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Episode 6


[b]Val’s side of the story continues[/b]




[] one week later []


11am, Tuesday.


I was busy checking out some news sites with my computer when I heard loud shouts coming out from the sitting room. I quickly grabbed my jacket, tucked in my small pistol and rushed to the sitting room. With great speed I ran into the sitting room as if I was being pursed only to see Clara



facing a huge guy who was holding her by the shoulder. I kind of felt embarrassed, freezing with shock as they stared at me with surprise.


‘’oh I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I heard noises and I thought you were in danger’’ I nervously explained while the huge guy scoffed. It was very obvious he was very angry but what I didn’t know was if it was my interruption that made him angry or something else.


‘’like seriously you barged in on us just because you heard noises? Who the hell are you? He fired at me.


‘’calm down Charles what is wrong with you?’’ Clara


shouted at him.


‘’oh I see you are now defending what he did?’’ he asked Clara who shook her head in anger.


‘’you know what, you can leave now. I’m tired of talking to you, we will see on Thursday’’ she said to him angrily while he stared at her with disbelief. I simply watched the drama with a little smile on my face. I couldn’t help but wonder who the huge guy was. Of course he looked very wealthy and saucy. And with the way he was acting I figured he was very close to Clara.


‘’I said you can leave now’’ she shouted at him again before leaving the sitting room for him. The young man scornfully stared at me for some seconds, breathed deeply and walked away without another word. I calmly returned to my room to continue with what I was doing (before the noise that got my attention) and had barely settled down when Clara walked in .


She hesitantly stood at the door post, smiling faintly as she


probably tried to act cool.


‘’I’m sorry for the embarrassment. The guy is just a nut-head but unfortunately he is a very close friend and we have known each other for long. His name is Charles’’ she softly explained while I smiled as I tried hard to come up with something good to say.


‘’his birthday is on Thursday and I will be heading to Abuja for it. I will leave tomorrow. Do you wish to accompany me?’’ she offered.


‘’yes of course, I will gladly do that’’ I answered quickly. ‘’you will do the driving. I love road trips’’ she added, smiled and left the room while my heart sank as I thought of the long distance and stress. Moreover it was going to be my first time of driving all the way to the federal capital city.



[] Hours later[]


Vivian walked into my room with her usual charming smile. Yes after that evening she kissed me at the backyard, she became a little more careful with me. She tried to be as friendly as possible while being cautious.


She sat on the bed, crossed her legs and stared at me.


‘’I can’t believe Clara is taking you to Abuja while dropping me. I can’t believe she accepted you into her life so easily. There is more to it you know. A lady can’t accept a guy so easily without having intentions, without having a little romantic feelings for him’’ she muttered, carefully watching my reaction.


‘’so what are you trying to say?’’ I asked.


‘’I think she’s very fond of you’’ she added carefully.



‘’yes and it’s making my job very easy. So far the girl has been nothing but good to me. The only problem I have now is preparing and getting myself ready for the long drive to Abuja. I have never done that before and I’m a bit nervous’’ I confessed with a frown while she laughed out loud.


‘’but on a serious note, Who the hell is Charles?, do you know him?’’ I asked.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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‘’yes he is the first son of Senator Adolphus, the man who was very instrumental in helping Clara’s father win the governorship election. Charles and Clara have been friends for long and I believe the young man considers himself her boyfriend. I don’t like him though. He is too rude and arrogant’’ she replied quietly. ‘’hmmmm that’s deep’’ I breathed.


‘’yes and that’s the truth’’ she muttered.


‘’I believe we will be back by Saturday’’ I added, changing the topic while she drew closer to me.


‘’do you like Clara, are you interested in her? Tell me please I’m dying to know?’’ she begged desperately, surprising me with her question. I swallowed hard as I returned her gaze.


‘’Vivian, I’m only here to do my job and romance isn’t part of it. This assignment will soon be over before you know it and no one in this house will remember me again. I have no special romantic feelings for anyone’’ I guardedly answered. She dropped her eyes, saying nothing more.


The last thing I wanted was hurting Vivian with my words


but she always had a way of asking the most difficult








Early the next day, Clara and I left the house for Abuja. We covered the first few kilometers in silence until I asked her the question that had been bugging me since the previous day.


‘’are you in love with Charles? I’m sorry for being inquisitive’’ I nervously asked. She smiled and gave me a quick look.


‘’actually we have been friends for so long and it kind of looks as if we are dating even though I’m yet to say yes to him. I like him but he is so unpredictable. He switches mood faster than a chameleon changes color. This minute he will be happy and jovial, the next minute, he becomes so annoying and rude. It’s just as if he takes drugs. I can’t be with such a man’’ she confessed while I drove on silently as I pondered over her words.


I wasn’t really supposed to ask her the question but I never


knew how I got the courage to ask. Perhaps I cared for her


much more than I thought. Maybe what I was feeling for her


deep inside was love.


Yes maybe or maybe not.


To be continued






Clara the state governor’s daughter


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