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Episode 39


Vivian’s side of the story continues from the previous




‘’well it’s too late for that. I already told Clara everything you did. I told her the whole story this morning via phone’’ I bravely said to Charles, bringing up my eyes to check his reaction but he still remained calm. All he did was just to shrug and breathe deeply.


‘’I still need my own version of the story on tape. I don’t care if you have already told Clara everything or not’’ he insisted, shocking me with his words.


‘’so are you willing to go on with my request or are you willing to sacrifice your new boyfriend over nothing?’’ he asked while I swallowed hard, not exactly knowing what else to say or do.


‘’you should know I always have my way in everything. Even if you sacrifice him for your selfish reason I will still get another way of caging you. So don’t waste my time. Are you going on with my request or not?’’ he demanded with a raised tone.


‘’you are a monster’’ I breathed with disgust.


‘’come on dear, life itself is a monster. Good people die every day while bad people live for long, so what say you?’’ he demanded once again. I hesitantly nodded. I could tell he was more than willing to let my boyfriend hang over his selfish ambition.


‘’fine you just made the right choice. Now bring out your phones’’ he suddenly demanded, licking his lips and surprising me further.


‘’what do you need my phones for?. You think I’m recording our conversation or what?’’ I asked breathlessly.



‘’no my dear, you won’t dare try that. Just bring out your phones’’ he demanded again, leaving me with no choice than to oblige. He took the phones from me, checked them out before handing them back to me.


‘’now turn on the recorder and read out what I wrote on this paper’’ he requested as he pulled out a sheet of paper which he gave to me. I instantly froze as I read the contents.


‘’oh you thought I didn’t have my own version of the story written down?. Come on read it out loud’’’ he demanded. I nervously turned on the recorder of the two phones and did as he requested.


‘’I’m making this record in case anything happens to me again. Val tried to kill me in his house because I wanted to expose his secrets. He was having an affair with Clara and I at the same time and none of us knew. When I found out the truth it was already too late and he tried killing me when I confronted him. Luckily I survived by fighting back and stabbing him with the same knife he used on me before losing consciousness. How did I pull it off?, it was nothing but a miracle. That last move saved my life and now I’m back in Nigeria to put him in jail where he belongs. I’m still scared he might make another move to end my life’’ [/b] I read painfully while Charles listened and smiled.


‘’nice work’’ he giggled as took back my phones, saved the recording and transferred a copy to his own phone. ‘’Vivian I’m really sorry that our relationship got this sour. I never wanted all this to happen. It’s all Clara’s fault. I’m equally ashamed of what I have become and I really don’t know how to compensate you for trying to take your life in



the first place. I will make a wire transfer of 1.5million naira to your account later today. Don’t ask me how I got your account number. Anyway I know the money isn’t worth your life and I’m very sorry for everything. However don’t try anything funny. I need not to tell you that I can make your whole family sleep in jail. You also know that I have people watching you. There is a restaurant down the street. Just go there and wait for your friends to be released. ‘’ he said softly. I shook my head, eyed him and alighted from his car. Of course I felt very bad. I never expected the turnout of events. I never knew he was capable of going that far with me.


I hated myself. I hated myself. I hated myself.


Exactly three hours later, Chinedu called me on phone, sounding very excited.


‘’my love how did you pull this off?. My brother and I have been released and the case dropped. I was told my girlfriend pulled strings for me. Where are you?’’ he asked happily while tears of joy melted my eyes. I heaved a sigh of relief. Their freedom came with a very heavy price.


‘’I’m just across the street my dear’’ I managed to answer. There wasn’t any doubt Charles had every corner blocked and well secured. He had everything already thought out and planned. I realized that fateful day that I wasn’t going to be able to take him down on my own. I needed help. I needed Val’s help. I needed Clara’s trust. I needed the support of Clara’s family. Of course I knew getting the needed support from Clara’s family was going to be very hard because to them Charles was nothing but an angel. I wasn’t going to let



the issue die like that. I had a duty to protect my cousin from getting into a very dangerous marriage. But then my life was equally on the line. Charles could easily have had me killed after getting the recording but instead he paid in money into my account, something that looked very fishy. Yes the dude was smart, very smart.


I really had a very sleepless night thinking over everything and early the next morning, I dressed up in readiness to travel down to the east to be with Clara. I couldn’t travel the previous day as planned because of issues that came up and I wasn’t going to let any other thing delay me further. I also was a bit nervous over seeing Clara once again because even though she sounded cool the few times we spoke on phone I felt our closeness wasn’t going to be like old times because of what she must have heard about me and val. Yes I had a lot of issues to settle with her and I equally knew I was embarking on a very dangerous mission because any slip of tongue could get Charles unleashing his terror on me.



But first thing first I had to call Val. I needed his help and if possible the help of the whole department of state services. Charles wasn’t a danger to me alone but to the governor’s daughter and everyone. Yes it could stand as a matter of national security because the dude was a time bomb waiting to explode with his connections in every sector of the government.


‘’Val we need to talk and it’s very urgent’’ I muttered as soon


as Val picked my call.


To be continued


Can you guess what Vivian is up to??




Clara the state governor’s daughter



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