to her, you know what I mean right? Try to make Caroline happy, I don’t want Alice to leave me he said. “Ok Buddy, wow, for once you sound serious, Alice is doing a great job huh” I teased but kinda serious. It’s the first time he talked sensibly. “That’s how it is when you love someone. You never wants her to get hurt. She controls you dude” he said. “See you later, I have work to do, bye” I said and hung up. So the reason he called was just cos Alice almost left him?? Gosh to me Lucas is still really crazy. Just then, I heared a loud scream!!!! I came out and asked Felix ” who’s that? What happened”I asked. “It’s a patients girlfriend at room 6 sir, I wonder what happened” he said. “Common let’s go check” I said and we rushed there only to see Carol and nurse Claire attending to the patient who was stabbed in the chest, and carol removed the drip fixed on the guy. “But you said the drip was to correct the side effect not to kill him?? What happened doc??” The lousy girlfriend wailed. “This isn’t the clear drip I gave him. This one has been mixed up with a poison that kills within six hours, someone did this, and it’s like the person really wanted him dead that’s why he or she stabbed him” she said as she removed the knife from the patients chest as Claire cleaned the blood. “So what’s his status now” I asked. “He has been dead for three hours now, so its possible this operation was done last night” Carol said. “But how? Our gate is always locked, no one can enter without having and access ID card” Felix chipped in while the girlfriend continued crying. “That only means, it was one of our staffs who did it. Maybe the person came back just to do this operation but the question here is… Who???” Carol asked and she was really making sense. Claire suddenly said “mam.. I know…” But was cut short by carol. “Shut up Claire, call the mortuary agencies and tell them we have a corps, Felix, help us produce his death certificate, lady am sorry for your loss, my condolence,claire, report to my office when you are done” she odered and left. I know she wants to go and cry, she just lost a life, I wonder what Claire wanted to say…….there is only one way to find out. I’ll keep carol company till claire arrives so that I can leave two of them alone and watch thier conversation in my system inside my office. I left Claire and Felix to do thier job and headed to carols office.


Carol’s POV????????❤




I was in my office sobbing, when mich came in. “It’s okay’s not your fault, stop crying” he said and I stood up. “What are you doing here? Your girlfriend might be looking for you” I said cleaning my tears and he chuckled. “About that, we didn’t kiss last night plus, she’s not my girlfriend, sorry if what I did hurt you” he blabbed thinking I’ll buy his lie… Are you kidding me? I know he’s lying. I knew they kissed. “Why will you hurt me?? I mean it’s not my business if you guys are dating okay” I said and he sat down. “Are you sure?? So why did you went to the bar? Common just admit it, you still love me right?” He asked “I never loved you mich, I only went to the bar cos I was……..i was….missing my sister,you don’t know anything” I lied not really wanting to tell him about the guys that made me go there. “That’s not what I heared….. Carol, even if you don’t believe it I love you*I blushed inwardly* and won’t sack you from this hospital and don’t be depressed, the incident wasn’t your fault” he said and I rolled my eyes. “Whatever mich, my patient just died and here you are talking shits about love to me… You’re unbelievable, really something else, just leave now okay” i said and just then, claire knocked and came in. “Okay, see you later doctor or should I say surgeon Caroline” he said and winked at me and left!! What a dramatic jerk!! “What was it you wanted to tell me before this incident claire” I asked her. “Doc, it was Jane who killed him, I was on a night shift last night, so I was coming to check on the patient when I saw Jane pouring a substance into his drip and stabbed him afterwards. I ran away before she could see me” she explained really shocking me. “What??! Why didn’t you call me right away”‘ I shouted at her scratching my hair. “I tried but but you weren’t picking up” she said and shit!! Maybe that’s the time I fell asleep at the bar. Gosh!!! “Where is Jane now??” I asked. In her office or maybe doc Michaels. “I know she did this to make me look bad in michs eyes. He needs to know about this”I said and was about to leave when Claire said “what’s his business about all this mam” she asked. “Its none of your business, you won’t understand, so just go back to work ok” I said and headed to Jane’s office. She wasn’t there so I headed to Michael’s office.


Michael’s POV????????????

I was watching thier conversation, I was couldn’t believe Jane did that. Just then Jane came in. “Sir, I heard about what happened, its all carols fault, she doesn’t do her job right, I told you she’s inefficient” she said as carol entered at once like she was eavesdropping few munites ago, now I knew a fight was about to start and I had to stop it. I know how crazy carol can get. “Curse you!! How dare you blame for your crime” carol said and slapped Jane before I could even hold her. “You know you’re the one who killed that guy you bicth!!” She shouted at Jane. “How dare you slap your boss… You’re…….*fired*………..

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