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Episode 7


By: Faith Lucky


Audrey was still smiling when she got in, but her smiles faded when she saw her mom standing furiously in the sitting room. She placed her hands at akimbo and was facing the door, as If she was waiting for Audrey to return. Rachel was also there and she had a worried look on.


“Uhm…good evening, mum” Audrey greeted nervously, trying to fathom what was going on.


“Audrey, we need to talk” Mrs salome said immediately, her voice coming out hard.


Audrey stared at Rachel who was seated there, not able to look at her.


Shw could tell there was trouble amidst.



“Do you remember the day you came home and told me about the audition stuff?” Mrs salome asked and Audrey’s heart gave mighty leap. That was it! She was busted.


But how did she find out?


“Audrey?” She called and Audrey nodded weakly.


“And do you remember what my reply was?”




“What was it?”


Audrey remained silent.


“I asked a question Audrey” She said impatiently.


“You…you told me to stay out of it” Audrey replied, staring at the floor. “Good. So, did you?”


“I’m sorry mum, but…”


“You lied to me, Audrey! I couldn’t believe it when someone told me she saw you on TV and I had to act oblivious about it. Why did you do it?” “I…I had to”.




She paused and scoffed.


“I’m your mother Audrey and I have the right to tell you what to do. And tight how, I’m telling you to stay out of that contest. Do you understand?”


“But why mum? Yes, I need a reason. Why would you want me to quit something that gives me so much joy?”


“Stop asking questions Audrey and do what I say”..


“This isn’t fair mum. I only whish you know how much you’re hurting me”.


And with that, she ran into the room with tears.




Megan walked into her room with a sad look and sat on the couch, ignoring Edith who was sitting on the bed, going through a magazine.


“Hey, girlfriend. Are you okay? Is there something wrong?” Edith asked as she


closed the magazine she was reading.


“It’s my mum” Megan replied with a sigh.


“She was going through Jocelyn’s stuff again and she still thinks I should stay away from Rodney”.


“Really?” Edith asked and paused, brushing her front hair to the left.


“She really misses Jocelyn a lot” She continued.


“Well, yeah. And it’s not just her. I also miss Jocelyn as well. She’s my only sibling and I miss having her around.”


“But…do you think she might still be alive?”


“Well, no one can tell. And if she’s still alive How’re we going to recognise her?”


“isn’t there something you guys share in common?”


“in common? I…I think she has a mark on her tummy; the same as mine”.


She paused and raised the tip of her shirt, revealing the mark.


“By the way,” she continued. “Did you say that lousy lady in class was the one Rodney had treated specially in the contest?”


‘Yes. She is. And I still have no idea why Rodney did that” Edith replied and Megan left where she was sitting and stood by the window, staring outside. “Hm” She huffed. “Shw wants to make it seem like she knows everything”. “Yes. You’re absolutely right. I wonder what she feels like. But seriously, Megan, I’m beginning to get worried about the contest. I really want to emerge the winner.” Megan smiled and turned to her.


“Pray harder, Edith. Pray Rodney gets to love me. Because…who’d be a better


winner for him than the best friend of his girlfriend?” She asked with another






“That was an excellent performance, Edith” the judges said as Edith rounded up her song.


“Thank you sir” She replied with brimful of smiles and left the stage


The rest of the contestants came up and did their songs, but surprisingly, Audrey didn’t show up and Rodney was startled.


Her role number was called but she didn’t come out. And even til the end of the show, she still didn’t show up.


“What could be wrong with her?” He thought.


He had been looking forward to hear her sing because the last time he heard her singing, she had been the only one to catch his attention.


When he heard her singing, she reminded him a lot of Jocelyn and gave him the reassuring hope that Jocelyn was alive and he might get to meet her someday.


He couldn’t explain it, but he really needed her around, at least just to hear her sing. ***


Rachel sat on the bed, staring at Audrey who was facing the window, giving her a cold feet.


“I don’t get your point Audrey. Whyre you also mad at me? It’s not like I had a


hand in what happened.” Rachel said vainly as Audrey still ignoring her, acting


like she didn’t hear a word.


“Audrey come on…”



Immediately, the door went open and Mrs salome came in. She signalled Rachel to leave and she did.


She stared at Audrey who adjusted to face the window properly.


“I need to be alone” Audrey said in an icy voice.


Mrs salome sighed and sat on the bed with her.


“Whyre you doing this Audrey?” She asked in an chastened voice.


“Don’t you have any idea you’re hurting me as well?”


“I didn’t ask you to be affected by it mum” Audrey said rashly and Mrs salome sighed again.


“Why does it mean allot to you, Audrey? I only want what’s best…”


“And that’s where you’re getting it more complicated. What best are you talking about? You’re pushing me away from my dreams and you tell me you want the best?


“Just give me one reason mum. Give me one respond why you want me to quit the contest and I promise you, I’ll get over it and will never bring up the issue again. Just one reason mum!”


Mrs salome bent her head in somberness and couldn’t say a thing .


Audrey, being devastated, left the bed and was about walking out of the room when her mother said something that stopped her.


“Promise me one thing” She said, still sitting on the bed and Audrey stopped to look at her.


“Promise me you won’t have any close relationship with Mr Rodney. If…If you happen to get back on the contest, promise me you’ll avoid any close intimacy with Mr Rodney”.


“Of…of course” Audrey replied, drawing back to her a little.


Mrs salome hesitated for a while before speaking up. She hoped she wasn’t making a mistake.


“Then you can get back on the contest” She finally said and Audrey gasped, her eyes wide open.


“Are you serious? Mum!” She exclaimed and ran to her, embracing her tight. “Oh my God! Thank you mum. This mean a lot to me. Thank you. I love you!” Mrs salome rubbed her back and watched as she ran out of the room in excitement. “Oh, God! Am I doing the right thing?” She thought.


Rachel ws standing by the door in the sitting room when surprisingly, she saw Audrey running out of the room like someone who was being chased by happiness. She couldn’t believe that was the same Audrey that had been looking like a burning mess just some while ago.

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“Audrey? Are you alright? Is something wrong?” She asked, surprised at the way she was acting busy.


“I need to go out…right now ” Audrey replied as she parked her hair in ponytail and ran out of the house with her small emoji bag. “Wa…wait for me!” Rachel called and ran after her.


Audrey kept running until they had gotten a cab and that was when she had time to explain things to Rachel.


“But are you sure Mr Rodney’s gonna give you another chance?” Rachel asked after listening to what Audrey said.


“Well, he has to. He better does” Audrey replied.


She was so nervous, hoping to get Rodney’s attention at his place. She needed to plead with him to give her another chance.


She had a feeling it might be stressful, but she had to give it a shot, anyway.


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