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As she walked down the street, waiting for a cab,Becky immediately regretted her actions.


In her heart she asked those she had offended for forgiveness. She was only desperate and now it landed her in a bad condition. She didn’t even go home with anything.


Becky learnt her mistake and promised to turn a good leaf.


Gerald breathed in once Becky left. He turned to face Valerie.


“And for you Valerie. I’m giving you the sum of ten million naira for coming second. Congratulations. ”


Valerie’s hands flew to cover her mouth least she would scream down the building.


“Oh my God!!” She cried and collected the cheque with quivering hands.


Natasha and Maria smiled at her feeling so happy. Natasha couldn’t still get her eyes off Gerald. She thought it wasn’t happening real.


“Thanks so much for this! Aunt Linda!” Valerie cried and hugged the lady who hugged her back with pure delight.


Valerie hugged Natasha and Maria. She wished them the best of luck. They exchanged contacts and finally, she left the building with her puppy.


“So, now it’s you Maria… Our local Maria.” Gerald said and everyone laughed.


Maria laughed. ” As you don call me local.. no wahala na!” Maria laughed.


Gerald stretched a piece of paper to her. ” Here is the sum of twenty million naira for coming first. Congratulations!”


Maria’s eyes filled with tears as she gently collected the cheque. She stared down at it and rushed forward to hug Gerald who hugged her back.


“Thanks so much for this! I don’t deserve this… I’m speechless…!!” Maria said startling everyone except Natasha who smiled at the other’s shocked expression.


Arnold gasped, pointing at Maria. “You… Speak… good English??”


Maria laughed. ” I do! Forgive a pretender like me. But me speaking pirgin doesn’t mean I don’t speak good English.


Na for Mama place I grow up na. Wettin you expect?


We go dey gbege the gbege na. Na my world be this oh and I go rock am well! ” Maria said and everyone laughed.


” You are such a clown!” Arnold laughed again. He was the most amused.



Maria stood staring at Arnold. She went closer and gave him a hug. Maria disengaged from him and stepped back looking into his face.


She laughed nervously and brushed a tear from her eyes. “Oh my God… I’m crying.


I said I would not cry when this time comes but I think I’ve disappointed myself.


So.. it’s goodbye from me. I’m gonna kiss everyone here.” Maria said and hugged aunt Linda.


She also hugged Gerald. She smiled at Natasha and whispered into her ear,


“Good luck…. Keep me updated.” She said and winked before stepping away and


grabbing her luggage.


She looked at Gerald once more and smiled.


“Thanks so much again! I’m gonna investment in this money.. I promise. Goodbye everyone! ” Maria turned and opened the door.


Aunt Linda winked at Arnold. Arnold laughed and closed back the door making Maria spun around to look at him, wondering why he was laughing.


“Ahh… Maria… If you walk out that door… I swear I’m gonna give up and die. ” Arnold started.


” Bastard! ” Gerald said laughing.


Maria stared at him wondering what he meant. Suddenly she understood. Covering her mouth with her hands she turned away unable to believe it. “Oh my God.. this is not happening..” Maria murmured to herself.


“It’s happening,Angel. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. How can I possibly allow you walk out that door.” Arnold said and held Maria’s hands, looking deep into her eyes.



“You even made the best meal for me. You are full of life.. you’ve got no resentment over anyone… You are harmless and so fun to be with. Maria… Please stay behind and be mine. Yes Maria… Marry me. I want to continue eating your super meals… Don’t go out and give it to other men…. The thought might kill me!”


Maria’s face shook, Tears falling out. ” Oh my God…. It’s really happening!”


Natasha and Aunt Linda had began to clap as Arnold knelt down, bringing out a beautiful little box from his front pocket.


“You’ve made me feel what I never felt since my heart broke into tiny pieces.


Please Maria… Will you marry me?? ”


Maria felt like colapsing. She couldn’t believe that was happening real and so fast.


Nodding her head vigorously, she shouted breathlessly. “Oh yes! Yes! I will marry you! I will marry you!”


