Sat. Feb 17th, 2024

Caroline madasigane,has just completed her university, she is very happy to start work, at one of the popular hospital of California. She wonder how her first day of work will be.
Oh… Introduction…????????
Caroline’s POV
Caroline is a Lady of twenty five, who was educated by her aunt, she lost her parent at the age of 19. She dreams of becoming a surgeon. Her only wish was for her to remain a virgin till her marriage night, her world crashed down when she was rapped by a good friend of hers called Michael… Even before the incident, she was having some spots for him, so she was surprised of his behavior… Thank God she didn’t get pregnant, cos of that she was sacked from her aunts place, so stayed with her friend Alice, till she graduated……
???? Michael’s POV????
Michael Montenegro, is presently twenty seven. He lives with his parents at Manila in the Philippines, but runs away and comes to California, he stays with his friend Lucas Tom. He was persuaded to work in his dad’s hospital, one of the most popular hospital in California. He is a sadist, because he is guilty of an incident or the crime he comitted in the past.. He rapped an innocent girl.. It was unintentional he was carried away by lustful desires.. That’s his main reason he agreed to work, so he can start a new world afresh.. How ever he is always mocked by his friends.. Cos anytime he remembered the incident, he cried…..
???????? At city hospital????????
????micheal’s pov????
I was in the office when my Secretary came in “sir, will u take the interview? We have six applicants” he said. ” ok, let them in,according to their ages” I said feeling sick. I don’t think I can do this, maybe Lucas should do it.. But let me try anyway. The first person came in with a smile, he wore an old trousers, with Brown boots and a violet top.he had enzymes on his face nd body.” Welcome, am Gabriel Thomas…..”without him finishing, I cut him short ” you are disqualified.

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