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Episode 47




Clara’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the


previous episode




‘’I don’t think I owe you any explanation Charles. I went out to see a friend and that’s it’’ I answered a bit coldly. He shrugged, drew closer and held me by the waist. .



‘’I really don’t know what else to do to prove to you how much I love you. I have more than enough money to last three generations. I’m young, I’m not bad looking. I’m from a good family. What exactly do I need to do to prove


myself’’ he asked seriously.




‘’I thought you have already started marriage talks with my family?, what again do you want me to tell you huh?. Please I just want to sleep. I’m very tired’’ I replied, broke free from him and fell on my bed, breathing heavily. .



‘’you went to see that bastar.d right?, you can’t even spend


up to five minutes in my house but you spent all evening


with him. Don’t worry I will try my best to prove to you that


he’s nothing but a gold digger’’ he breathed furiously and


left while I smiled to myself.








Val’s side of the story continues


2pm the next day, I got a message from my deputy director


to show up immediately at the department. I quickly


dressed up and headed out of the house, so happy I was


finally being called back. Yes I had been expecting to be


called back since the beginning of the week and I couldn’t


help but sing happily as I drove down to the state






On getting there, I was quickly directed to the conference room where I was surprised to see agent Jennifer seated with the state director, the head of operations, the deputy director that invited me on phone and two other senior colleagues. Another unfamiliar agent stood in front of a



projector which displayed a crude drawing of two men. I nervously walked into the room, breathing deeply. .


‘’welcome back agent Val, I guess you are fit to resume with


us?’’ the deputy director asked while I nodded, swallowing






‘’good, this is senior special agent Bola Davis, he came all the way from our headquarters with agent Jennifer on a new assignment. Mr Bola is an Assistant Chief Security Intelligence Officer on international operations and he has worked together with the CIA and FBI in the past. We called you in because of a special request being made on your behalf by agent Jennifer and the state director. I hope you don’t disappoint us again’’ the deputy director addressed me as I sat down before them. Senior special agent bola quickly cleared his throat and got to business without giving me any chance to answer. There wasn’t any doubt he was in a hurry to get on with the job at hand. .



‘’we got a not too detailed report from Interpol last weekend on two drug barons from this part of Nigeria who are taking drug trafficking to a whole new level. Over the past six months about sixty boys has been caught with different types of narcotic drugs especially cocaine and according to the information sent to us by Interpol more than twice that figure is suspected to have successfully made it across.


With investigations, profiling and statements gotten from some of the arrested boys we got two names Charlieman



and Donpatric plus a sketch of what they looked like. We have no strong evidence linking these two men to drug trafficking and we believe they run the cartel through agents, series of networks and fronts. So getting them is going to be pretty though and that’s where your department comes in. Charlieman has been identified to be no other person than Mr. Charles, the fiancé to the governor’s daughter and I believe every agent in the state knows him very well. I brought agent Jennifer with me on the director’s request and I believe you guys can dig deep and get me results. Please my office is under fire from the presidency to get results. The image of the country has been ruined enough and the NDLEA is filled with corruption. Getting at least one of these two men could help the president save face in the international community. Thank you’’ senior special agent Bola lectured, leaving the whole room quiet for






‘’agent Val here has a very good history with Mr. Charles


and that’s why I asked for him to be brought into the case


and with agent Jennifer partnering with him, I believe we will


get results’’ the state director assured him while agent


Jennifer nodded.




‘’yes Mr. Charles has a very weak spot and that’s his obsession with Miss Clara, the state governor’s daughter. I believe that’s the weak point we should exploit but then it could lead to collateral damage. Miss Clara could end up being put in harm’s way’’ Jennifer chipped in.




‘’I just need results and I don’t care how you get it moreover the girl is already in harm’s way by dealing with a drug trafficker’’ senior special agent Bola replied seriously while my heart froze. I was unable to contribute to the discussion because i really had nothing to say. Yes I knew Charles hands weren’t clean but I never imagined he could be into drug business, moreover he was from a very wealthy home and had no need getting his hands dirty for money unless his father equally was in the business or retired. .


‘’this dude is from a wealthy family. I hope we are all right


in this’’ the deputy director who has been silent all along






‘’yes and that’s a good front to hide his shady deals’’ Mr


Bola replied .




‘’my only problem right now is the issue of accommodation, I don’t like staying in hotels and I will like to stay in Val’s place if he doesn’t mind’’ Jennifer chipped in, changing the topic as she threw a quick inquisitive look at me. .



‘’of course you can stay with me as long as you wish’’ I


replied without thinking twice, leaving a smile of satisfaction


on her face.




To be continued


**CLARA(The State Governors Daughter)




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