She stretched out her hand and Arnold gently slipped the ring into her finger.


Raising up, they hugged tightly.


“Wow! This is super romantic. I’m so happy for you dear!” Aunt Linda said, hugging her once again. Natasha hugged her too.


” Okay…. Now.. it’s Natasha’s turn. Natasha, step forward. ” Gerald said, smiling.


Stepping forward, Natasha smiled back.


“Out of all the girls that competed… I’m sorry to say this, Maria…. You are the


best. ” Gerald said, looking into Natasha’s large eyes.


“uh uh.. that’s cruel.” Maria laughed.


“You’ve shown me what true love is. You are not only hardworking… You are so industrious and ever ready to keep a home.



And for your star price… here’s the sum of thirty five million naira. ”


” Woooow!!!! ” Everyone yelled happily, maria rushed forward and hugged Natasha who only smiled. “Congratulations!”


Gerald stretched out the cheque to her and to everyone’s amazement, Natasha stood still, staring down at the paper. She began shaking her head.


Aunt Linda stared at her smiling. She passed the last test!


“What’s wrong Natasha? I’m giving this to you.” Gerald said, stepping more closer.


Natasha turned away,tears forming. “Is this what you are offering me?” Natasha said and turned back to look at him. “I don’t want this.


Standing in front of me already is my star price.” Natasha dropped the bomb shell.


Gerald laughed, turning to look at aunt Linda. “What else is there to doubt! What else!!” He said happily.


Aunt Linda smiled, stepping forward.


“There is no better woman for my brother, Natasha. You did not only win his heart,you won everyone’s heart and my family will be glad to meet you. Welcome to the Bikroft family.” Aunt Linda said softly.


Fast tears sprang up in her eyes as she hugged the lady.


Gerald went down and proposed to her. “Marry me Natasha and complete my world.”


“Yes, Gerald gate man…I will marry you!” Natasha replied. Everyone laughed as Gerald slowly slipped the ring into her finger.


He stood up and carried her up, kissing her lips,her face,her forehead and her hair.


Laughter filled the whole house.


They had breakfast, gisting about who was gonna wed first.

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“Look I’m older than you. I should be getting married before you.” Arnold protested.


Gerald sneared. ” Now are days,age doesn’t matter,what matters is what you’ve got to show men! You know? Americans style.”


Everyone laughed. Natasha choke on her bread and Gerald quickly gave her water.


“You okay?” He asked, looking at her.


Natasha laughed. “Yeah yeah.”


“You choked because you were laughing too hard. That’s okay now. Everyone should keep quiet and eat.” Aunt Linda said but she was the first to break the rule cos she started laughing again and everyone Joined.






Natasha stepped into Gerald’s room,seeing him in this room for the first time. Her eyes scanned the bed.


He was actually the owner of this bed.. this bed she had madly stood up from.


Gerald closed up behind her, pulling her to himself from behind.


Smiling and letting her head fall back on his shoulder, Natasha turned back to face him. She was alarmed cos Gerald was only wearing his briefs.


“Hey. Are you high or something?” Natasha murmured, filling heat raising in her body. He had started to turn her on with the way he was looking. So handsome and charming.


“It’s my room. I can walk naked if I want.” Gerald said, nuzzling her neck.


Natasha’s body began to throb. She did not want to do this with him now. Not now but things were fast happening. “Is this another test cos I think I’m gonna fail thus one?” Natasha said s d Gerald laughed, scooping her up and off the ground.


Staring affectionately into his eyes,he carried her to the bed.


Natasha lay down glancing up into his face and watched him join her on bed.



“What are we doing?”Natasha asked, becoming so helpless as he reached for her robe, slipping it off her body.


“What does it look like? I’m starting to make you mine.” Gerald said, focussing on undressing her.


Natasha lay down still,till he finished undressing her. Gerald sucked in his breath.


“Oh my God.” He murmured. Natasha looked more s£xy right now. She looked eatable!


