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Episode 23



Madison’s POV


“Abby,abby wake up”I felt someone tapping and I slowly opened my eyes,I got up in a swift and I saw Bianca’s face


“What happened,where I’m I”I asked


“You’re home dummy,you fell asleep”


“What?But I was..Romeo…I went to..I hugged him..why I’m I here”


“Are you okay,did you have some kind of dream?”


(Yes yee,okay okay..they yaff want to kill me with stone and bullet,okay its not a dream pple aren’t nice at all)



Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




Episode 23



Madison’s POV


“How long does it take to reach the airport?”I asked impatiently as Mr.Max drove


“We’ll soon be there ma’am calm down”


I nodded and faced the window side


“You really wanna see the young master badly”


I blushed and I sighed with a humm


“I sense you’re in love with young master”


“Uhh…me?In love? way”


“Hmm…we’re here”he drove into the airport and I didn’t wait for him to stop the car before j stepped out,only God knows how I didn’t hit my head on the ground We took the jet and off we went to LA,we got there about one hour later and a chauffeur drove me to Romeo’s place


I almost fainted at the size of his pent house,I think Romeo is a lot richer than I thought


I walked to the door and I rang the door bell,in no time I heard footsteps towards the door,the door cracked open and my breath hitched at his sight,he was shirtless making him look incredibly hot,his hair is messy giving him a bad boy look


“A..a..Abby?”he called in shock and surprise,he looked so speechless and kinda happy at the same time.I stepped in and he closed the door




I didn’t allow him to finish his statement before I Wrapped my hands round him,hmm,now that’s the cologne I remember,the sweet scent



“I missed you”I said and he wrapped his super comforting arms round me sniffing my hair,that made me cry-tears of joy


“I missed you too”he said and I smiled against his chest,he pulled me out of the hug and he caressed my cheek


“Why’d you come”he asked sneaking his hands round my waist,I placed my hands on his chest and I smiled


“Because I was worried”


He leaned closer and smirked


“I thought you didn’t care about me”he said as he leaned a lot closer making our lips inches apart


“I was lying to myself Romeo,I do care about you,a lot..its just…


He shut me up with a kiss pulling me closer by my waist and I wrapped my hands round his neck


“That is all I wanna hear”he whispered against my lips and I pulled his head closer capturing his sweet juicy lips..i can’t get enough of it


He broke the kiss and glued our foreheads together with our breath mixing together as we breathed heavily


“I have a lot to say Abby”he said and I shut him up with my index finger on his lip


“Me too but right now,I might faint”I said and he chuckled




“I’m damn hungry”I whined and he laughed swooping me off my feet making me to scream


“Put me down”I said in between laughs and he grinned


“No..”he said and I had to choice but to wrap my hands round his neck


“I made pancakes”he said as he placed me on the kitchen counter


“Yay..pancakes”I squealed and he chuckled


He dished out 4 pancakes in a plate for me and he added syrup


He picked up the pancake filled plate and he turned his back to me


“What?”I asked


“Hop on”he said and I smiled wrapping my hands round his neck and legs round his torso as he carried me in piggy back to the living room


He placed the plate on the table and turned me to face him with my arms and legs still wrapped round him


He placed me to seat on the sofa and he took a seat beside me


He passed me my pancakes and I smiled as I collected it


We ate our food in silence and I kept stealing glances at him


I finished my food and he was only halfway through his


To be honest,I’m still hungry,all have been having for the past one and half week is candy and junks


I kept glancing at Romeo’s food as he picked on it,I want more


He turned to face me and blushed as I realized he caught me eyeing his food


“Still hungry?”he asked and I nodded shyly


“Say ah”he said trying to push his pancake filled fork into my mouth,I opened my mouth slightly and he fed me


He kept feeding me till I ate it finish


“Sorry I ate your food”I said and he smiled pulling me to seat between his laps on the sofa,my body tensed up a little bit but I relaxed after sometime


“I wasn’t hungry tho,i just wanted to fill my stomach with something”he said with his breath fanning my neck and I nodded


“You need to change your clothes”he said


“I didn’t bring any”I said and he carried me in bridal style


“Where are we going?”I asked as he took a stair


“My room”he said and my heart skipped a beat ,I think he heard it because he chuckled,we got to his room and holly molly,this room is the size of my living room back in NYC,its so beautiful and big,the king sized bed is more beautiful with the gold bread spread


He went to his gigantic wardrobe and brought out a shirt


“This should be okay”he said stretching the shirt to me and I collected it


“When you’re done,meet me downstairs,I have something to show you”he said before leaving,I glanced at the shirt in my hand and I sighed,this is surely not gonna reach my knees,oh well,here goes nothing


I stripped off my previous clothes and I’m debating whether to put on my bra or not and at the end,I ended up not wearing it,I wore the shirt and like I predicted,it stopped below my butt,I’m really nervous,Romeo is gonna be seeing me like this?


