Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 24


By: Faith Lucky.


Audrey’s Pov:


I cleaned my eyes completely and left the kitchen to meet him outside. He was packing flowers when I reached and he squatted, backing me. When he noticed I was behind him, he turned to look at me.


“Oh! You’re here” he said warmly and turned back to the flowers.


He was picking and putting them in a bowl.


“Mr Rodney, what do you need the flowers for?” I asked still standing behind him. “Nothing really. But don’t you think they can be used as decorations?” He replied. He was slow in picking the flowers as he’d touch, admire and perceive it before pulling it out.


“Um…Mr Rodney, when exactly are you leaving?” I asked after a short while. “Don’t really know. Maybe tonight or first thing in the morning. Why?” He replied and asked.


“Nothing. Just wanted to know.”


Hm. So I only had few hours to spend with him. I wish it could be extended to morning.


“Can I ask you a question?” Rodney said and for an unknown reason, I felt nervous again.


“Y…Yes?” I stuttered a little


“Why did you cut the pasta when you heard I was about leaving?” He asked and


turned to look at me.


Oh, God! What do I say?


I became twitchy and stuttered for words and to make it worst, he was staring directly into my face.


“I uhm…its…” I paused and sighed.


“Actually, the…the cutting of the pasta was a mistake. Th…There was nothing attached to it.” I replied.


He turned back to the flowers and laughed silently and I had a feeling he knew I was lying.


He stood up with the bowl of flowers and walked towards me. My heart gave a leap as he drew closer and stood in front of me.


He brought out a purple flower from the bowl and fixed it in my hair.


I smiled and tried touching it but he stopped me, bringing down my hand.


“Let it be” he said.


“it’s beautiful”.


I smiled again as he backed me and kept the flowers on a stool.


“The song you sang in the club last night, was it for me?,” he asked as he sat on a long bench that was kept outside.


“Um…kind of . but not all the lyrics were for you” I replied and he chuckled. “Come on; come and have a seat” he told me and adjusted for me to sit next to him on the bench and I did.


“So, what part of the lyrics wasn’t meant for me?” He asked and I bit my lips. “Is it the part about being my weakness, being the one I’d die for and doing the things I thought I’d never do?” He asked again and I laughed. “Well maybe. Kind of” I replied.


He smiled and we both stared into space.


“So you could use the Nigerian local language?” He asked.


“Well, I just tried. I was in love with the song so I had to learn. But how was it?”


“Well, coming from you, it was funny”.


I frowned.


“No, no; I mean the part of the local language was funny. But the song itself was beautiful. You were amazingly great” he added and I smiled.


“I’m just surprised you could make use of the pidin or whatever it’s called”.


“It’s called pidgin” I chipped in and he nods.


“By the way, you’re a great dancer. I never knew that” he said and I blushed. “Thanks” I replied childishly


“I also love dancing but, bad news is; I’m not a good dancer. It’s not like I can’t dance, the problem is, I’ve never wasted to learn. Even when I was with Jocelyn, she always got mad at me because I wouldn’t learn how to dance. “But I think I’m suddenly interested. Why don’t you teach me?”


“Me?” I asked and pointed to myself.


“Well, yes. You. Is there something wrong?”




“Come on Audrey; it’s going to be easy. We can use the High School Musical song – Can I have this dance”.


“High School Musical? B…But some of the lyrics are…”


“I know. It’s just practice. Besides, why are you even considering the lyrics? I guess you don’t know what you did last night”. I flinched.


“What did I do Mr Rodney?” I asked.


“Well, I’ll tell you after the dance. Deal?” He asked and I rolled my eyes and replied:




“Good. And I’ll give you a hint bonus. This was part of what you did to me last night” he said and pulled my nose and I laughed, but still looked surprised.


“Mr Rodney! Don’t tell me I did that?” I asked as we both stood up, still laughing. “Of course, you did. And they’re crazy more to be told of” he replied and also laughed.


“So, do you know the full song?” He asked and I nodded.


“What about you?” I asked


“Mmm…not really. But I’m a fast learner” he replied and turned on the music on his phone.


It was just the instrumental; so we had to do the main singing.


“Hm. I just pray you don’t peel my toes” I said as we waited for the intro to pass.


He laughed again.


“Don’t worry; I’ll try not to” he replied.


Soon, it was time for the singing and I cleared my throat and started.


We were still standing apart, but we followed the lyrics of the song and did as it


was required.


Take my hand


Take a breath


Pull me close


And take one step


Keep your eyes


Locked on mine


And let the music


Be Your guide…


We went on singing and dancing to the song and it was so beautiful.


My right hand was holding his left hand while my left hand was on his shoulder and his right hand on my waist.


At first, his hand on my waist had sent shivers down my spine, but I later became comfortable with it.


Indeed, he was a fast learner; just like he claimed.


There was a place in the song that had required him to make me think I’d fall but catch me and he did it.


I had screamed, thinking I’d fall, but he caught me by the waist and turned me around. It was so much fun and I wished the song never had to end. Oh! Mr Rodney; how I wanted this friendship to last forever.


But what if today might be the last day we get to be so happy together? What if he


changes the moment he leaves?


What if…


Oh! If only miracles could happen.


No mountain’s too high


And no oceans to wide


Cause together all night


Our dance won’t stop


Let it rain


Let it pour


What we have is worth fighting for


You know I believe


That we were meant to be…


It was so much and I could tell even Rodney wished it never had to end in a hurry. We did the dance so perfectly and finally concluded the song, breathing intensely. My hand was still on his shoulder and his hand was still on my waist and we were staring into each other’s eyes since the first part of the song had requested our eyes to he interlocked.


At first, we were smiling; but our smiles faded as we both for no reason, still held onto each other.


I was twitchy and that was when I could fully feel his hand on my waist.


I couldn’t tell why he still held me and somehow, I couldn’t refrain myself.


Our faces started drawing near and we could feel each other’s breath.


Slowly, Rodney’s eyes left mine and looked downwards – at my lips.


Oh, no! What’s happening??


I nervously looked down at his lips and I could hear the sound of my blood running through my veins.


Our lips were already touching each other’s when we heard a tearful voice call


from behind:




It came out weak and shocked and a little betrayed.


We quickly disentangled ourselves and turned to see whom it was and to my


greatest surprise, it was Megan.







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