Fri. May 10th, 2024


Thank goodness

Breakfast is over

Why does Gladys irritate me so well this days?

I couldn’t even eat well

I just kept controlling myself

Today is really going to be busy for me

Let me just say

My play time’s over

I was given just two weeks to relax after my training in London but now, I’ll have to resume my princely duties

Attending balls

Royal banquets

Meeting important people






I can’t even mention them all

It’s really exhausting

I now have to put all those trainings into practice.

Today is my last day of rest but I can’t rest

I still have to get everything ready

Do I even know where my tuxedos and bow ties and jeez, my crown

That should be father’s problem

Tomorrow I have to travel to Glasgow

The country is having it’s Grand Opening for uhmm, I think it’s a new government house.


A stately building

And amongst all the princes of Scotland, I have to be the one giving the speech

I even forgot about it but I saw the news and I remembered

Now I’m going to write a speech and will leave for Glasgow tomorrow, and come back next three days cause the Grand Opening is next tomorrow .

Just as I settled down to write

My phone buzzed

I took it and checked

It was from Derek

Blue Maid


Me: ohh, I forgot about the number

I replied him

thanks man

I quickly dialed the number

It began to ring and soon she picked up

Me: hello Blue

Voice : I’m sorry, this isn’t Blue. This is Cindy, her friend. Blue is not here yet, she left for work but she forgot her phone with me

Me: ohh, okay. Where is she working?

Cindy: in the castle… She’s a maid here

Me: where exactly? The prince chambers?

Cindy : yes, wait is this Derek? Wow I’ve heard so much about you… And I….

Me: no this isn’t Derek. Thank you for your help

Then I hung up


This Cindy talks fast

So Blue is in my chamber right

I wonder where exactly

Then I remembered

Today they will change the whole of the curtains.

They have to be replaced

I smiled

I really wish to see her before I start working

I stood up and went to my door

But she can’t be the only one there

There will be plenty of workers since the hall is large

Even if I should go out

I won’t see her quickly

I braced up and opened the door

Everybody looked towards my direction as if they were expecting me.

All the guards present rushed up to me and shielded me

I told them to make way

All the maids were bowing as I stood looking at them one by one

Those at the far end of the hall rushed up to steal glances.

I smiled as I saw their reaction

Then a noticed a pair of blue eyes stealing glances.

Immediately I caught her gaze, she brought down her face.

I smiled and folded my arms

Me: how y’all doing?

fine prince

we’re doing okay

wow, you’re so caring. We’re doing fine prince

Different answers came from them

Me: okay. I need one of you maids to come arrange some files for me. Who’s volunteering

Every one wanted to help me

Blue was just hiding behind them

I pointed to her

Me: hey you. The quiet one, come and arrange my files

She gently followed me as I left.

The maids became quiet and I knew that immediately the door is closed, the gossip will begin

I got inside and sat on the cushion

She closed the door and bowed

Blue : good morning sir

I turned and frowned

Me: what?

She shifted back

Oh jeez


Square one again

Oh is she just joking around

Me: why that attitude again

I thought we are already friends

Blue : I…. Well I’m sorry

I sighed

This girl is something else

Blue : I’m supposed to help you with your documents right

Me: no I made that up. I wanted to see you badly because I miss you


Did I really say that?


She looks shocked



He missed me?

He made that up because he wanted to see me?

But why

I don’t understand

I wanted to speak but I didn’t know what to say

Adrian : I.. Well, I’m traveling soon. I won’t be around for something. So I wanted to see you and tell you

I scratched my head

I was still standing in that position

Me: ohhh, where are you going?

Adrian : to Glasgow, the government house Grand Opening

He looked at me and frowned

I sighed

I moved over and sat beside him

Me: I’m going to miss you Adrian


It was supposed to be a thought but I said it out loud

His eyes widened

Then he smiled

Adrian : I’ll be back in three days. So I want us to spend time together, just like yesterday.

Then I reached forth and tickled her

She smiled and pushed me

Me: I’m thirsty

Adrian : water or juice or soda or lemonade?

Me: let me try lemonade

He held my hand and pulled me up. We went to his kitchen and he opened the fridge and poured out some lemonade for me.

I gulped it down and asked for more.

He laughed and served me.

Then we ate cupcakes. It reminded me of mother.

She told me that she once made blue cupcakes in my name and she got the greatest sales

I really miss mother so much

I want to see her

Adrian : so what should I get for you when I’m coming back

I closed my eyes and thought for awhile

Me: anything blue and beautiful

Adrian : that’s easy for me

I chuckled

We began to play hide and seek in his rooms.

