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Episode 17



Romeo’s POV


If anyone should witness how I’m riding at high speed,I’ll definitely be called a mad man,I’m riding like a man rushing to meet his wife in the labor room..this better be worth my worry


I finally got to her place and rushed to her front door..I opened and entered the house


“Abby”I screamed her name and I heard little footsteps towards me


“Mama’s tummy”I heard the boy’s voice beside me and I rushed to him…


“Where is your mama”I asked and he held my hand leading me to her room-i guess I got to her room and I saw Abby curled up like a baby on the clutching tightly to her tummy wincing in pain..she’s even crying


“Oh my God Abby”


I rushed to her and raised her head up cupping her cheeks


“What happened”I asked wiping her face with my hands


“Cra..cramps”she muffled out and I nodded


“Firstly,we have to clean you have to strip you off your clothes”I said and her closed eyes opened in shock..I almost laughed



I turned to the little boy who was crying and staring at his mum like this is the last time he’ll see her,he must love his mum so much


“Um..little guy,get me a blanket or towel”I said and he scurried to the wardrobe,brought out a blanket and stretched it to me,I collected it and used it cover Abby,I reached inside and started undressing her-the blanket is to prevent me from seeing know..bare body


I unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing and I pulled it off-i’m pretty sure my hands brushed her boobs-I reached for the shorts and pulled it off too,now the panties..I gulped and looked at her,I wanted to reach for her panties but her hands stopped me


“You’ll take it off yourself?”I asked and she nodded,I carried her up in bridal style with the blanket still covering her and I took her to the bathroom..I placed her in the bathtub and she used her hands to cover her boobs as I removed the blanket


“You have to take off your panties?”I said and she nodded..I turned back to allow her take it off


“Done”her frail low voice said,she must be in a lot of pain,I turned back and her legs are curled up.


“Um…do you have uh…sanitaries?”i shuttered and she shook her head feels really weird doing this-like really weird


I sighed and filled the tub with warm water-she shivered as the water filled her naked body,I added soap and she relaxed in it..her body is covered now due to the foam


“You relax here while I go get you sanitaries okay”I said and she bowed her head and nodded shyly-she must be so embarrassed,I smiled at her cuteness and she looked away


I pecked her on the forehead before I left the bathroom,I got back to the room and the little boy came running to me


“Is mama okay?”


“Yeah..she’s fine”I said and he breathed out



“I wanna go get your mama something so..don’t disturb her okay?”I said and he nodded..I ruffled his hair and he smiled


I took quick steps out the house and mounted on my bike..where exactly I’m I gonna find sanitaries,its pretty late and most stores would have been closed..I think chemists would still be opened,I don’t even know my way around here..God help me


After riding for about 20mins I finally located a chemist..I parked my bike and ran inside the chemist..I’m drenched with rain-yeah,of all days,rain chose to fall today..and I fall sick if I’m in the rain for too long..its all for Abby Romeo..all for her


I got to the woman at the counter and she gasped as soon as she saw me-well,who wouldn’t


“Oh my Gosh..Romeo Grande”she squealed and I gave her a small smile




“Oh my gosh…this is a dream come true,what can I get for you”she said trying her best to comport herself and she’s doing a really bad job comporting


“Um…do you have um..sanitaries”i asked awkwardly and she grinned


“For your girlfriend?”she said and I wanted to say no but I smiled at how that sounded


“Yes,my girlfriend”I said and she led me to a shelf


I didn’t even look I was just picking,I picked up to 10 because i didn’t know the type she’s using


I paid the woman and I hurried out of the chemist..I was almost mounting my bike when an old woman stopped me


“Young man”she called and I sighed in frustration..


“Yes ma’am”


She dipped her hand in her bag and pulled out a small container and stretched it to me



“That’s ginger powder…mix it with honey and warm water,and she’ll be okay”she said and I smiled in appreciation-she must have known something was wrong due to how tensed up I am


“Thanks ma’am”I said with a bow and she smiled


I mounted on my bike and I rode off..I don’t have any money on me,I would have given her something..well,I hope I see her again someday


I got back and I rushed inside with a bag of various types of sanitaries


I got to the bedroom and I dropped the bag on the bed,I went to the bathroom and I saw Abby trying to get out of the tub…she’s now wrapped in a white towel,maybe her baby helped her


I went to her and carried her in bridal style to the bedroom and laid her on the bed.I made sure my body isn’t touching the bed because I’m really drenched


I walked to the wardrobe and I took out a baggy shirt which of I’m correct,would stop right below her butt and a short


She also needs undies but where is she keeping them


“Um..Abby where are..


She didnt let me go finish before pointing to the right side of the wardrobe


I opened it and I licked my lips at the sight of various beautiful undies..I gulped at the thought of how she’ll look like in them..jeez I’m too dirty minded I picked a pantie and I closed the wardrobe


I placed them on the bed and pulled the bag closer..I poured all the sanitaries out and she gasped


“Um..I didnt know the one you use so I uh…


I rubbed the back of my neck nervously and she chuckled She pointed to one and I gave it to her..


I touched her forehead to feel her temperature and she’s burning a little bit


“You’ll dress up yourself right?”I asked and she mouthed a yes


I pulled off my shirt and she looked away shyly..I smirked and walked to the bathroom to squeeze the water away


I hanged it on the door and went back to the room I need a new trouser..this one is soaked


I glanced at Abby who was already some dressing up


I took out the ginger powder from my pocket and made for the kitchen


I poured a cup of water in the kettle and placed it on the burning gas cooker I took two teaspoons of the powder and poured it into a cup


I searched the shelf for honey and voila there it is,I took the jar of honey and placed it on the counter


“Take”I heard the boy’s voice and I turned..he was stretching a trouser to me-like a man’s trouser


No can do baby boy but I’m not wearing your daddy’s clothes


“Its your dad’s I’m not wearing it”I said as I poured the already warmed water in the cup


“Daddy?…I don’t have daddy,I only have mama”he said still stretching it to me and I raised my brow


“You don’t ?”


