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??? Michaels pov ????????


“Carol, it doesn’t have to get to this… We can fix this” I begged as the police handcuffed me. Just then Alice approached us, uhhmm, I wonder what she might do, I hope she saves me. “Officer, what’s happening here?” She asked. “He is accused of rape,” the officer replied. ” who pressed charges sir” she asked. I just looked on. “I did…. Audy, stay outta this, its my choice kk” carol said and did I just hear her right? As far as I know, audy, carols sister is dead…. Well, let’s see. “Uhmmm, officer, pardon my sis. She’s my sis, and she has some mental problems, I confied her to a mental hospital but she escaped. Pardon her. This young man is innocent, my sis is not in her right senses” Alice said and I gaps in my mind. How crazy. “What? Officer pay no attention to her. Arrest that monster already, am not sick. Alice, what are you doing” carol thundered, shocked at what her sister said. The police man,un- cuffed me. ” sorry for the inconvenience sir, we will take our leave” the officers said and left. ” what the!! U can’t believe this, Alice, how could you, you know what I suffered right, how could you do this?” Carol screemed at Alice. “Carol, pls give me a second chance, am truly sorry” I pleaded…”will you shut up you son of a bicth! I ain’t talking to you” carol scolded and I kept my cool. “I know deep inside you, you don’t want to do it. Give the guy a second chance” alice said to Carol. “Never!!” Carol said and stormed out. “Thanks alice” I appreciated. “Don’t thank me, I saved you now, don’t expect me to save you next time, if there is a next time, I’ll personally sue you to court and make sure you rot in there” alice said and left me. All the workers has been watching the drama since, while some where videoing it. “Enough now everyone back to work” I said and everyone went back to work. “Sir, your dad is in the meeting room, with other head of staffs, and he wants to see you now” my sec said shocking me, as I ran to the room. “Dad?” I called and hugged him as he laughed. “How have you been son, I haven’t seen you since you left home”he said and I smiled. “So what’s this meeting for?” I asked. “Yeah, well, everyone in this meeting room, thanks for the work you’ve been doing and for ensuring that lives are saved,thanks, to my son, I say am proud of your work, and to doc Lucas and his secretary, you doing a great job, to the rest of you, well done” my dad said. Thank God he didn’t see the commotion that happened few minutes ago. ” well, as a successful man that I am,I opened another branch at the phillipines” he said and we all clapped. “We are lacking qualified doctors,so I need two head of this hospital to go there and head that other hospital, and ensure lives are saved” he said and everyone looked at me and Lucas. “Son, I suggest you come back home, you are one of the leads we need” my dad said shocking me. I can’t just leave carol here, ni! I need to find a way to get outta this mess. “Dad,I love my life here. I ain’t comfortable there. What do you think made me leave that place, I can’t go back there, at least not now” I fired. “I can’t see anything discomforting at the Philippines, you alone know why you left home. You are coming home whether you like it or not. Unless someone decides to go” my dad said and I looked at Lucas for help. “Sir, I’ll go, but I’ll go with my assistant doc alice” he said and I breath out on relief as Alice blushed. I’m gonna miss Lucas but let him go. “Ok, Lucas, Alice, you’re going with me now, let’s move it, our flight leaves in an hour” my dad said and everyone dismissed. “Mich, I’m thinking you should make carol your P.A,now that am leaving” Lucas said,”yeah, I pray she agrees”I said and dashed out, asking my sec to summon carol to my office. Before I arrived, she was there,”hey carol,”I said. “What can I do doc mich”she asked. “Uhmmm, Alice and Lucas are going to the phillipines for some reasons and I’ll want you to be my personal assistant now that Lucas is leaving”I said and I could see the shock on her face which later turned into a smirk.


???????? Carol’s POV????????


What?? Alice is leaving and she didn’t even tell me???

Who am I gonna stay with now, I can’t live alone… Oh my,

Now this jerk is asking me to be his P.A,in place of Lucas, like the boss, wow, nice position, but, I won’t be able to operate again, and oh…..????????,I know what he’s heading at, hw wants us to be close again, no way,I smirked. “You think I don’t know what you’re thinking, you want us to be close again……no way, I won’t be your P.A” I said and I could see the sad impression of disappointment on his face. Serves Him right. “Carol plss, I beg you”he begged, holding my hands. “No sir,” I said and yanked my hands off him and left the office.


On my way out, I met alice. “Sis, did I just hear right? You’re leaving me again”I said pouting. “No candy, its just for a while”she said smiling. “Who am I gonna stay with. You know I can’t live alone”I asked. “Candy I want you to stay with Mich, plss,”she said shocking me. “What!!alice, no pls” I replied “Baby pls, so that I can be rest assured you’re said. I won’t take long there, its just a month. Plsssss”she begged. “Ok, I don’t have a choice”I said and she hugged me and left to enter the car, that’s taking them to the airport. Oh man, bye alice or Audy.


???????? Lucas pov ????????


“Mich, how did it go, did she agree??” I asked my worried friend. “No Lucas, she refused. “He answered and I smiled. “Don’t worry, alice already convinced her to stay at your place, and she agreed” I said and his face Brightend. “Wow, Lucas thank you. This is my chance”he said happily. “Don’t thank me,alice did it for you,she’s giving you a second chance. Don’t mess with it, I’ll get the address if her house, then GI pick her up this night”I said and he smiled nodding his head. “A piece of advice, treat her well, and open a vacancy for a new P.A”I said and he nodded and left while I walked into the car where Alice is and we drove off. We have finished our part here, its up to them now, to make the best out of it………..


*at carols house, at night*


Carol’s pov????????


I parked all my things and thought of how I’ll get to Michael’s house this night, I font even have money for a cab. I rolled my bag through the streets main road. It was late at night already and no car was passing by. Just then I sighted a Mercedes Benz approaching me, I smilled and waved at it to stop hopping the driver could give me a lift. The driver turned out to be……….




*somewhere in calli*


Unknown pov????????


.”yeah, my dear, that’s the plan, make sure you get the job to be his P.A,and make life a living hell for that Carol ” I said to my daughter as she smiled. “Don’t worry mum, I’ll do just that, sm even looking for a rich dude to suck dry”my daughter Jane said and we laughed.

Carol doesn’t know what’s coming to her……..

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