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Episode 36




“Who’s gonna stay with Mitch?”Madison asked as we dressed up,today is the D-day,the day of the competition,the day Madison will reconcile with her family and the day Tania will cry her eyes out,I still find it funny that Tania is bis£xual,I had s£x with a lesbian?Eww and ewwww plus gross..I feel dirty to be honest,why the hell will one chose to be lesbian..having s£xual relationship with your fellow gender,how does it sound?God created Adam and Eve not Eve and Evelyn.I don’t even know what would prompt a lady to have the mentality of dating a fellow lady..that’s gross and madness.I’ve always hated lesbians,like..a lot and also gays..they are all disgusting..bunch of messed up creatures,I had to take my bathe three times yesterday all because of Tania anytime my mind flashes through that video,I always feel like puking and sometimes,I puke,its just so messed up


“He’s gonna be babysat okay”I said


“Babysitting?Can’t I just take him with me?”she whined and I shook my head,take your baby with you on a day like this?There’s a 90% possibility that the competition will be cancelled today..I’m sure of that


“Don’t worry okay,he’ll be fine”I assured and she sighed in defeat I took her hand and we went downstairs


*ding dong*


The door bell rang and I went to open it


“Nona”I squealed like a little boy before hugging the woman tight


“Aiggo…look at you,you’re all grown up and manly”she cooed pinching my cheeks,Nona was my nanny when I was little,my mum was always busy so she hired Nona,she started being my Nona since I was 5 till i went to highschool,she wanted to leave when I was ten because I was able to do things by my self as at then but I didn’t want her to leave,she was like my second momma,I loved her so much..she left when I was in the 8th grade to Korea-yeah,she’s Korean


“Nona how?what are you doing here?”I asked closing the door behind me


“Well,your mother called me saying she wants me to babysit”


I smiled widely when I heard that..I’m sure Mitch is gonna,Mitch is gonna love this woman,she’s the best nanny in the world,she has grown so much now..I think she’ll be 5o plus right now


“And who is this beauty”she grinned walking to Madison


“Um..Nona meet girlfriend”


“You sure knows good things my boy..she is a jewel,how are you my dear”


“I’m fine ma’am,what about you”


“I’m good thank you,hope this trouble isn’t troubling you too much,he can be a pain in the ass sometimes”Nona said glaring at me playfully


“Yeah he’s trouble alright,but I know how to deal with him”Maddy said and I chuckled


“Anyways,where’s the baby or don’t tell me your mum called me to babysit you”she asked giving me a quizzical look



“Me?come on Nona I’m grown up jeez,anyways,let me go get that boy..where is he anyways”


“I think in his room”Madison answered and I nodded I took the stairs to Mitch’s room and I got in


“Heeeey buddy”




“Hey daddy”he giggled,that sounds good..daddy and I to finally marry


,I can’t wait for Madison



“Come on,your nanny is here”I picked him up and he took my phone from my hand,doing stuff to it


“Here’s the boy”I said as I took the stairs


I walked closer to the women and Nona took him from me


“Wow,he’s so cute..what’s your name angel”




“Well,Mitchell,do you know what cute boys like you deserve?”




“Cute boys like you deserve…”she reached for her bag and brought out a rainbow lollipop


“Yay a lolly”he squealed and we all laughed,told you he’ll like her..Nona knows how to make children happy..its like her gift


“Well,we’ll be going now”I said taking Maddy by her hand


“ great in the competition okay,I’ll watch from here..make Nona proud you two”she screamed as we exited the house,Nona and her drama





Nona is such a wonderful woman,she has a nice and jovial spirit..she kinda acts like my grandma,too bad she’s dead


And wow,today is the day I’ll make history,I can’t wait..I really can’t and at the same time I’m nervous,really nervous…God help me today


“You okay?”




