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I hastily followed Belinda out. She was really angry.

I wonder why her and Derek are always like that

I followed her to the living room. Her mother was there talking with a friend

Belinda: good evening mom. Good evening Ms Jessica

Ms Jessica : how are you doing my dear

Belinda: I’m fine.

She faked a smile and turned to move towards the stairs.

I bowed to the two women and followed her.

I guess her mother noticed she was not in a good mood.

Lady Abbie : Belinda

She turned

Bel : yes mom

Lady Abbie : are you okay? You look pissed off

Bel released her face from a frown to a cool smile.

Bel: it’s fine mom. I’m OK, just tired

Ms Jessica : then go and rest. You should go to bed

Belinda smiled and bowed then began to move.

I did the same

It seems these guys have respect a lot. Maybe it’s as a result of their father’s strictness.

We got to her room quickly because she was just walking too fast and swiftly

Wait, don’t you wonder why I don’t have problems with walking.

Mother helped me out

She made my legs steady.

When we got to Bel’s room, she shouted

Me: whoah, are you okay

Bel: no I’m not

Me : then why did you lie to your mother that you were just tired

Bel: oh that isn’t a lie. That’s no damn lie

I’m sick and tired of Derek and his ways. I’m tired of them all

She fell on her bed and ran her fingers into her hair.

I smiled and moved to the fridge. She’ll need something cold to cool her down. Something creamy with banana flavor.

I didn’t search for long before I found a chilled banana flavored yoghurt.

Her fridge is filled with what she likes.

Her brought it out and handed it over to her.

Bel : oh thanks. I really need this

She gulped it down and asked me to bring another one.

What a girl

I brought another one and she just sipped on this one.

My eyes were closing

Me : will I do anything for you again?

Bel: no thank you. Good night but don’t do anything for Derek. Don’t even push him out of the way if something wants to fall on him, let Audrey do it

I laughed and she smiled.

I said my good night and sluggishly went to my room, turned on the shower and refreshed myself then fell on my bed with just my towel.

I slept off


I checked the time, 9:57pm. I was just chatting with my best friend that I forgot where I was and who I was with. I looked beside me, Audrey was fast asleep.

I sighed

I suddenly remembered Blue and her arm.

I smiled, Audrey had told me what actually happened.

I didn’t care about the wine, I just want Blue to get healed up fast.

I knew the injury would be really painful.

I got up, arranged my things into the tray and tapped Audrey.

She gently woke up and I moved her hair from her face. I guess she was shocked to see it was me.

Audrey: uhmm, sir sorry I fell asleep

I chuckled

Me : get the tray, let go. It’s late

She stood up and took the tray then we went inside.

She dropped the things in their rightful place while I went to my room.

I got inside and locked the door.

Went to sit on my bed when I saw a pearly bracelet on my bed, right where Blue sat.

I think I’ve seen this bracelet with her before. She doesn’t always wear it.

I took it and smiled as I was rolling it in my fingers.

Then something got my attention, I examined it well and gasped

Me: these are real pearls not customised ones. Jeez how did she get this bracelet.

Plenty things ran through my mind

Was she a thief?

Or did someone give this to her?

Or did she find it on the floor?

I threw away that first thought, if it was Audrey I would have believed it but this was Blue.

Or maybe it’s not hers but for Belinda and she was holding it.

I kept the bracelet beside my bedside table and turned off the lights.

I still didn’t sleep. I kept thinking about blue’s face.

She had the prettiest smile

She’s also really beautiful when she’s crying because her eyes sparkle especially in the light.

I wonder the real color of her hair.

I’m sure it will suit her

And her lips, looks kissable

Jeeez, why I’m I thinking to that direction

Me : playboy…… I better mind myself. I won’t take a step towards Blue.

I smiled and slept off


Ah morning already….

The light from my window passing through the spaces between my curtains smiled on my face.

I stood up and stretched out.

I laid back and looked up to the white ceiling blinking my eyes.

My hands were folded on my tummy.

Then I remembered my mother

Good morning mother…

How are you doing today

Are you up already

I hope you’re not being stressed out too much

I’ll try to call you today using the telephone here

I just hope you go to work today so you can pick up

I looked to the side, sat up and lifted up the second pillow

Oh no!

My bracelet

It’s not here

I hastily checked the second pillow

Not here either

I took a deep breath and got off the bed

Searched the bed thoroughly

No bracelet

I was scared, really scared

I searched the room. Everywhere I keep things and even where I don’t keep them.

