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Episode 55




Val’s side of the story continues




Jennifer and I kissed and fondled each other for a while


before I got control of my emotions and slowly pushed her


away. Yes there was no denying my body was on fire. There


was no denying I badly wanted to have s.ex with her but I


equally knew such act could result to something nasty in


the end. I couldn’t risk everything just for few minutes of






‘’I’m sorry but we can’t do this. Doing this with you won’t


change anything between us. Let’s not get carried away’’ I


stammered while she stared at me intently for a while


before shrugging.




‘’you are good at embarrassing me’’ she hissed, got down from the bed and picked up her top. My phone rang that moment, killing the tension between us and it was no other person than the head of operations calling. .



‘’there is a situation’’ he breathed over the line.








Clara’s side of the story continues




I was still thinking over the new fears I was having and how to follow up with it when a loud explosion occurred inside the compound, throwing great fear all over me. Before I could even sit up to know what happening, gunshots and



screams filled the entire air. I stayed put in my room, praying and wondering what to do. Yes I really couldn’t figure out what to do.


The gunshots lasted for an entire hour before Donpatric walked into my room looking very worried. It was the first time I was seeing him looking so frightened. .



‘’Charles and his men are here; with the way things are going, we will have to leave this house. Dress up quickly’’ he urged, leaving me with no choice than to do his bidding. .


A minute later we headed down the stairs to the hallway


leading to the other end of his huge castle where we ran into


one of his men.




‘’so what’s up Eric how is it going?”’ the old man asked






‘’he has more men sir and we can’t hold them any further,


moreover the police should be on their way now. You have


to get out of here’’ the young man breathed, wiping out


sweat from his face.




‘’yes we are heading out, mobilize the men, hold the


attackers a little further and then disappear to save


yourselves. We will meet at the rendezvous joint tomorrow


by 9am’’ he said to the young man who nodded in







‘’Charles is really a pain in the neck. I should have killed him when I had the chance’’ he muttered to me with a smile while I shrugged, too scared to say a word. .



We soon got to the west end section of the backyard where a black SUV was waiting for us but unfortunately before we could get to it, we heard Charles’s voice from behind.




‘’hmmm old man, you are so predictable. I knew you would come here’’ Charles shouted confidently. Donpatric and I instantly turned towards the direction of the voice but unfortunately for the old man, Charles wasn’t willing to take any chances and fired without hesitation, sending down the old man with one gunshot to the chest. .



‘’I should have done this a long time ago’’ he breathed coldly as he cautiously drew close to spit on him. I trembled as I watched the whole drama, too terrified to even scream. Charles kicked Donpatric who was gasping for breath before focusing his attention on me. .



‘’Clara my love, I got you back. I have you back’’ he


breathed excitedly, drawing close to hug me and backing


Donpatric at the same time but it was a mistake that cost


him his life. The old man managed to pull out the pistol he


had all along and fired twice at him, sending two hot bullets


into his back and bringing him down on the floor with no






‘’oh my God’’ Charles struggled to breathe as he fell heavily


from my body.




‘’I’m sorry but I can’t let you marry him’’ Donpatic managed to mutter, spitting out more blood from his mouth. I just stood motionless for some seconds staring at the two men who brought their lives to an end because of me. .



‘’Clara my love, don’t ever forget me. No one will ever love you the way I do. I’m dying’’ Charles struggled to breathe while I knelt by his side, unable to do much to save his life. .


‘’it’s over my dear’’ he finally breathed and went still while I wailed profusely. I couldn’t believe myself. It all looked like a nightmare.


Nervously I turned to see Donpatric still struggling to breathe. I really can’t tell what pushed me to his side. The old man surprisingly grabbed my hand tightly. .



‘’Please stay with me to the end. Don’t let me die a lonely man. I’m an old man, there is no way I will survive this’’ he begged faintly while I stared at him with tears in my eyes. .


In no time the whole compound was swarming with police.




To be continued




**CLARA(The State Governors Daughter)**



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