“You look tensed”


“I’m fine Romeo”


“You sure?”he asked and I hummed


We drove into the school and as expected,it was the definition of silent because all the students aren’t expected to be there today


We got down from the car and we went straight to the assembly hall


“Hey guys…you’re here”Ken said as we walked in


“Yeah..Good Morning”I greeted them and they replied I sat on one of the chairs and the door banged open


“Good morning team”the principal greeted and we all hummed


“Today is the day right,the day to win as always”Mrs Collins said and we all laughed


“You guys can’t go dressed like this so…you’ve got matching outfits sponsored by Fila”Principal Bradford said and we all squealed-well,I B and Crystal squealed They gave each of us our outfits and I must say this is on fire…camo designed outfits but instead of the normal camo colour ours is blue,white and gray..for girls it is the high waist carrot trousers and white crop top with jacket with white sneakers while the boys had the carrot trousers,white T-shirt and jacket with white sneakers


Thank God I braided my hair yesterday…This outfit is fire



“Oh my Gosh you look goooood”Bianca said and I winked


“You guys are looking fire yourself..I mean just look at us”I said cocking my hips and making some model poses


“I know right,we’ll surely steal the show today”Crystal said


“Yeah..let’s go”we got out of the dressing room and the boys were already waiting for us…I opened my mouth at the sight of Romeo..can this guy get any hotter?I’m sure girls would be drooling over him and I won’t hesitate to cut off their tongues


“My girlfriend is beautiful”Romeo said in a sing song and I laughed,I can’t wait to walk into that stadium with Romeo beside me


“And here we are”Mrs Collins said as we all got down..this place is so crowded Camera flashes here and there almost blinding me,Romeo held my waist possessively and sneaked something into my mouth,I chewed on it and I discovered it was gum


He winked and took my hand as we walked in


If not for the guards,we would have been on the ground by now with the amount of reporters and crowd trying to touch us..sorry I mean Romeo


We were led to a big hall and seems like the other teams are here too and they also have their outfits but..our outfit is the best There are up to 30 teams here..




“Long time no see Romeo”I heard a masculine voice say ahead me and I looked up and behold..its Franco,he looks even more handsome in person I glanced at Romeo and he had an expressionless face on


I heard a low squeal beside me and I turned..its Bianca,I’m pretty sure Bianca has a crush on this guy but doesn’t wanna admit


“Franco…seems the rumors are’re still a loser that you’ve always been”Romeo said and I widened my this Romeo or a savage king Franco smirked and hugged him



“Don’t let us start Romeo Grande…I’m keeping a gentle profile here”he turned and smiled at me


“Well,if it isn’t the famous Abigail Maxwell,girlfriend of Romeo”he took my hands and kissed the pack of my palm


“Hey Romeo,don’t you think this girl is too good for you?I mean look at her,she’s pretty and curvy she should be with someone else..not an asshole like you” Romeo clenched his fist and looked away,trying to control his anger,any more outburst from Franco I’m sure he’ll blow up


“I’m not trying to anger you its just that…”he walked close to him and smirked”you can’t satisfy her like I can”


That was all came out from Franco’s mouth before Romeo pounced him


“Romeo”I screamed rushing to him,if I don’t stop him,he’ll kill Franco He threw blows on his face and anywhere his punches met


“Romeo stop”he didn’t budge,he raised his hand to give him another hit but I held his hands,he looked at me and took my hands walking out of the hall,I don’t even know where he is leading me


We got to the back and he sat on the pavement with his head bowed


“Romeo”I called but he didn’t answer


“Rommy”I took his hands and he sighed before looking up,I cupped his face and he gave a small smile


“You’re mad at me right?”he asked and I twitched my nose


“I’m sorry,it’s just that guy is such an ass hole..did you hear what he said?”he asked and I nodded


“Its okay..He’s just being a jerk..just ignore him okay?”he smiled with a nod and I took his hands


“Let’s go back”



We went back to the hall and it looks like Franco won’t be able to wink at ladies anymore because he has a black eye…I almost laughed


“You spoil the fun..”Bianca said and I rolled my eyes


We were enlightened on the rules and regulations,what were supposed to do and how today is gonna go.


The announcer announced each school one by one and the supporters gave their teams screams and shouts


When it was our turn,the stadium almost collapsed with screams and whistles and noise..we got the biggest accolade





“Are you here?”I asked Jackson through my ear pud and he hummed in reply


“Where are you”I asked


“Check the front row..two seats to the left”


I stylishly looked and there he was with Tania beside him,even in disguise,I can still recognize her


“Good…Ken,B and Crystal..come in”


“Aye aye captain”Crystal screamed and I shook my head


“Is everything set?”




“Bianca,have you given the guy the flash drive?”I asked


“Sure thing”




“I’m with Bianca and please get me outta here..she wants to kill me?


