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Episode 13


Clara’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode


‘’Val is a federal agent and your dad got him here to protect you. We had to come up with the lie he sold to you in order for you to be comfortable with him. We did it to protect you,



since you insisted on having no security guy breathing down your neck. I was very much okay with the plan but I never knew the guy was going to take advantage of the situation to sleep with you. That wasn’t part of his job description and his action has shown that he can’t be trusted with your life. He lied to you, he played on your intelligence, and he used your emotions. I’m very sorry that I was part of this grand scheme in the first place. I will leave your house very early tomorrow because I know after all I just told you, I won’t be welcomed here anymore. Just forgive me Clara’’ Vivian breathed solemnly while I trembled over her words. Of course I was in pain. I was so shocked and ashamed of my life. I couldn’t believe I gave myself away very easy to a fake guy. I felt very terrible.


‘’I have to go to my room and pack up my things’’ I heard Vivian mutter as she stood up. I quickly grabbed her hand. ‘’no you are not going anywhere. This is your home. You are my sister. The only person leaving is Val’’ I stammered softly.


‘’I can’t stay here anymore. Once you confront Val and he leaves this house, he will definitely put a call to your dad who won’t be happy with me for leaking the secret’’ she protested.


I slowly wiped the tears flowing down my eyes, took a deep breath and hugged her.


‘’thank you for opening up to me. That’s all that matters now. I can’t imagine how long he would have continued sleeping me supposing you didn’t tell me the truth. He never loved me. He was only using me to have fun while on duty.



He’s going tonight. Just wait for me here’’ I breathed painfully and tried heading towards my door but Vivian quickly held me back.


‘’no don’t confront him tonight. Don’t kick him out this night’’ she pleaded.


‘’no he has to go tonight. Just wait for me here please I beg of you’’ I pleaded, snatched my hand from her grasp and headed to Val’s room with great fury.


On getting to his room, I barged in without knocking, throwing the young man into confusion as he struggled to get out of the bed.


‘’what’s this about my dear?. You look awful?’’ he stammered as he got to his feet. I simply walked up to him and lashed out a terrible slap on his face, sending him backwards with the force of my blow.


‘’agent Val or what should I call you?. How dare you?. I never believed an innocent looking guy like you could be so deceitful. Charles is very much better than you. I have learnt my lesson. Vivian told me everything about you after I told her all we did. Just leave my house now’’ I shouted with great energy.


‘’please keep down your voice. I know I lied to you but I lied in order to protect you. I lied in order to be with you. Whatever I did with you was done out of real love and affection. Just calm down’’ he pleaded but I was far from calming down. My head was just so full. I couldn’t even think properly.


‘’listen to me Clara. Vivian just told you everything probably to get back at me. Please don’t get mad’’ he pleaded



desperately but his words only made me more angry. I slapped him again and again while he simply took it all without flinching. I was very much in love with him. I was feeling the slaps I gave to him down in my heart. I couldn’t believe he didn’t trust me enough to tell me the truth. I couldn’t just stand his sight anymore.


‘’pack your things and leave right now. You can take one of the cars with you if you are scared of leaving this compound on foot’’ I barked.


‘’I’m sorry but my duty is to be with you at all times. I can’t leave the house’’ he breathed defiantly, surprising me with his words.


‘’fine be ready to be with my corpse then because I’m heading to the kitchen right now to get a knife and stab myself’’ I threatened, turned and headed towards the door. ‘’okay okay, I’m leaving. Don’t do anything silly. I beg of you.’’ He stammered. I stopped at the door, faced him and folded my hands.


‘’then start packing right now’’ I commanded with tears in my eyes.


It was so painful watching him grab his bag. I felt the pain very much but I did the right thing in kicking him out.




Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene above As I drove out of the compound that fateful night, I couldn’t help but shade tears. I knew I had lost Clara, I equally was at risk of losing my job. I just didn’t know how to face the governor and my superiors. I equally didn’t know exactly what Vivian told the poor girl and that in its own way was



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I parked in front of the house, kept watch and thought of what next to do. Of course the last thing to do at this stage was to leave my duty post. I still had a duty which was to keep watch over Clara and I had to stay around in case she decides to leave the house. Yes I was scared. I knew it was just a matter of hours before a call from the governor or my commander breaks my last energy. I couldn’t believe I messed up my career because of a silly feeling called love. I was in love with Clara but it doesn’t matter now. Does it? Being on the verge of losing my job, my future, my happiness and my life, I couldn’t imagine living in the country without anything. I couldn’t help but pray. I prayed, begging God to touch Clara’s heart and stop her from telling anyone else that I slept with her, which was the only thing that could save me in a way. But then even if Clara decides to keep her mouth shut will Vivian do the same?. The worst mistake I made was sleeping with Clara .


To be continued.




Clara the state governor’s daughter


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