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NOTE: Episode 14 was deleted because it contains so many vulgar contents which is LITERALLY against the policy but if you would love to read it, use the link below..Please bear with us



The Crazy Couple – Episode 14


Bryan POV

I planned all these to start afresh with Kate , I want to give our marriage a chance. I can’t deny the fact that am completely in love with her.

I love everything about her, I love her smile, I love her chubby cheek, I love it when she is angry , she looks so cute when frowning.

tonight have made up my mind to tell her everything , I want our relationship to start on a good foundation with lies or secret of the past.


looking at her standing iny from all I want to do is to feel her, be close to her and place her on my chest where she actually belongs.

I want to hear scream out my name, not with pain but with joy that she is having me .


“Kate …i want to tell you something.. I said

” OK go ahead…she said and then i took her to sit on the couch..


“Kate , I know this might sound weird but I want to know that every word am about to say , I really mean it…I said looking at her hoping she gets it .


Kate POV


when Bryan said he has something to tell heart began to beat fast.

I was anticipating for something good , maybe he is gonna give our marriage a chance and at the same time another thought came in, maybe he is gonna end everything.


” OK go on…I said

he look at me and then continued..

“Have not really been into many relationship but the once have been into were really great and I thought it was real.

I thought it was real that I almost missed the real one..

I thought the real one was fake and I thought it was not gonna work but I was wrong , it was the perfect one for me…he said and paused then continue.

Tracy came by last month…he said and that moment my heart sink, am not sure I can’t take it if he say everything has ended and he is going back to not sure how my life be like…

god, please I pray is not what am thinking..


” she came back from England , she stop by my office and we talked a lot , she made me realize that our love was never perfected because if it was we would have gotten married no matter what.. at first I thought she wanted me back but no she came to tell me she will be getting married next month , for a moment joy filled my heart that she is getting married and we won’t have to be together instead I will be with you but I never really knew why I was so happy about that, I thought maybe because I was used to you but when I kept denying the main reason I was really happy about staying with you and not Tracy , I began to fight it , I thought it was mere feelings that maybe it is because of our recent closeness but I was wrong…he said and paused again but this time tears were already filled in my eyes, I knew he was gonna say it , I knew he was gonna tell me those magic words and I waited patiently for him to land so I can also tell him how I feel about him.


“Kate…do you want to know why I was happy , do you want to know those feelings that I thought were just mere feelings, do you want to know what my heart beat keep saying whenever I set my eyes on you and even right now , my heart is still saying the same thing, do you want to know the reason?…he said as he held my hands and I nodded showing that I want to know the reason..

” it is because I LOVE YOU KATE BRYAN ASHER …he said as a drop of tear fell off my eyes to our hands..

“yes Kate i love you, I love you so much , I can’t live without you, I want to keep playing pill pillow fight with you, I want to always PS game with you and watch you win all the time, I want to always have cooking challenge with you, I want you to be the mother of my kids and we both raised them together and watch them grow , I want to always have you by my side, I want to be the reason why you smile , cry , sleep and laughs over jokes, I want us to always go to cinemas during weekends with our kids every Fridays night . Kate I want to be the perfect husband you want …..he said and this time I just couldn’t hold it more as I drew closer to him and hugged him , placing kiss on every part of his neck..




I LOVE YOU TOO BRYA….. I said still hugging him..

he pulled me a little bit back and cup my face in his hands and then asked

” what did you say?

“I love you Bryan…I said this time smiling still with tears in my eyes…

” I love you too….he said as we both stare at each other …he started using his hands to clean my tears and then he rub my lips and gradually our lips came closer and then we kissed. the kiss was so deep and passionate that I never wanted it to stop ..

he reach for the zip of my cloth and bring it down and then he cup my face again and asked “Are you ready, should I go ahead? ….

” Absolutely… I said almost like a whisper because I could feel my body on already , I just can’t wait to have him inside of me.

Then he successfully pull down my cloth…………………………..,………………………………………………………………………………….

And that was it, we had s£x…I can never forget this night because it it the best night ever for me , a night I will always remember.




After that night everything changed for the best for Kate and Asher and they lived happily ever after .


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