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Mother and daughter bade the ocean good bye and took off with ma’am Nina taking the lead.

They passed through many habitats, some dangerous and some helpless.

The place where guards now stayed was really safe. King Neptune had stationed them there after he found out that his subjects were sneaking out.

The only route to the shore where they won’t be caught is to pass through the shark habitat

Blue: what? Mother, shark habitat. We could turn up to be a delicious breakfast. But I’ll be sweeter than you.

Ma’am Nina : hahaha, what makes u think that way

Blue : cos I’m younger and fresher

They both laughed

Blue was happy that her mother wasn’t sad. It was the first time she saw her laughing the past few days.

Ma’am Nina said that the sharks and the remora fishes that always follow them will soon be off for their hunt. And will leave their habitat for a few hours.

They then waited for the carnivorous fishes to go out and hunt. 20mins later, they began to depart towards the left hand side of the sea.

Ma’am Nina : great. They’re all gone. Now let’s move to the top of that water hill, I’m sure you’ll be able to feel the warmth from the sun for the first time.

Blue: wow.

They diligently swam up and truly, she could feel the bright light’s warmth.

Soon they were very close to the shore. She became very nervous again.

Her mother held her hand and helped in pulling her up.

Blue could see the surface through the transparent water though it was blurry. She didn’t know what to expect. She didn’t know how the humans looked like. She wondered if their world had any similarities or just a vast difference.

Her mother went ahead of her and popped her head up a little. She surveyed the beach and it was empty but dirty as usual.

She used her magical powers to change their luggage into a small portable box

Blue : I can do that spell

Ma’am Nina : yes you can. Now take the pearl bracelet and take a deep breath.

Blue took it and wore it then closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Ma’am Nina : now let’s say those words I taught you earlier

Both : tails to legs and fins to feet. Later we’ll swim but now we’ll walk.

Then she felt a tingly feeling about her tail. She looked down into the water and saw it. Her tail was gradually separating into two smooth and long legs

Blue: whoah! My tail.

Ma’am Nina : take my hand. Walking is really not easy

She pulled her daughter out of the water and held her. She didn’t know what to do but then she looked at her mother’s legs and saw how she controlled them.

Since she was very smart, she copied her and became a little bit stable.

Blue: what’s these mother?

Ma’am Nina : it’s sand.

Blue: it’s different from ours.

Ma’am Nina cast a spell and they both were suddenly clad in blue and white uniforms. They had these blue skirt, white shirt and a beret with the combination of both colors.

Blue: wow, I look lovely. What’s this

Ma’am Nina : I’ll have to make you know some certain things with my magic. I’m suddenly tired of your questions. They’re your clothes Blue.

She nodded and smiled. They began to walk away from the beach

Blue: where should we head to…..

Just then a police officer spotted them and yelled

PO: what are you folks doing there. The screening is about to start!

Ma’am Nina held Blue and pulled her, then began to walk fast. Blue was stumbling and hitting each leg against the other. She was walking like a teenager learning how to walk in hills but is running instead.

She would have fallen if not for the strong grip of her mother

Ma’am Nina : sorry officer. My daughter had to get something from the beach

PO: well then hurry up and join the others

Not knowing what to say, she just bowed and briskly followed her mother.

They came out in a building with young ladies dressed like them staying under

Blue: wow they’re many

Ma’am Nina : (pointing towards a direction) go there and sit down. We’ll meet when the admission is over. I have to go to the cooks section

Blue: but I don’t know anything about this place and I don’t know what to do.

Her mother then placed her palm on her forehead as if to feel her temperature. A green light appeared on her forehead where her mother placed her palm and within minutes it was gone. Then ma’am Nina withdrawed her hand.

Ma’am Nina : I just put all the things you need to know and do in your mind. You don’t have to worry but just follow your instincts. Here, take this envelope. It contains everything you need. Including your high school certificate.

Blue: thanks mother. I feel better

Ma’am Nina : and don’t use your magic except in a critical condition. No one should know your true identity

Blue : but why?

Ma’am Nina : it’s for your safety.

She nodded and her mother pecked her on the forehead and went through a door that had an inscription COOKS ADMISSION HALL.

She was surprised that she read that.

She sighed and began to move to the seat her mother showed her. She was still moving somehow but not as before.

She got closer to the seat when someone winced and hit her hand

Girl: you stepped on my leg. Why are you clumsy? Can’t you watch where you’re going?

Blue was surprised and at first couldn’t say a thing

Girl: I’m talking to you or are you dumb? Even if you are, I’m sure you’re not blind?

Blue: ohh, uhmm… I’m sorry

Girl: now’s she’s stammering. Excuse me please, I can’t stay here.

She pushed Blue away and walked past her. Blue almost fell but she held the chair.

All eyes were Now turned on her because that girl had created a little scene.

She quietly sat down well according to her instincts and bowed her head.

She suddenly felt lonely. Then she knew that she was in for a tough time………

To Be Continued

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