“Mr romantic..will you please wear me back my clothes right now?” Natasha asked, trying to lift up her head.


Gerald pulled her back on the bed with a killer kiss.


You aren’t going anywhere. If you don’t wanna do this now…I can always wait till we get married.


Just stay this way in my arms tonight ” Gerald said, caressing her arms.


Natasha stared up at him smiling. “Yeah. Let’s wait till we are married. Everything about me will be yours and yours forever.”


Gerald smiled back and nodded.


Laying beside her,he gathered her into his arms enjoying the way her br**sts pressed into his chest.


He kissed her forehead, still caressing her arms


Natasha’s eyelashes fluttered down in satisfaction and then she slept off like a contented baby in his arms.


Minutes later after she had slept off, Gerald gazed into her face for a very long time. “I love you so much,baby. Goodnight.” And then he pecked her hair and slept off too.





The next morning, Natasha and Maria were back in their room, checking out their engagement ring.


“They’ve been testing us too all along. I’ve come to realize we did not only come for a competition…we also came here to play a game. Just like what I did.” Maria said.


Natasha turned to look at her. ” You? Played a game? What game did you play?”


Maria smiled. “Don’t you notice anything new about me? ”


Natasha finally realized. ” Oh my God! You aren’t so local after all! Why ever did you do that! You are such a clown! ” Natasha laughed, throwing a pillow at her.


Maria threw back the pillow, laughing hard.


They were so engrossed in their laughter that they did not notice Arnold was at the door, standing and watching them.


When they finally saw him, three of them laughed together.


“Okay that’s enough! We got to go out now. ” Arnold said, stepping further inside the room.


Maria and Natasha looked at each other and stared at him. “Go out?” They chorused.


Arnold nodded, smiling. “Shopping things on point.”




Maria pulled her luggage out of the car, smiling at Natasha. Once again they hugged. “We will see later, I guess?”


Natasha nodded. They were through with shopping and right now they are in front of Mackenzie shopping complex. Arnold and Maria were about leaving.



He was going to take Maria to his own house. The mansion which they stayed at for the competition was Gerald’s.


“Okay, bro. Thanks for everything. I will see you around when dad’s in town. ” Gerald said, stepping out of the car to give his brother a hug.


They shook hands. Arnold waved at Natasha and took hold of Maria’s hand,he let his other hand grab her luggage handle and the shopping bags.


“Are you gonna wait for a cab or should I call one of the drivers? ” Gerald asked.


” Oh no. That won’t be necessary. I already put a message through aunt Linda. David or Matt will come and pick us. ” Arnold said.


” Stay safe! I’m gonna call you! ” Natasha called after Maria as they walked away to the park.


Maria turned and waved again, before turning to look at Arnold.


“Hope say your house fine oh! Wettin dey do you, bros! This your eyes too dey romantic! ”


” Hey! You can’t deceive me any more! You better stop that. ” Arnold said and they burst out laughing.


Entering back into the car, Gerald reached out and held


Natasha’s hand between the car seats. “Thank you ” he beamed her a charming smile.


“For what?” Natasha said softly enjoying the way his long fingers carresed her inner palm.


“For loving me and choosing me over a rich guy even though I was a gate man. ” Gerald said and Natasha laughed.

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” But you weren’t! ”



” That’s my point. You did not know… You never knew my real identity but you ended up choosing me over someone so wealthy.


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My wife… My princess… My heart… My everything… My joy… My angel… My sweetheart… My world.. my heart goddess… my heart beat… my… ”


Natasha laughed blushing. Stretching forward, she interrupted Gerald with a breathtaking warm, deep and sweet kiss.


Gerald encircled her in his arms, his hands roaming all over her back as he pulled her out of her seat.


Pulling her more tightly to himself, he deepened the kiss, creating a free romantic show to anyone lucky to pass by at that moment!!


They f**king and freaking don’t care who saw them. The two love birds continued kissing and kissing till they thought they would never stop!!!














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