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Episode 2(spoilt brat)






Kelly jumped into her car she didn’t know where to go, she just need to leave the house, she can’t bear seeing her dad now, a thought flash her head, she needs to go see Kiera her best friend, so she’ll tell her about what had happened, she revved the engine and put the car in motion….


Kiera’s place


Kiera was sitting on the couch, she was waiting for Tyler her boyfriend, Kelly rang the doorbell and she hurried to open it thinking it was him but was not still surprise when she saw her bestie standing by the door…….


Kiera:(opening the door) Hey babe Kelly:(coldly)Hey (goes in and Kiera close the door)



Kiera:(noting Kelly’s face) What’s going on, why’s your face all screwed up like




Kelly:(stares at her and breaks into tears as she slumps into a couch) Kiera:(sits beside her in the couch) Kelly what’s going on, come on please wipe

your tears, don’t cry, whatever the problem is, it can’t be that bad…….


Kelly:(admist sobs) This one is bad, it’s really bad, it’s worse…


Kiera:(raising a brow) Really! Okay what is wrong?


Kelly: Daddy came back from his trip and brought some woman back with him and he says that she’s his new wife, like am supposed to jump and accept it just like that….




(To herself) oh that’s a relief, I thought something bad had happened….


Kelly:(Aching her brow) that’s not funny, is it?


Kiera:(chuckles softly) wait let me get this right, you mean your dad got married wow, then why are you so worked up about it, isn’t it a good thing?


Kelly:(stutters) No! It’s not a good thing, I mean yes, yes, no, no it can’t be a good thing, I just expect him to respect the promise that he made to me, now he just f**ked it up…..


Kiera: kel your Dad is still an healthy man, you don’t expect him to be a widower


till death….


Kelly:(nods) yes but I expect him to keep to his promises that’s what I expect him


to do not go breaking it……


Kiera:(slightly confused) what promises are you talking about?


Kelly:(Breaths in) Dad made a promise to me that no other woman was gonna come between us now he’s gone and do the same thing…. he just brought back this


bitch into the house…..


Kiera:(wiping her tears) Kelly calm down, yeah he might have made such promise


but that doesn’t mean he won’t have the idea of getting married okay….


Kelly:(scoffs) Are you my friend or my Dad’s friend or did my Dad beg you to


solicit for him….



Kiera:(shrugs) of course not….


Kelly:(snaps) so what are you talking about…


Kiera:(shakes her head slowly) come on Kelly, just take it easy okay, he won’t


allow that woman to come between the both of you………..


Kelly: you don’t understand do you? how do I even explain it for you to understand, Daddy didn’t have any reason to get married, he had me and I had him, we had each other so what is the problem…..


Kiera:(she doesn’t understand but doesn’t want to show) Kelly I understand that you and your Dad is very close but who knows you may even find out that his new wife is a nice person and that’s not gonna change anything…….


Kelly:( thinks for a while) okay that’s what you think, that’s what you think….


Kiera:(shakes her a little) come on Daddy’s girl, it’s okay just wipe those tears












Kelly spent the whole day at Kiera’s place gisting, dancing, playing games, eating


and making fun….


Night came and she went home…….


She strutted into her room to get a good night sleep, she knew she won’t be seeing her Dad that night cause they aren’t in good terms but to her surprise she opened the door and saw her Dad sitting on her bed, his cheek was probbed on one arm and he looked worried, he was definitely thinking about her……


Mr Peter:(Gets up as soon he saw her)Oh Kelly where have you been?


Kelly: I went to Kiera’s..


Mr Peter: Thank God nothing happened to you, I’ve been worried sick about you,


wondering what have happened to you….



Kelly:(eyes him as she changed into a flimsy night gown) Does that mean that you really love me Daddy, you still love me ?


Mr Peter:(wearily) Oh sweety


Kelly: Do you still want me, do you still care about me?


Mr Peter:(gets up and takes few strides to were she was standing) of course, of course I love you.. I’ve always love you, I’ve never stopped loving you (wraps his hand around her waist)


Kelly:(Tugging on her hair) Did I do anything wrong that you had to bring her into the house, am I not enough for you?


Mr Peter:( place soft kisses on her neck) No you didn’t do anything wrong, Amanda is just an essencity, it’s you I truly love and I’ve never stopped loving you….


Kelly: I love you too Daddy….


Mr Peter: (Turns her for a hug) I love you my girl, I’ll always Love you, don’t cry(she hugs him tighter) come lye down (disengage from hug and put her in bed)


Kelly:(puffs her pillow and lay on the bed) good night Daddy…


Mr Peter: Good night my baby ( he pecked her on the forehead and walked out of the room)


She hugged the bed tightly and slept off……








The Next day……


Kelly woke up and did all her morning toiletries,she wore a mini skirt and a sleeveless blouse which hung loosely on her shoulder and strolled down to eat her breakfast……


She got to the dinning, her Dad and Step mom were already seated….


Kelly:Good morning Daddy (pecks him on his cheek and does not greet Amanda who was eating and glaring at her)



Mr Peter:(frowns) you kept me waiting


Kelly:(Dishing her portion of rice and peppered chicken) sorry Daddy I was just


trying to look beautiful and s£xy for you…..


Mr Peter: okay let’s eat


Amanda:(feeling insulted) Kelly good morning am sure you didn’t see me…


Kelly ignores her and settles down to eat..


Kelly:(Jabs her fork into the rice) Dad this looks nice…


Amanda:(drily,but to hurt) I cooked it, I hope you enjoy it….


Kelly hand frooze on mid air as she was about to eat the food…


Kelly:(To Amanda) you cooked them,(Turns to Dad) Dad what happened to the maid(still holding the content of her fork,not making an attempt to taste it)


Mr Peter: Kelly what happened to your manners the food is good….


Kelly: oh really? (She let her fork drop noisily to the plate,and push the chair back) Am sorry Daddy I just think I lost my appetite so if you could excuse me and Amanda I hope you choke on your food….(she storms out flinging her hair from side to side)


Mr Peter: Don’t pay attention to her at all, she’s just being a little girl, she’ll come




Amanda:(still eating) No, don’t worry about it am not angry…….










Daddy s£x Toy18+




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