Fri. May 10th, 2024

Michael’s Pov????????????




Our lips almost met but I removed my face, “uhmmm Jane, I didn’t bring you here for this, thanks for bringing the documents, you may leave now”, I said and she stood up. “Ok, your wish is my command bye” she said and left, just then grace ran downstairs. “Sir why did it have to go that far, it really hurt carol”Grace said. “Uhmmm, did she admit that she loved me??” I anxiously asked. “She didn’t say that exactly, but you could tell she was seriously hurt” she answered as we walked towards Carol’s room upstairs. “So where is Caroline”I asked. “She must be in her room, she left when you almost kissed Jane, I think she should be in her room” she said, but when I opened the door, she wasn’t there, “why isn’t she here?” I asked. “I don’t know sir, why don’t you call her, she might be anywhere” grace said. “Yes, you have a point, I’ll just call her” I said and dialed her number but it wasn’t going, where could she be……..


Carol’s POV????????????????


I was still running when I sighted a near by bar and I ran inside and mixed up making me to miss track with the pursuers. I sat down, still sobbing so I decided to drink a little, after some minutes, I checked my phone and noticed 3 miss calls from mich. Oh whatever….. After few seconds my phone rang again…. It was mich…….


Michael’s POV????????????


I called her for the fourth time and thank God she picked. “Hello carol, where are you” I asked. “None of your business, at least am happy here, than……. Never mind. Enjoy your moment with your lady and leave me alone” she said and hanged up, and she sounded like she was drunk. “How could she leave this house⛲???? without you knowing grace, she is drunk now, maybe she went to a bar” I shouted. “Sorry sir, I didn’t expect that she will go out, but this isn’t my fault, she only went out cos she was hurt and you are the cause of that” she said. “Will you just shut up, I’ll go look for her ok, I’ll be back”I said and rushed out. Oh my goodness Michael, what have you done?????


Caroline’s POV????????????????????


I was drinking and sobbing when my phone rang, it was Alice,”hello sis” she said. “Hi” I said trying to hide my sad voice yet she still got me. “Hey, is anything the matter?? Where are you?!” She asked concerned and I started my crying again. “At the bar”, I said. “Bar? What are you doing there, why will you be at the bar? What happened dear??” She asked. “Am drinking of course, I can’t take it anymore, mich is flirting with Jane, they almost kissed some few munites ago, I can’t understand why I feel hurt, but am just depressed” I said crying. “Well how sure are you, that they later kissed”She asked. “You should have seen them Alice, like love birds” I said. “I get it carol, you are feeling jealous cos you still love Michael” she said. “What, stop joking around” I said. “But am not, am your sister, I know your hopes and fears and am the only one that can tell you this, so try to cheer up, I’ll call Michael right away ok, and go back home, it could be dangerous outside there” she said. “Ok,thank you, sis” I said and she hung up. Could she be telling the truth? I stood up and was about leaving and I bumped into someone, when,when I looked up, it was Michael’s secretary Felix. “Hey Felix,” I said. “Carol? What are you doing here?” He asked. “What else do they do at the bar”, he asked. “What else do they do at the bar” I asked. “What’s the problem?” He asked me,”it’s nothing, I just needed somewhere to cook my head began to spine and I was feeling very dizzy so I passed out.more like I slept off as I fell down.




Michael’s POV????????????


I was in my car driving, when my phone bleeped. It was Felix,”hello, Felix, what’s the problem” I asked. “Sir, carol passed out at a certain bar,I’ll text you the location, pls hurry sir” he said. “Ok pls make sure she is safe before I come there ok” I said and hanged up. In no time, I was there, I carried her to the car and drove to the bar and took Carol home.

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