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(lt was 2am early in the morning. The ward was very quiet and Marcus seated beside Tony’s bed, was dozing off)


Tony: (feebly) how long have you been here, Marc?


Marcus: what does it matter?



Tony: it matters everything. This is what I never wanted (coughs…) you have a career and ( coughs..) it breaks my heart seeing you here from morning till night.



Marcus: why did you hide it from me? Why??? We are supposed to be brothers! friends! Where is the love? Where is the trust?

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Tony: Marc, I was worried you wouldn’t be able to keep it away from May.


(coughs… ) that was the reason I asked her to abort the baby.


Marc, that young lady has been through hell and the last thing I would want to do, is put her through it again. (Starts crying…. ) because of May, I am afraid of

dying but death is imminent…


Marcus: what do you mean? What the hell are you talking about! And what would that make me? A doctor who could not save his own friend? Nah! Don’t give me that!


T, you have to find a way to win this battle. I mean, who are you going to leave May behind for? Definitely not me, because if it happens, I am jumping into the river Thames.


So, fight this. win this. Somehow. Anyhow!


Tony: so what next?


Marcus: Tomorrow, you will be having your first chemotherapy session. All I need from you is to stay positive. I will be here all the way.


Tony: hmmm it may be that the gulfs will wash us down; it may be that we shall touch the happy Isles…..


Marcus: whatever that means. You know I am not into poetry.


Tony: I know you are not. It is a line from a poem titled ‘Ulysses’ by Lord Alfred Tennyson.


When did you say you are getting married again?



Marcus: shut up man! But seriously, as soon as you are back on your feet, I’ll get married. I think I found someone I like


Tony: hian! Who is it this time?


Marcus: let me show you her photograph


Tony: hmmmmm she’s good-looking. Where did you meet her?


Marcus: we will talk about that later. What would you like me to get you? I need to go home and change this shirt; I’ve worn it for 3 straight days now.


May will be here at 9. I forced her to go home last night. she has been crying her little heart out.


Tony: oh! my dear wife! Marcus, please if for any reason I didn’t survive this big C, please never let May suffer.


Adopt our child, treat him like yours. If May finds love again, please encourage her to give it a chance.


If you find her attractive, please don’t feel bad to cherish a dead man’s sweetheart (coughssss!) (coughsssss!!) (coughsss!!!)


Marcus: I know of only one big ‘C’ and that is CHRIST! You need to stop talking


now. Firstly, because you are now talking gibberish and secondly because the more


you talk, the more you cough.


What would you like to eat?


Tony: I’d like my favourite yoghurt and a slice of toast with peanut butter.


(Marcus gave Tony a pat on the back and as he was about to leave, he noticed that Tony was shedding tears )


Marcus: why the tears?


Tony: the cough caused it…



Marcus: I’ll be back soon. Love you bro


Tony: I love you, Marc…


(Marcus was only a few miles away from the hospital when Doctor Gupte rang


him and he immediately picked up )


Marcus: you’re alright mate?


Dr Gupte: it’s not good news, mate. We lost him..


Marcus: gosh! Daniel passed?


Gupte: not Daniel. We lost Tony! Sorry mate


Marcus: hahahaha! You are kidding me ain’t you, bastard!


Gupte: I wish I was….


(Marcus speedily drove back to the hospital, jumped out of the car and ran to the room where Tony was.


On getting there, the door was locked, he kicked open and found Tony’s body covered in a white sheet.


Marcus immediately ripped off the sheet and started giving him chest compressions and mouth to mouth CPR.


But Tony was as stiff as steel…Tony was gone. Tony was gone forever!➕ Marcus lifted his voice and let out a very loud and bitter cry.


Doctor Gupte quickly rushed into the room where he was and held him very closely to his chest..)

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Dr Gupte: you handle death and dying almost every day but I have never seen you this upset and out of control. Put yourself together mate. Come here!


(Marcus fell into Dr Gupte’s arms and cried so loud and bitter. Doctor Gupte took him to a separate room and tried to calm him down but he was inconsolable. He laid flat on the floor and wept for well over an hour. Then his phone rang, he picked up and looked at it, it was May ringing )


Marcus: Good morning, May.


May: morning Marcus. Could you please come to the car park, I’ve got things I need you to help me carry to his ward. Brought you guys some food and other





Marcus: Phewww! Okay. I’ll be there in a sec. (Marcus puts himself together, wore a fake smile and went to the car park to meet May)


May: you look a mess! Did you guys sleep at all at night??? How is he today?


Marcus: Tony is absolutely fine now. Free from all the pains…



May: oh great! Did they put him on morphine or something? ☺



Marcus: Tony is at rest now. Totally free from cancer and all other cares of life



May: I am lost. Who did the magic?



Marcus: May, my man is gone. Yes, Tony left us.



May: (smiled )……. ( starred ) and (slumped )


To be continued






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