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Episode 23


Val’s side of the story continues


I woke up once again to find myself lying on the floor. This time around my hands weren’t tied. Only my legs were tied together with a strong rope. I managed to sit up, resting my back on the wall as I thought of my next move and how to survive. Of course I was very lucky to still be alive. I felt it was just a matter of time before Charles’s decides to finish me up for good.


I only had a faint hope that my colleagues would soon start looking for me and with the help of the cell phone I left in my car, be able to trace my location. Yes it really wasn’t the best shot for my freedom and I knew I had to think out of the box to find a way to secure my freedom. I also couldn’t



help but wonder what Charles and his gang did to the other phone I came into the house with.


I was still busy with my thoughts when another young man walked in with a plate of food. As he dropped the plate on the floor beside me, I drew back and stared at him suspiciously. Three tiny pieces of yam with red oil was the meal he brought for me in a plastic plate. I shook my head with disgust and looked the other way.


‘’I advice you eat this food because I don’t know the next time you will be served again’’ he said rudely. ‘’please what’s the time?’’ I asked. He scoffed.


‘’9:30am, Monday morning’’ he replied.


‘’are you really sure?’’ I asked. He sighed and left the room without another word while I shook my head and thought of how to escape.


It really wasn’t long before an idea came into my head. I smiled to myself and prepared my mind for it.




Hours later, the guy who earlier brought food for me came in to take the plate. His eyes instantly boiled with rage as soon as he noticed that I didn’t touch the food. But he said nothing, instead came forward and took the plate.


‘’I want urinate. I have been holding it all day’’ I said to him calmly.


‘’you can piss on yourself’’ he replied rudely.


‘’I also want to shi.t. You know I can’t shi.t on myself because you guys won’t be able to touch me afterwards and I know the stench will chase you all out of the building. So kindly take me to the toilet’’ I said with a cunning smile. He



hesitated for a moment before walking away. Few minutes later, the huge guy that hit me the previous day showed up with a dirty smile on his smile.


‘’it’s only 4:30pm and you already want to shi.t tough guy’’ he breathed with a short laugh.


‘’I will take you to the toilet but don’t try anything funny because I won’t hesitate to shoot you and I don’t miss’’ he threatened, tucked the small pistol he was holding in his trouser, bent over me and untied the rope used to bind my legs while I heaved a sigh of relief.


Roughly he jerked me up and dragged me towards the toilet. He definitely was a strong guy and I knew I needed extra strength plus my training to beat him in a fight.


On getting to the toilet, he threw me inside and shut the door, whistling a song as he waited for me outside the toilet.


I soon settled in the toilet where I took time to rest and perfect my plans. After relieving myself, I flushed the toilet, made the sign of the cross and breathed deeply before knocking on the door to get the big guy’s attention.


Just like I expected, he opened the door to drag me out but unknown to him I was very much ready. Before he threw open the toilet door, I scooped enough toilet water from the toilet pit and splashed the water on his face as soon as he opened the door, putting him in great discomfort and disarray as he spit, cursed and wiped his face with great energy, putting down his guard. It was the opportunity I needed to put him down. One kick to the stomach plus a choke hold were enough to knock him out. I quickly grabbed



his gun and headed to the room I heard Clara’s voice the last time.




Breaking into the room wasn’t easy and the noise it generated as I kicked on the door alerted the other guys’ guarding the house. But I still had time to break in and grab Clara before they could get to the room.


Unfortunately the difficult part was escaping with Clara. The girl was very weak and scared. She couldn’t run very fast and before we could get to the back of the building the other guys weren’t far behind. The only escape route was scaling the same fence I used in gaining access to the house but unfortunately Clara couldn’t do that without help.


Yes we luckily made it to the fence but in the process of lifting up Clara for her to grab the edge and scale over, the other guys closed in on us. One of them fired a round which whistled over my head, making me lose my grip on Clara, she instantly fell on the floor while I nervously pulled out the gun I had with me and got ready for a show off as they surrounded us and waited for my next move. I really was lucky the guys never kept firing at us.


I desperately counted them. They were seven guys in all. Four of them pointed their guns at me while the rest simply stood and waited for the next move from me. I was lucky they didn’t attempt shooting again. Perhaps they wanted me alive or perhaps they were scared that a shootout between us could lead to Clara getting shot.


I was totally surrounded and I knew there was no getting out.


‘’let the girl go and we will let you go. You know you stand


no chance. you can’t shoot all of us without getting shot’’


one of the guys demanded quickly as my eyes went back


and forth like a cornered rat.


To be continued.




Clara the state governor’s daughter


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