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Episode 28


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s Pov:


I closed the door quietly and stood in front of him; but he wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at the table. And the table was such a mess – phones, cigarettes; ashes, drinks, cups, books…


“Um…good evening Mr Rodney” I greeted with a little crack in my voice.


I faked a smile and looked at the floor.


“Thanks for coming’ he replied in a serene voice and kept the burning cigarette on the table.


He didn’t say anything as he just poured out drink from his bottle into a cup and drank from it.


“M…Mr Rodney” I called calmly.


“You sent for me”.


He emptied the drink in the cup into his mouth and after that, brought out a paper from a book and gave it to me.


I collected it, not knowing what it was at first.


“That’s a cheque of 3 million” he said and forced himself to look at me.


“I want you to take it and forget everything that happened between us”.


My feet wobbled as I almost lost my stamina and fell to the floor.


I looked at the cheque which was shaking in my hand and looked back at Rodney. Was this really coming from him?


All my expectations, everything,;was this what it resulted into? Paying me off like I was a burden?


What about our friendship? Was he going to bid everything under the rug? Am I going to become a stranger to him again? Why was he trying to break my heart this way?



I looked at him again and this time around, he had resumed smoking. He wasn’t even looking at me again.


I tried talking but noticed my voice was croaky. So I hesitated a little.


“Mr Rodney” I called and sniffed, trying to make sure by all means I didn’t cry.


“I…I don’t get what you’re talking about. I mean, I don’t understand what you want me to forget. Apart from the friendship we shared, I don’t think there was anything going on between us” .


I paused and sniffed again


“So, if that’s the reason you’re giving met this cheque, then I’m sorry I can’t accept it.”


My voice was coming out weak. I moved closer to the table and dropped the cheque back on it. Rodney had stopped smoking.


I turned around and started towards the door, but stopped right in front of it, my hand wrapped around the handle.


“Thanks anyway” I added tearfully and walked out.


Rodney’s Pov:


I stood up immediately a she left and moved over to face the window.


I brushed my fingers into my hair and threw the burning cigarette on the floor. What am I even doing? Why did I have to create such a mess? I knew she was hurt; I could feel her pains.


My life was just too frustrating. When will It ever end?


I brought out Jocelyn’s picture and stared at it. I didn’t want to betray her, but I was so sick of frustration. Was death the best thing for me now? Audrey’s Pov:


I couldn’t control my tears anymore. Immediately I locked the door behind me, I bursted into tears and ran into the elevator.


I’ve never been so hurt in my life before. What was I even thinking? Why did I have to believe in a fairytale?


I got out of the elevator and sat on the floor in the passage. Scalding tears kept streaming down my cheeks freely. I huddled my arms and legs and leaned my head on the wall, weeping bitterly.


I remembered his hurtful words:


*Forget everything that happened between us*


But why? Did they mean nothing? Like, nothing at all?


I remembered our beautiful moments together. I could recall when he had carried me up in his arms when I was drunk. I could remember singing for him at the bar and how I had made him laugh.



I could recall the fun time we had when we were eating pasta – all the spanking and laughing . I remembered everything and it hurt so much to know he wants me to get rid of them.


This was exactly what I was afraid of – losing out friendship. I had a feeling our friendship might end when he leaves and that was exactly what happened. But I really liked him and didn’t want to be away from him.


But perhaps, it was only a fantasy.


Rachel’s Pov:


I sat on the bed and tapped Audrey.


“Audrey wake up; it’s late” I said impatiently and took the duvet from her body.


She opened her eyes weakly and covered herself back with the duvet.


“What’s the meaning of this? Won’t you be going to school today?” I asked and hit her legs.


She opened her eyes again and this time around, tears poured out.




“I need to sleep Rachel” she said in a weak voice and sniffed.


I flinched.


“Audrey what’s wrong with you? Are you crying? you’ve been so moody since you returned home this morning. What happened?” I asked worried.


She took in a deep breath with her eyes still closed and replied fraily:


“I just want to be alone”.


Megan’s Pov:


I stood facing the window with a glass of wine in my hand. Edith was sitting on the bed behind me.


We didn’t say anything to each other for a while until I left the window and took a seat, facing her.


“Edith, why’s all these happening to me?” I asked with frustration.


“Why do all my efforts keep going down the drain? Rodney and I grew up as childhood friends, but ever since Jocelyn died, he hardly sees me as a friend. He keeps pushing me out. But he was comfortable enough to spend days with that Audrey of a lady. And even when I caught them and he knows I’m still angry over it, he didn’t make an attempt to apologise to me. He hasn’t even called me since then.


“And now, even my mum is siding with her. My mum had to make me apologise to that piece of garbage in public. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life before. “And Rodney, he doesn’t care about a thing. No matter how hard I try, hrs still slipping through my fingers. I’m so confused, Edith. What could be wrong?”


Edith remained silent, as if lose in thoughts.


“Edith, why aren’t you saying something?” I asked impatiently and she leaned forward.


“I’ve been thinking of something Megan” she said as she placed her hand on her chin.


I looked at her confused.


Then, almost immediately, she smiled and clapped her hands.


“Yes!” She exclaimed happily.


“I think I’ve gotten an idea Megan”


“What idea? What is it?” I asked with a gush of curiosity.


“I think I’ve gotten a perfect idea. And with this, Rodney’s sure to be yours” she replied with a fatuous smile.






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