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Episode 33


<> Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode


‘’can we go inside and talk?’’ Charles asked calmly as if we were nothing but friends. I scoffed and shook my head. ‘’say whatever you came here for and disappear before I lose my temper’’ I replied with a slightly raised tone while he laughed.


‘’you see the difference between us?. I think before I act while you act before you think. Anyway let’s keep that aside. I’m here to reach a compromise with you’’ he muttered calmly. I stared at him suspiciously.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories



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‘’Clara and I will be getting married very soon and I wish to clear my conscience. I want to settle you handsomely so as for you not to cause problems for me again. I do know you have a pending case with the people you work for and I have the connection to make it all go away. I’m equally ready to pay you off with a reasonable amount. All you have to do is simply to forget everything about Clara and move on with your life’’ he offered softly while I laughed coldly. He words just appeared like a slap on my face but I controlled the anger in me.


‘’and what if I still chose to refuse your offer?’’ I asked curiously. He shrugged.


‘’that means you are putting your life and your family in danger. I already told you I think before I act. You have no idea what I’m capable of doing and it will be so disgusting



for a young man like you to die over a woman in this present century. Anyway Clara sent me to check how you are faring. She really wants to talk to you. What should I tell her?’’ he concluded and asked, drawing out more suspicion from me. Deep down I felt he was trying to rope me into one of his games. I knew if Clara actually wanted to see or talk to me, he would be the last person she would send.


‘’get out from my house. Get out’’ I screamed, not caring about anything as I violently pushed him backwards. ‘’I’m leaving, but think over my proposal. I will check back for your feedback’’ he muttered and left calmly while I bit my lips in great anger. I really felt like going after him and finishing him off but I knew it was only going to get me in jail. I needed nothing but a tactical approach to deal with him but first I had to keep aside my pride and call Clara. I felt it was good I talked to her.


I rushed to my bedroom, grabbed my phone and called Clara.


‘’hey Clara it’s me’’ I breathed as soon as she picked my call.


‘’my God, Val!’’ she screamed over the phone. I couldn’t help but notice the excitement in her voice which made me wonder why she was yet to call me if she really was this excited to hear from me.


‘’we need to talk’’ I breathed.




<> Vivian’s side of the story continues


(Vivian is seen fully awake as a young black doctor attends to her. Her eyes equally were surprisingly filled up with




‘’so how are you my dear?. My name is Chinedu, I’m the doctor in charge of your recovery’’ the young handsome doctor said to me in a very affectionate tone as he checked me up. I stared at him, not exactly knowing what to say. I was extremely happy to be alive, happy to testify over God’s miracle. It was a lucky escape from death. I couldn’t believe that bast.rd tried to kill me. I really thought we were friends. I thought we were on the same side but no he turned against me with the slightest opportunity he got.


‘’where am i?’’ I managed to ask with a soft voice, knowing full well that I was in a hospital.


‘’you are in a hospital my dear. You are in Indian’’ the doctor answered quickly, smiling deeply.


‘’but you are a Nigerian?, your name sounds like…’’ I asked like a little kid.


‘’yes I’m a Nigerian but I work here’’ he replied with a smile, softly feeling my pulse.


‘’you made a magnificent recovery dear. You were in a very terrible state when you were brought in here but with the look of things, you will leave this hospital within a month’’ he added reassuringly as more tears dropped from my eyes. I couldn’t help but play back in my head the terrible incidence that happened in Val’s house. How I was badly stabbed and left for dead. I knew Val wouldn’t survive it because he really was the main target of Charles’s brutality.


The young doctor soon observed the tears flowing down my eyes, leaned forward and wiped the tears softly. I blushed. I really haven’t been this close to a man for long. The last



time I was this close was when I was with Val and it led to nothing but calamity. But the doctor before me looked kind and caring. I couldn’t help but feel a tingling sensation.


‘’I almost lost my life because of a man. I was in a place I wasn’t supposed to be and the worst of it all is that I almost died for nothing, for someone that never cared for me. That’s the worst feeling one can ever have’’ I confessed, very much surprised with my outburst. I never knew what made me open up to him so easily.


‘’we all have a story to tell my dear. Without a story, without challenges our life would be so meaningless. You can’t believe I left Nigeria just to escape the humiliation and scorn of a failed relationship. Just try your best and recover quickly, I promise to tell you my story once you are very strong’’ he promised in Igbo language, bringing out a smile from my face with his words. I lifted my eyes to meet his gaze once again. I liked what I saw, but slowly the light in my eyes died down as I realized that it could also be the way he played with other patients. He was a doctor and his duty was to treat patients both emotionally and physically. ‘’why the sudden frown my dear?’’ he suddenly asked.


‘’I need to get well as soon as possible. I need to know the situation of things at home. My sister could also be in greater danger. Charles must pay even if it’s the last thing I do’’ I breathed with all my strength while the doctor smiled and caressed my shoulder.


Sure I was ready to make Charles pay.


To be continued


Clara the state governor’s daughter

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