Romeo’s POV


I waited in the living room for Abby to come downstairs,I’m really happy she’s here,I can’t believe she came all the way from Texas,she even left her baby,Abby I know would not leave her baby,I guess I mean so much to her..gosh I’m blushing like a teenage girl right now


“I’m here”


I looked sideways and holy shit,okay,maybe giving her my shirt to wear was a bad idea,a very bad one,she shirt didn’t even cover I laps and thighs,it stooped right at her ass


I looked up at her chest and I gulped at the sight of her pointy boobs,I feel like ripping that cloth off her and running my hands and lips round her s£xy body Okay Romeo,get yourself together okay


I walked close to her and she looked down shyly


“My shirt looks good in you”I said and she blushed,I took her hand and I led her to the back of the house


“Oh my Gosh,this place is beautiful”she squealed as she sighted my garden,I had it built 3 months ago,I needed a place I could relax at night and boom!this happened



There’s a wide pool just opposite it,the dim light illuminated the garden making it look magical,the fire flies also played their parts


“You like it?”


“I love it”she squealed and I laughed pulling her close to lie beside me on the ground


She sighed as she laid on the grass and she smiled


“I love the view if the moon from here”she said and I hummed


“It looks more beautiful today don’t you think?”she asked and I folded my hands at the back of my head


“Yeah”I breathed out


She laid there looking lost,like there’s a war of thoughts going on in her mind right now


“Are you okay?”I asked and she sighed as she sat up


“I have something to say”


“What something”I asked as I sat beside her


“Its about how I got Mitchell”she said


I’ve always wanted to know about that,Mitch said he doesn’t have a father and Abby hasn’t talked about Mitch’s father for once,and I’m curious


Did he leave her,did they divorce,did he break her heart-i don’t even wanna think about that because if that’s the case,then the guy is dead meat


“Ooh”I said


“Where do I start”




“Well,for starters,my real name isn’t Abigail Maxwell”





“Yeah,its Madison Campbell”she said


“Well,why did you change your name”


“Circumstances made me change it”


“What circumstances?”


“Hmm,two years ago,I had a boyfriend,Jackson,he was my first love,he was every ladies dream…when he asked me out to be his girlfriend I almost fainted out of excitement”


I couldn’t help but get jealous as she described this “jackson”guy


“Oh really”I said sarcastically and she arched her brow at me


“Mmm-mmm..i really loved him because he proved to be the perfect guy for me but,I didn’t know all those act were fake..he made me believe he was the perfect guy,he made me fall so deep for him that I could do any single thing for him no matter what it took”


“So then what happened”


“So along the line,he started complaining about me not satisfying him s£xually,I tried to explain to him that I wasn’t ready but he threatened to break up with me-which I didn’t want to happen,I loved him a lot so the thought of loosing him made me scared”


Oh please don’t let this end where I’m thinking its gonna end


“Well,I gave him what he wanted,he took my virginity..and..and um… Her voice was already breaking so I had to pull her into a hug


“What happened Abby”



“That very night I had s£x with him,he left…he left Romeo he fled”she said in between sobs and I clenched my fists,my eyes darkened as I heard that..


“He did something even worse”she said pulling out of the hug


“What did he do”


“He..he um..he..


“Hey Abby calm down okay,if you don’t wanna tell me its okay”


“No..I’m sure ”


“Okay so…what did he do”


“He leaked my nudes”she said in a whisper and my eyes widened in horror and fury


“He made me look like a whore,he shamed me,the whole city of NEWYORK tagged me as a slut,I was hopeless and helpless”he said as tears fell from her eyes..That motherf**ker,that son of a bitch,how dare he,how dare he do that,the girl that loved you more than herself,the girl that gave you what you wanted even though she didn’t give you at her own free will but because she loved you she gave you freely,that bastard took her love for granted,he used her to his advantage,what kind of human is he


“He’s..he’s the father of Mitchell right?”I asked and she nodded


“Why did you keep him”I asked


“Well,”she cleaned her face and sighed”he isn’t that cause of my misfortune is he?No he’s not,so why should he suffer due to my mistake”


I can’t believe Abby has gone through all these and she’s still this strong,most girls in her shoes won’t think twice before aborting the baby,most of them would have even committed suicide,she’s really one of a kind


“You’ve gone through a lot”


“Yeah,but I’m over it,I just wanted to tell you this because,I want you to know all about me before any further thing happens and its okay if you wanna cut ties with me after this,at least I told you and..and..excuse me”I ran out of the garden and I ran after her,I know how she feels


“Abby please open the door”I said as I banged the door to my room,I can’t believe she locked the door


“Abby…come on”


She opened the door and her face was already filled with tears,I hugged her as soon as I stepped in


“Abby,I’ll never leave you okay,never in this world and never in the next”






I pulled out of the hug and stared at her glistening eyes


I leaned close to her and took her lips in mine and kissed her,she wrapped her hands round my neck and I sneaked my hands round her waist


