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An American Typical setting


A coming of a Sex story




This is a work of fiction, Names characters and incident portrayed in it are the work of the Authors imagination. Any Resemblance to events or locations are entirely coincidental……….






The whole story started this way.


Kelly Peters is what we call Hot and s£xy, she’s cute as f**k and any man will always want to get in her panties but unluckily she rather prefers being with her dad.


She played the role of a wife at a very young age, when her mother died the bond for her and her dad grew stronger beyond daughter and father relationship till one day…. There came a gentle rap on the door of Kelly’s room, she got up sleepily,


walked mechanically up to the door and opened it, why? It was her dad he had probably come to bid her good night as usual..


“I hope i didn’t wake you up? He asked…


“No, she lied out of politeness. Please come in” he came in and sat comfortably on


the bed…


“So how was your day today? He asked drawing closer to her on the bed…


“Fine, Daddy….she replied


“Kelly……he called with a husky voice…..


“Yes daddy…..



“I guess you must be wondering why i am here tonight? He asked after a pause, she averted his gaze…”kelly look at me, why all this shyness…. before she knew it he


had already thrown his right hand on her shoulder, blabbering and trembling at the same time. Why was her Dad trembling? What was he trying to do to her? No! She shouted she could feel his hands traversing her whole body, Caressing her br**sts, No! No she would not allow him to remove her night gown, she screamed and screamed at the top of her voice, calling her dead mother to come to her rescue, all to no avail…….


* * *


He had to apply oil several times to his D**k before getting admittance into her,


drawing blood after every thrust….


The Next day he solicit with different gifts and that night and the next night after it happened again and now at the age of 20 she does not resist him and have given herself the rule of a house wife not until the arrival of her step mom………..well let me stop here for now


*Extract from the story*


“I want to make you a deal, make my step daughter fall in love with you…..














Daddy Sex Toy 18+

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