They’re much more than I thought.

But since it was his abode, he caught me easily and I almost wouldn’t find him.

Maybe there are security cameras he uses to monitor me

Adrian : I’m really not comfortable with this uniform of yours

Me: why, I like it

Then I twirled

He chuckled

Adrian : it’s a maids uniform and you’re not a maid to me. It confuses my mentality

Me: so you want me to be wearing causal clothes or what?

Adrian : no, I don’t want you to work here

Me: what? Not again… But why. Did I do anything wrong

He laughed and licked his lips then he squatted

Adrian : I don’t want you to be a Maid anymore or a waitress. You don’t fit in at all. You deserve something better


Is Adrian trying to make me quit my job

Maybe he wants to employ me into one of his firms

Well I’d be grateful and happy

Adrian : but we’ll talk about that when I get back. Now follow me, let’s go to my lair

He held my hand and led me behind him

Me: lair? Are you a dragon?

He laughed

We went to his storeroom and went down some stairs to a basement


This is a basement heaven


How can a basement be this large and comfy

There’s even a big bed



A bar

A snack bar

An ice-cream machine……


Me: jeez, I love this place Adrian. You have a whole other world out here

Adrian : it’s my secret place. No one knows here at all. Just Derek and I. I don’t even let him come here without my permission.

Me: wow

I felt special

I looked around and wanted to touch everything

Adrian : go and touch whatever you want to touch. This place is yours as it is mine

I felt a shiver round my body when he said that and winked at me.

I can’t believe I’m getting this treatment from the prince.

I went to touch the pillows

Bounced on the bed

Went to the snack bar

So awesome

I saw a remote and turned the TV on

Me: huh

Everything in the castle was showing

There were in segments and I could see maids and servants moving and working.

There was even a segment with MY CHAMBER title underneath it.

I clicked on it and It opened to other segments

The hall, his rooms, the hallways, everything was there

Me: OH my goodness

Adrian laughed and sat on the cushion then dragged me to sit beside him

Adrian : I’m an undercover agent

He laughed again

Me: you’re so secretive

I began to hit his tough chest

I even felt my fingers hurting


He’s really strong

He held my hand and played with my fingers

Adrian: how do you think I always know where you are doing our hide and seek game

Me: I knew it, I just knew it

He chuckled

Adrian : I always come here when the maids are cleaning. I watch their every move. How do you think I caught up with you in the kitchen that day?

I held his ears and dragged them

Adrian : ouch ouch ouch ouch

I laughed and released him

Me: can I take ice-cream

Adrian : sure

We went there together and scooped out ice-cream into a bowl then ate it together

Me: I wish I could live in a place like this with mother

Adrian : tell me about your mother

I told him everything I could tell about her character, nature, love and care. Omitting everything about our mermaid self

Adrian : I like her. She seems nice

I smiled

Adrian : feel free to come here anytime you wish. You’re welcome here anytime

I blushed

He held my red cheek and squished it

I smiled and scooped ice-cream into his hand.

He screamed and I ran away with the ice-cream


Yesterday was so fun

Blue is such an amazing person

So fun to be with

Right now I’m in Glasgow

I couldn’t even write my speech

I just finished it here in Glasgow

I miss Blue so much

I called her as soon as I got here.

I wish she was here with me

It would be fun in this large house.

I got busy with other things and I didn’t have time to call her again

But I’ll make sure to create time for her

I need her voice to brighten my day.

My work for the day soon finished and I retired to my house.

I took my phone and dialed her number

It rang down without being picked up

I tried again

But it this time it wasn’t reachable

I thought maybe she was busy.

I went to bed that day without hearing her voice.

The next day was worse

I called her in the morning, it wasn’t reachable

I called after the Grand Opening, still not reachable

I became worried

Maybe something happened to the phone.

Or when I called her last night, she was close to a water body

Maybe the fountain and as she was taking it out, it fell in.

I convinced myself with that and resolved to seeing her the next day.

Well my flight to Edinburgh was okay

I was delighted to see Blue again.

I hurried out of the plan into my white limo

When we got to the castle, I sighed and began to act princely.

Walking slowly with my shoulders raised.

But I was struck with a news that one of the maids has been missing since i left.

I checked the castle’s notice board and I saw Blue’s picture

Blue is missing

To Be Continued

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