She opened her mouth wider giving me more access to her mouth,i pushed my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it,our tongues fought for dominance as she moaned in between the kiss,I sneaked my hands into the bottom of the shirt and I squeezed her ass carrying her up with it





(If you’re younger than 18 this content is not suitable contents which may be offensive)

❌..contains s£xual




He carried her to the bed not breaking the kiss,he placed her on the bed gently and he balanced well in between her legs,he looked at her briefly asking for permission to go further,she pulled him to herself getting into another session of hot kiss,I think that have him his answer-the very answer he wants


He lowered his lips to her neck and he sucked on it squeezing her full round butt beneath the cloth as he left hickeys on her neck making her to moan



He reached for the button of the cloth that was obstructing him from beholding the two sweet round boobs,he unbuttoned it to the middle and she removed her hand from the sleeves


He captured the right boob into his mouth,sucking on it


“Oh my God”she moaned biting her lips and arching her back,she doesn’t want this to stop,the pleasure is too much,it seems her brain has gone numb due to his tantalizing touch


He bit her hardened nipples softly giving a slow harsh squeeze to her other boob


“Ahh”she screamed out in pleasure and he groaned as he felt his hard on He gave the two boobs gentle squeezes at the same time and she arched her back,she finds herself wanting more,she wants to feel him,she’s never felt this way before


He loves the way his touches made her shiver,he loves how much effect his touch has on her


He trailed kissed down her tummy to her waistline down to her inner thighs,he rubbed her clit through the thin material and in one swift,he ripped it off giving full access to the beautiful honey pot already dripping for him He inserted two fingers into her p*ssy and..


“Fuck you’re so tight”he seethed,she gave a sharp brief cry as he increased the pace of his finger,he rolled his fingers in her p*ssy,she loved how his finger felt but she wanted something more fleshy,she wanted something hard,


“Fuck I’m gonna cum”she screamed out and in no time,her orgasm broke wetting his fingers and the whole of his hands,he bent and licked her clean,he went to her lips and he kissed her making her taste herself


She reached for his waist trying to rip off the briefs he had on


“Hungry for me much?”he said with a smirk and she groaned,she wants him inside her,that’s all that matters


He took off his briefs and her eyes almost popped out of her sockets at the sight of his c*ck



“Like it?”he asked and she nodded shyly,he bent over her head and took her lips in his,he teased her entrance with the tip of his c*ck and she cocked her hips up trying push herself into him but no he wasn’t done teasing her


“She groaned and he smirked at how badly she wants him”


“Beg me”he whispered huskyly in her ears biting her earlobe and she moaned,it only turned her on the more


“Romeo please”she said in a whisper


“Please what?”he said with a smirk pushing his tip in and pulling it back out


“Please f**k me”she said in a low frail voice,she can’t take the torture anymore


“I can’t hear you”


“Please Romeo”she screamed and he smiled


“At your service”


He pushed half of his length in and the gasped


“Oh my…shit”she moaned out biting her lips,her moan was fueling him


He pushed his full length into her and she gave the loudest moan yet,he groaned as her walls tightened round his c*ck


“Oh..God Romeo”


She wrapped her legs round his waist as he pulled out and banged into her again He increased his pace and with every thrust,she moans out his name making him feel proud of himself


“Oh..gosh..mmmm..yes..oh shit…harder..holy f**k”


She spat gibberish that no one understands as he gave justice to her pu**y,her legs went jello,it couldn’t stay well on his waist again,she arched her back and he placed her two legs on his shoulders as he f*cked her





He increased his pace giving her all him,she felt her orgasm building and her body shook,


“Yeah baby…holy…mmm”he moaned,she moaned


“I’m gonna cum Rommy”she screamed


“Yeah baby cum for me,let’s come together”he said in a husky voice and her orgasm came splashing,in no time,her pulled out and cum shots filled her thighs He collapsed beside her and he smiled to himself


He turned to her and wrapped his hands round her waist pulling her closer to himself,they didn’t say anything to each other,only their breaths were heard She was thinking


“As she not made another mistake,they aren’t even together,he has a girlfriend,now she’s starting to feel guilty,she cursed for herself for letting pleasure take over her”


“Don’t think too much Abby,you did the right thing,don’t think about Tiana,don’t think about anybody but me and us”he said and she raised her head to face him


“Abby”he called and she hummed


“I love you”he said and she opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out,she was shocked and very happy


“You don’t have to say anything,just know that..I love you Abby”he kissed her on the lips and she smiled


“So damn much”he added and she grinned wider,she stylishly pinched herself to be sure she wasn’t dreaming,and no,she isn’t dreaming,they just had a hot session of s£x,he just said he loved was all real,everything is real


“I..I love you too Rommy”she said and he wrapped his hands round her possessively,he’s got her,he’s finally got her..she’s finally he’s .









If you know jejely that you saw the and you still read further and you’re not up to eighteen rora raise up your hand now


Mr.Romeo,you aff finally reached there,you don taste am,I hail you o



Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi





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