“You brought it on yourself dude”I replied with a chuckle





I glanced at Madison and I smiled,I went to her and I hugged her from the back


“You know people can see us right?”she said and I shrugged





“I don’t’re my woman”


I laughed and sighed


“Madison?”he whispered against my ear




“I want you to look at where our supporters are sitting”he said and I turned




“Now look at the VIP section”


I turned my gaze to the VIP section




“Look at the very first row…”


I trailed my eyes and….


“Oh my God”I screamed


“Shhhh..don’t be too hyped”


I covered my mouth with my hands to stop me from screaming…it was Jason,my mum,my dad,Mitch,Nona,Mrs Russ and her kids..did Romeo do this?Did he plan all these


Jason’s eyes met mine and he screamed my name from his seat..jumping up like a little boy,his scream caught mum and dad’s attention and they looked to my side..they both screamed too and I smiled out tears..I can’t believe this,I turned to face Romeo and I hugged him tight


“Rommy”I cried out and he patted my back


“I..I don’t..


“Shhhh…I bought them here because I knew you really wanted them to be here even if you won’t admit that..they are here to support you Madison,make them proud”he said and I just kept crying…I have the best boyfriend in the world,I don’t even know how to thank him,its so so…I don’t even know what to say


The announcer welcomed the special guests which includes:Alexa Grande,the Mayor,Kelly Owens-the owner of the biggest cooking reality TV,Adrian Oliver-the founder of Oliver’s catering service and other influential people I can’t mention because wasn’t paying attention




“When the video is shown,make sure you don’t let Tania escape..she mustn’t escape..she must face the humiliation”I said and Bianca hummed


“Jackson come in”




“What’s up with her right now?”


“She’s about to go on stage”


“And we are ready”I said with a smirk..I can’t wait to see the look on her face



And now..the Competition is gonna commence..



“But before that happens…”Tania interrupted the announcer and I smiled to myself..and let the drama begin




What the heck is this lady,who is she and why is she interrupting,what the hell is going on



“ are not allowed to…”the announcer tried to say but he got interrupted again


“I know sir but I’ve a got a very important thing to show you”


That voice sounds Tania’s voice,she took out her shades and scarf and then she turned to look at me..its Tania..its her


What is she doing here and the look on her face shows that she’s up to no good


“Well,before we go on I just want to show you something about that girl”she said pointing to me and all eyes and cameras turned to me..I turned to Romeo and he gave me an assuring smile..he swallowed and he held my hand soothingly


“Behold the big screen everyone”e


Everyone turned to the big screen behind her and then,a video came was the video Crystal took. The one of Tania and her Fuck buddy


“That is who she is everyone…your beloved Abigail..a pornstar”she blabbed rubbish..does she know what is showing right now?This video clearly says “Tania is a pornstar”what is is this video playing and what did she wanna show before


“What do you have to say Abigail”she asked with a smirk and I gave her a quizzical look,a mic was passed to me and I took it


“Um..Tania,you might wanna turn around”I said and she scoffed before she turned around receiving the shock of her life






“Um…Tania,you might wanna turn around”she said and I scoffed before i turned around receiving the shock of my life..why is this showing this isn’t what I told Jackson to do..why is this video showing,how is this video even showing,who filmed me..who f**king did this


“Mrs Tania,are you trying to tell us you’re Lesbians?”





“No?Shut the hell up lesbian,this clearly shows you’re one..if you aren’t one why do you have your fellow woman face buried in your pu**y and why are you moaning like a lunatic”Crystal cut in and I widened my eyes..its her..its them,they all planned it,my life is ruined,I turned around and I saw different eyes looking at me with disgust,my eyes met my dad’s eyes and he shook his head in disappointment before standing to leave,I’m ruined,everybody has known my secret,almost everybody in the world has known


I ran out of the hall in shame but I was welcomed by a bunch of reporters by the entrance



“Mrs Gold..what do you have to say about what was shown



“is that really you in the video



“did anyone know about your s£xuality before now



“since when were you a lesbian



“Mrs Gold do you know this can ruin your fathers company and all that he’s worked for


“Leave me..let me go..get the f**k out of my way”I screamed with tears in my eyes,trying to push away from the crowd


I sighted Jackson from afar and he shook his head negatively before entering the police van..they’ve caught Jackson,and he’s gonna rat me out..I have to do something


“Do not let that girl go”I heard a voice behind me and I was Bianca..running towards me with Crystal and Ken


I rushed out of the crowd and I ran to the driveway,with people running after me calling me different names,I rushed to my car and I ignited it,I drove out like a maniac with tears pouring down my eyes..what have I done .










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Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi







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