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Episode 3


Spoilt brat cont




Ignore if you are not matured enough to read such story






Later that day Kelly strolled to the living room and saw Amanda watching TV she didn’t voice her but only walked to the side table and got hold of the remote control.


Within seconds she was flipping through channels not minding if Amanda was watching a show and left it in a music channel and start moving to the slow beat oozing out of hidden quadrophonic speakers. Amanda shot her a killer look and she stared back in defiance and kept swaying to the beat…


Amanda:(waits at the end of her patience and finally spoke up) Didn’t you see me here?


Kelly:(stops and looks around her as if to ascertain that she was the one Amanda was talking to) Are you talking to me?


Amanda:(snaps) of course am taking to you…


Kelly:(chuckles softly) oh sorry I didn’t see you there(Hiss and continue dancing)


Amanda:(very furious,waiting at the end of her patience and breathing hot air)


Kelly:(To hurt) please take it easy with that squeeze face of yours cause it can’t


light a cannabis….


Amanda:(shakes her head and taps her leg on the floor continuously before getting up and leaving for upstairs) spoilt brat(mumbles)


Kelly:(Grins) No butch come and sit, come and reap where you did not sow(hiss).


She turn off the plasma and heads back to her room meanwhile Amanda stormed to her room angrily picks her handbag and leaves the house heading to see Mitchell her close friend……


****In Mitchell’s shopping mall***



Mitchell:(steps out of the mall and sees Amanda coming down from her car)wow!look who we have here…


Amanda:(tries to put on a smile) look at you, it’s been long since we saw….


Mitchell: After coming back from your trip it’s now you decide to visit me….


Amanda:(chuckles softly) sorry am here now…


Mitchell: yes you are,you look nice, Canada must really be nice to you and I’m


sorry I didn’t come for the wedding……


Amanda:(frowns) that’s in the past now….


Mitchell: (noting Amanda’s face and stops to think) you don’t look too well it’s not like you, and I didn’t get a hug, who put you in this mood?


Amanda: it’s Kelly she’s giving me a hard time, I’ve had it up to here(points to her neck), she’s getting on my nerves, it’s only been few days in Peters house and it’s like hell…..


Mitchell: And who’s this Kelly of a girl?


Amanda: My step daughter….


Mitchell: why? Don’t you have her blessing….


Amanda: Exactly, she doesn’t approve me and her Dad and all I’ve been trying to do is please her but she doesn’t seem to notice it…


Mitchell: let’s hope she comes around…


Amanda: I hope too…


Mitchell: (gasp) oh my bad! Sorry I made you stand, should we go inside or go out


for lunch….


Amanda:.Let’s go inside, I’ll like to do some shopping


Mitchell: if so be my guest….


(They both enter the mall)







She saunters to her Dad study to check him, when she got there it was open so she stood by the door and stares at him for a while, he was busy with his PC and was smoking over a stiff glass of vodka….


Kelly:(finnaly speaks up) Hello Daddy…


Mr peter:(looks up) Hey darling..


Kelly:(pouting her lips s£xily) you need some company?


Mr peter: sure my dear..


Kelly enters into the study and close the door behind her…..


Kelly: (sits near him) what are you doing?


Mr Peter: it’s just some little things….


Kelly:(frowns) Daddy you’ve been working too hard lately, we no longer have time


for ourselves….


Mr Peter:(sighs) yes I’ve been working on this presentation for the upcoming election it’s around the corner and I’m just starting up to loose ends to make sure we get it done on the D day..


Kelly:(smirks) well I already know who’s going to be the next governor of this state…


Mr Peter: And who might that be my dear?


Kelly: (Tease) who else aside my charming, hot and s£xy father….


Mr peter:(looks up and smiles) Don’t worry I’m going to make it up to you, am


coming to your room tonight but am not happy with you….


Kelly:(curious)what did I do?


Mr Peter: I know you’ve been a naughty girl


Kelly: is that what she told you…


Mr peter: she didn’t tell me anything, I know quite well that you don’t like Amanda


and all am telling you is to respect her….


Kelly:(frowns)But Daddy…..



Mr peter:(Hush her, placing a finger on his lips) shhhhhhhh…… Is that too much to


ask, unless you want me to be angry with you, is that what you want?


Kelly:(shakes head) No


Mr peter: yeah I’m sure that’s not what you want, so I want you to be a good girl




Kelly:(nods) I’ll try…..


Mr peter: Don’t try, you better do, I love you…..


Kelly:(kisses ) I love you too…..


Mr peter:(immediately his eyes strayed to those flawless thighs, he heaved a long sigh and sprang up on his feet pulling her for a hug)


(whispers) I love this girl….


Kelly giggles as she disengage from the hug….


Kelly:(simply and with flavour) you see Dad, there’s no reason bringing her here,


we got each other….


Mr Peter:(passionately) oh not again Kelly, can you please stop talking about




Kelly:(softly)okay,okay you win but promise me she’s never gonna come between the both of us…


Mr Peter: I promise baby…


Kelly: okay see you later(pecks)you be good…


Mr peter: you be good too baby (gives her a smack on her ass as she sways it from side to side while walking away)


Kelly:(looks at him and giggles bitting her fingers before jamming the study door


behind her)….


Mr Peter:(Grins and slumps into the couch)




Minutes later…..



Kelly called kierra over, they spent time together…..


Kierra:(remarks taking a sip from her cider and flicking a peanut at Kelly)well that


was quite a drama for the other day….


Kelly:(mutters) I still can’t believe my father!


Kierra: you shouldn’t let it bother you….


Kelly:(imitating her father’s accent) This is my daughter Kelly, and Kelly here is Amanda my new wife (rolls her eyes)…


Kierra:(Toss a trow pillow at her) oh shut up…


Kelly:(Hops from her couch to kierra’s) let’s have a look at that photo again, what’s


his name(stops to think) Tyler, I guess that’s his name, let’s see the photo…..


Kierra:(raise a brow)why?


Kelly: because I want to see it, come-on not all of us have boyfriends….


Amanda walks in carrying a bag of groceries…..


Amanda: I see you have a visitor in the house Kelly….


Kelly:(doesn’t reply, turns to Kiera)About what I was saying, let’s see that photo….


Kierra:(surprised at Kelly’s reaction) stop it Kelly! Don’t be disrespectful (turns to


Amanda) I’m sorry about that Ma, am Keira and Kelly’s my best friend….






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