“Mmm-mmm”he replied


I went to him and carried him to seat on the counter


“What’s your name little guy”




What?..I thought that was the name of..wait a minute,the first time I came here,I heard her say”mitchell get away from the door” Oh my Gosh Romeo you’re so..stupid..very stupid


Jealousy doesn’t fit you’ve been hating on an innocent boy thinking he’s her


husband..I even compared myself to him


I’m so stupid


“I like your hair”I said and he giggled


“I like that”he pointed to my tattoo and I smiled-i got the tattoo when I was eighteen


When I was still in my bad boy lifestyle,I still love it tho,and I don’t regret getting tatted…but I cover it most of the times



“You like it?”


“Yes..its pretty”


I laughed as I added two spoons of honey in the mixture


I mixed all.of it together and I got him down from the counter


We got to the room and Abby is still in a baby position,does it hurt that much? I placed the tray on the stool beside the bed and Mitch tapped me


“Change your cloth”he said and i smiled lightly collecting the trouser from him I went to the bathroom and I put off my wet boxers before wearing it


I got back to the room and I went to Abby..I sat on the bed and carried her on my lap with her head on my chest


I blew air into the warm honey mixture and I started feeding her with a spoon She whimpered as I fed her,she’s really burning up


I finished feeding her and I placed the cup back on the stool,I looked onto her face that was still buried in my chest and I smiled,I feel like a billion dollars right now I reached into her shirt and placed my hands on her bare tummy and she shivered,I like how my touch has effect on her


I rubbed her tummy soothingly and she relaxed,she wrapped her hands round my torso and I grinned


I grinned wider when I remembered what Mitch told me-he doesn’t have a daddy


When she finally slept off,I placed her on the bed,covering her body with the duvet


Mitch came beside her and pecked her on the cheek


“Good night mama”he said and I smiled,he really loves his mum I sighed and stood up from the bed




I gave a loud sneeze and I face palmed myself,I knew I was definitely gonna fall sick


I gave another sneeze and I groaned


I tucked mitch well under the duvet before going to the sitting room,I guess I’m gonna sleep on the couch


I gave another sneeze and I sniffed,I laid on the couch covering myself with a


blanket,I’m not even comfortable


Gosh I’m already shivering



Madison’s POV


There were a lot of things I wanted to say to Romeo but I couldn’t due to this stupid cramp,my cramps is something I would call a death sentence Anytime it comes,I always feel like dying,its always a bad experience


Romeo was really a darling,I can’t believe he bought me almost 15 brands of pads just because he didn’t know the one I use


He even got drenched..I’m really gonna find a way to thank him And also,I can’t believe Romeo has a tattoo..a really beautiful tattoo


Its a tattoo of a howling fox that covered the side of his neck to the right side of his body to his hands


He looked really hot with it


The honey water he gave me really reduced the pain..he even rubbed my tummy..gosh I’m blushing


I opened my eyes and I looked around,where is Romeo?


I stood up on my feet and whoa,I’m only feeling little pains


I got out of the room and I heard a loud sneeze,I walked to the sitting room and I saw Romeo on the couch shivering..Shivering!!


I rushed to him and pulled the blanket from his head,I felt his temperature and oh my God..he has fever


He must be feeling cold due to the rain


He opened his eyes weakly and I smiled at how long his eye lashes are


“Abby”he called and sat up


“Hey,you need to’re burning up”I sat beside me and he smiled


“You’re okay now?”he asked and I nodded


“Thanks to you”


He sneezed again and I pulled him up by his hands


“Come on”


I pulled him to the room and I pulled him down to the bed to lye down


“You stay here,I’m coming”I said and I turned to go but he held my hand



“I’ll be back”I said and he nodded weakly,I hurried to the kitchen and took a bottle of cold water from fridge and poured it into a bowl,I took a towel and I returned to the room,I can’t believe he fell sick all because of me..the cold water would make his temperature steady


I placed the bowl of water on the stool and sat beside him on the bed


I folded the the towel and dipped it into the water,I squeezed the water out and i wanted to place it on his forehead but he caught my hand


“Go to sleep,you’re not feeling well you know”he mumbled really and I smiled I placed the towel on his head and he took my hands in his


“You’ve done more than enough Romeo,if you hadn’t come,I would probably still be on the ground crying my eyes out”I said as I took the towel from his head and dipped it into the water again squeezing it,I placed it back on his head


“And also,I’m sorry..for whatever I might have done that made you to avoid me,I don’t…you don’t know how I’ve been for the past one week,I’ve been really really sad..I missed you”


He kept staring at me without saying anything,I cleaned the tears that was almost falling and I wiped his forehead with the towel He held my hands and sat up,pulling me close


“No,I’m sorry Abby,i misunderstood something that made me avoid you..I’m really sorry..I just..”


I placed my finger on his lips to keep him shut and I smiled


“All that matters now is’re here..with me”I said and he smiled His hands went to my waist and pulled me close to himself


“And I hope it stays that way forever”


He placed his lips on mine and he kissed me passionately,I didn’t waste time before I reciprocated,I don’t care about anything right now,I don’t even care about Tania..all that I care about now is Romeo


The kiss was so was like we were expressing our emotions through it My hands went round his neck and he pulled me to sit on his legs


I wrapped my legs round his torso..with my hands buried in his think brown hair..he smiled against my lips and he deepened the kiss the more


I think this is a dream,I’m kissing Romeo,if this is a dream,I don’t wanna wake


up..never ever












Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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