I began to cry, my bracelet

It contained the real me

My mermaid self was there.

It reminded me of mother

It reminded me of the ocean

It reminded me of Neptune City

It reminded me of Rainbow

My Rainbow

Oh please Rainbow

If you can make me see the bracelet

I’ll be so happy


After searching for long and didn’t see it, I was so frustrated.

I checked the time, jeez 8:36am

So soon…

And Audrey didn’t come to call me

I tiredly went outside, first to Belinda’s room. She wasn’t there

I wanted knocking on Derek’s door then I remembered Bel’s warning .

I went down to the kitchen and saw Audrey there

Audrey : oh come on, do u have to come down now. Now that I want to eat most of the food?

I smiled

I sat down and looked out the balcony

Audrey : hey are you okay, you don’t look good. Did you just wake up?

I shaked my head in the negative.

Then I remembered, I hadn’t even showered or brushed or wear my uniform.

I sighed and told her that she could have my breakfast then I left. She looked surprised and worried. But didn’t say anything

I went inside and refreshed.

I didn’t want to do anything

I laid on my bed

I don’t know how long I stayed there but I heard a knock

I gently stood up and opened up


Me : Belinda

Bel: Blue beauty

I smiled

Blue Maid

Blue Beauty

This siblings are killing me

Me: Bel beauty

She smiled

Bel: I’m so happy to have the same starting letter with you. I mean our names, the letter B starts it

Me: oh yeah. It’s really nice. I like it

Bel: can I come in

Me: please do

She came inside and walked round

Bel: I haven’t entered here before


I guess the rooms are so much she hasnt entered them all.

If I was in her shoes, I’ll explore all the rooms

She sat down on my bed and I sat beside her

Bel: do you have a boyfriend

Me: huh, me. No I never had one

She sighed

Bel: me too. My family wouldn’t hear of it, just because I’m 17 and not exposed. But Derek has a girlfriend, sorry I mean girlfriends. He’s a playboy. But he’s concentrated on one now, Alice I hate her

I chuckled

Me: why

She laid down and played with her fingers

Bel: she’s too proud and believes only in her self. I secretly wish Derek could use her and dump her like he does to other girls.

Me: hahaha, I think Derek loves you so much that he doesn’t want you to be treated the way he treats other girls

Bel: yeah, I really love Derek. Though we are enemies must of the times. But he knows how to cooperate with me against our parents

I laughed

I really wonder what it feels like to have a sibling

Bel: can we be friends Blue

My eyes widened

Me : you want us to be friends

She nodded

I smiled

Me: okay, we’re friends

She raised her hand for a high five.

It reminded me of Rainbow and Jace.

I wonder how Jace is now

Bel: you know Derek is only cool with Adrian, he’s best friend. Adrian is really really in love with the….

The door opened and Derek stood there

It frightened me

Bel: Derek you should knock. Maybe we were doing some girl stuff here now, you would have seen it all.

Derek : oh sorry

He closed the door

Me: huh, is he going back

Then we heard a knock.

Belinda stood up and opened it, Derek

Me: jeez. He went back to knock

Derek : can I please see Blue

Bel: no way. She’s my maid and you’re not permitted to see her at all. Now leave

Derek : I just wanted to give her this

He lifted up my pearl bracelet

Me: My bracelet

I ran off from the bed and went to the door.

Me: Derek where did you see it. I thought I lost it

He smiled and opened my palm and placed it in.

Derek : Tataaa (goodbye)

He left with his hands in his pocket but I could see he was grinning from ear to ear

Bel: is that yours.

Me: yes it’s from my mother

I was so very happy

If not that Bel was there, I would have been jumping and shouting already.

I couldn’t contain my joy as I fiddled with it.

Bel gasped

Bel: that reminds me Blue. Follow me, I have tons of things to give to you

Huh, give to me.

She pulled me as she ran to her room and took me to her second closet.

Yes, she has two huge closets.

She swinged it open and my eyes saw stuffs with its color

Everything there was Blue color.

So many things, bed covers, teddy bears, clothes, shoes, curtains.

In fact any girly stuff that you could ever think of, just color it blue.

I loved them all.

I’m in love with the blue color

Belinda: you can have them all, they’re all yours

Me: what, mine. Jeez

I couldn’t believe it

All these rich stuff

I couldn’t believe it

I’m so happy

To be continued




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