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Blue :so you won the race. I knew you’d win, no one’s a match for you. Hi-5!

Jace: so what I’m I gonna do now hello-5

Rainbow : haha you’re so funny

Blue: it’s actually high five

Jace: oh I always thought it had to do with greetings you just have to add 5 at the end like. Hey-5 or hello-5

Rainbow : good morning -5, how was your night-5 or something like hey-5

Blue: stop talking or you’re gonna choke

Jace : we have little time left. We should head back to the library

Blue: we should…. If we finish on time today, we could read some of her books. I heard the old lady knows lots of mysteries and spells

Rainbow : sounds like a good plan to me. Do you guys think they is a spell that could turn rock into food?

Blue: hahah, if they is… Then you’d be the happiest mermaid in the ocean

Jace : jeez, just because of food. Wow you should come have dinner with us sometime. There’s just too much of food and desserts and they expect me to eat it all and not slag out of my diet. Not like I’m a model or something

Rainbow : really? That’s great. But I thought you rich people don’t eat much

Jace : we don’t eat anything thats out of our diet. And sometimes, our diet can be a little bulky.

Rainbow : so do you keep to the diet? Cos I wouldn’t. I love to eat anything

Jace : haha

Blue was suddenly quiet, Jace mentioned something that she was wondering about. She decided to ask him

Blue: Jace what’s a model

Jace: it’s a type of person who has a perfect body whose job is to wear and show new styles of clothes and be photographed wearing them usually for advertisement. They’re always on a diet so they could maintain their body shape.

Blue: sounds like what humans do

Rainbow : humans? Oh no! Humans are scary. Don’t talk about them

Jace : huh? Have you ever come in contact with them?

Rainbow : no but mother says their dangerous and mer-beings should have nothing to do with them.

Blue: let’s start going guys

They then swam to the library and started cleaning up the slime from the shelf that were carved from rocks and the books made from leaves.

Jace kept helping Rainbow out, it seemed they were getting along real good. They were most of the time, working together leaving Blue by herself giving her time to do whatever she felt like without questions from them.

She was cleaning and reading and singing and was having a good time by herself.

Blue: wow what’s this?

She said as she saw a glistening type of book on the shelf. It was made with purple leaves.

She took it to a table and glanced through the pages. She found out that it was filled with songs.

Blue: wow! I wish I could keep this

She decided to ask ma’am Shell if she could borrow it

She kept it back on the shelf and went to Rainbow and Jace

Rainbow : oh hey Blue, come and see this

She held her hand and drew her to a shelf they just cleaned

Jace: it’s the names of all the places in the ocean and their features.

Rainbow : look here! Neptune’s city

She was pointing to a painting of the city on the huge scroll. It contained all the divers places in Neptune’s city. And the neighbouring surroundings. It also indicated the safe and unsafe places.

Blue : wow. The ocean is really large and beautiful

Rainbow : I wish I could race round it all

Jace : don’t be silly Rain, you’ll get exhausted and grow old too quickly. Then you’ll loose all your teeth just like ma’am Shell and wouldn’t be able to eat again.

Rainbow gasped and swarm backwards, she imagined what she’d look like if she was as he described and she didn’t like it.

Blue sensed that she was terrified and chuckled

Blue: then you’ll only be fed puddings and soft food that you don’t have to chew before you swallow

Rainbow : oh no stop it. I’m terrified

She moved backwards without looking and unknowingly hit a huge vase, it was about to stumble and fall but Jace held it and caught Rainbow who was about falling into a bushy sea bed

Jace: be careful sweetheart

Rainbow : oh my goodness! He called me sweetheart.

She said in her mind

Blue : well guys I think it’s OK for today. Let’s get going

Jace: okay. Oh great, the dolphins are coming back

Rainbow : let’s go watch them

They set everything in order and swam up to see the dolphins return from the surface where they always go get air and food before coming back home to Neptune’s city

Ma’am Shell : hey you kids. Are you watching the dolphins?

Blue : hi ma’am. Yes we’re watching the dolphins, they’re beautiful

Jace: they’re one big family

Rainbow : yes they are

Ma’am Shell : they remind me of my childhood. I always came out to watch them until they noticed me and made me their friend

Rainbow : huh! Wow! I wish I could be their friend. They could get me new and different types of food

Jace&Blue: hahahahahah

Ma’am Shell : you kids should get going. It’s late already

Jace: thanks ma’am Shell. Let’s go

He held Rainbow’s arm and they began to swim slowly

Blue hesitated, she wanted to really borrow that book

Blue: hmm, ma’am may I please borrow a book from your library.

She was a bit scared

Ma’am Shell : sure little one. Go and take it but you must show me first before you leave

Blue : oh thanks ma’am

She got the book, showed ma’am Shell who immediately approved of it and so Blue swam home happily

Ma’am Lyn : I had it passed on to ma’am Nina for you. Didn’t you get it?

Ma’am Kyl : no I didn’t get it. She didn’t tell me anything about it.

Ma’am Lyn : oh that friend of yours. You should try to ask her. I don’t trust her anyways, she could take it to be here instead of giving it to you. It’s a really good piece of jewelry. Anyone would like to possess it

Ma’am Kyl : like I said, I’ll ask her. Good bye Lyn

She headed to Nina’s place and asked her if any jewelry was given to her by Lyn

Ma’am Nina : oh no it wasn’t given to me. I haven’t seen her for days

Ma’am Kyl : but I met with her a few minutes ago and she testified that she handed it over to you a few days ago

Nina: no she didn’t. Why would she say that?

Just then Kyl spotted a shiny substance at the window of Nina’s room. She swam there and took it. It was really her necklace.

Nina was shocked and because she froze thinking of how it possibly got there, Kyl thought she was guilty and became enraged.

Kyl: how could you lie to me? So it’s true that you wanted to keep it to yourself knowing that I need it for my royal title. I’m disappointed

Right then ma’am Lyn swam in and began to side with Kyl

Lyn: I saw her when she hid it there. I thought she wanted to keep it safe for you not knowing she was gonna deny having it.

Nina: Lyn, explain how that necklace got here. Because I don’t remember you giving it to me at all.

Lyn : what? Are you now accusing me of lying. Is it because I didn’t tell Kyl that you broke her special mirror and claimed it was stolen

That struck Nina like lightning. She actually broke it but it was for her own good. Dark powers needed that mirror to take out operations and so she broke it and threw the pieces away because Kyl will never be able to understand why she broke it except if it was stolen.

Kyl: What? Did you do it? Tell me Nina

Nina : yes I did but….

Kyl: what? How could you? I’m so angry with you. Come on Lyn, let’s leave this traitor

They began to swim away while Nina tried to call them back but to no avail. She had to apologize to Kyl somehow.

Behind Kyl was Lyn who was smiling mischievously. Her plan was working.

That necklace was passed to her to give it to ma’am Kyl signifying that she has been nominated to move from the average villa into the high class villa for good. Fortunately, it came with a plus one tag which means she could tag another family along. Knowing very well how close Kyl and Nina were, she needed no soothsayer to tell her that Nina would be her plus one.

She herself was tired of the average villa and wanted to be Kyl’s plus one.

The only way she could do that was if she separated the two friends and proved to Kyl that she was worthy of being her plus one. And it seemed that plan was working.

Rainbow was coming home looking really happy, wanting to tell her mother how she and Jace were getting closer but met her mother looking really annoyed.

Immediately her mother sighted her, she was struck with a statement she never wished to hear

Ma’am Kyl : Rainbow I don’t ever wanna see you close to ma’am Nina and her daughter ever again! Do u hear me? STAY AWAY FROM BLUE….

To Be Continued

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