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Irene’s POV

I don’t know what mom call to tell me, it seems she’s crying, my heart was totally broken, am really scared i hope grandma is still alive but i realise someone quickly snatched away my phone and threw it so hard on the tile followed with a hot slap. OMG i can’t believe the handsome guy did all this to me, i held my cheeks, the slap really hurts and i was suprise he was still the same person that save me at the beach.

“uhmm sorry sir,” i found myself saying that, he should be the one apologizing, that isn’t how to treat a lady by slapping her. I bent down and picked up my phone which was already spoiled i guess.

“next time don’t ever cross my way, you dare not spill drink on me and still recieve a phone call without proper apologizing, and you’re fired!” he said while i just nodded, tears kept streaming from my eyes, all cynosure of eyes were on me, i quickly ran out of the restuarant in tears, i just hope my grandma is fine and how do i get the money while am just fired, my first at work, this so terrible. I quickly rushed back to the hospital and meet my mom in tears, glad i also saw Rita and Sean with her.

“mom, what about grandma? i aksed in tears.

“why did you reject my call? my mom asked i quickly opened my purse and showed her the broken phone, i wonder where else i will get another phone, i cried.

“what happen to your phone? mom asked while Rita also seems surprise.

“mom, grandma, what about grandma? i asked in tears.

“her condition is getting critical, but what important is that she’s alive and the operation is still going on,” she said sobbing, i quickly hugged her, i hate to see my mom in tears.

“am sorry mom, Grandma will be alright, i said then turn to Rita and hug her.

“thanks for coming Rita,” i whisper to her.

“Sean told me everything, am really sorry you know i can’t possibly ignore you, well i have settle her bills,” Rita said while i smiled then hug her more tightly.

“thank you bestie, thank you for saving my grandma,” i said to her smiling.

“mom can we see grandma now? i asked.

“she’s still undergoing operation, she need our prayers,” she said in tears. I really appreciate the fact that Rita complete the bill and also Sean for always been their for me.


Later in the evening i and mom went home to freshen up and eat before we go back to the hospital.

“why did you came to the hospital early, what about the job? and what happen to your phone? Irene you know we have no money how else do you expect me to buy you another phone? she asked looking so sad.

“mom am fired, my first day at work am fired mom, the boss slapped me, anyway it all my fault, i made a mistake,” i said wiping away the tears in my eyes as i told her the whole drama that happen.

“that’s so rude of him, how could he slap my daughter, does it still hurt? Mo asked while i replied NO. “well it a good thing Rita complete the bill and am having some few money in my account i will withdrew it for mom’s feeding and some other stuff i just hope mom will be fine again, but who could have stab her,” she said in tears.

“mom, it okay.. we gonna find that idiot.,” i hugged her trying to calm her down.




Chris POV

Damn it am so angry right now. I refuse to have dinner to avoid my dad’s wicked face, i hate him for his attitude, i can’t believe i couldn’t even control my anger at the restuarant earlier. Damn it! i threw my bed sheets and rest helplessly on my large bed staring at the ceiling. She was the same girl i saved at the beach, i fully recognize her with her grey sparkiling eyes, nice features, long dark hair and pink lips, she looks so beautiful, damn it! am i even describing her to myself, ever since i saved her at the beach, i kept dreaming about her, *about her being my savior*, saving my family especially that man he called himself my dad* Argghh. i hate him! Mom has also warn me never to raise a hand on a woman and i never do, i guess she’s the first girl i slapped i feel so sad, am damn angry at the same time. Dad asking me to break up with Leah, why don’t he like Leah, i love her and i don’t understand why he can’t accept her. Dad is just something else, he keep on hurting the people that love him, he hurts me, he do hurt mom, i don’t know what kind of person is he, and he don’t even care. My phone has been ringing i guess it Leah but i don’t feel like picking up her calls, i guess dad is right we just have to break up, but it so difficult letting go of the one you love just like that. No am not doing that! am not gonna allow dad to seperate me and my Leah.



Leah’s POV

Dad is so mean i really don’t know why he never liked Christopher for me well but he’s still the sam good father that raise me i love him but i hate him for not liking Chris for me. I just heard dinner and went to my room when mom’s came in.

“mom! i called.

“please mom if you truly cares about my happiness talk to dad about Chistopher,” i said holding her hands like a kid.

“your dad is right, look Dave has been his friend even before you were born, but Dave turn out to hurt him which i don’t why, they never liked each other for now, you just need to let go. Christopher isn’t the right person for you,” she said while i nodded in tears, i don’t want to drag issues with her but am not gonna give up on him. I love Chris, he mine and mine alone. I have been calling him yesterday but he didn’t picked up my calls, glad i saw his message. I quickly dressed up and hurried to the hotel he texted me to meet him, i feel so curious i just hope is not gonna break up with me.

“Chris! i said then walked in then sat on the bed.

“why are you here? i asked while he looked at me, he seems so sad.

“i want us to break up, cos am leaving to France tomorrow and i don’t know when am coming back,” he said while tears slide down my cheeks.

“i love you Chris, please don’t do this to me, i know my parents never liked you and same with your dad but we can’t break up,” i said in tears i moved closer then kissed him and he deepen the kiss, i just want to remain in his arms forever, am not letting go of him even if it means mom and dad are gonna disowned me. We were both lost in our own world of sensation, he zipped down my gown as he deepen the kiss and slide his hand to my br**st making me shiver, this the best feeling ever, he ran his ran down to my thighs.

“please don’t break up with me Chris,” i whisper to him while he smiled…and made love to me.

I slowly open my eyes and found Chris sleeping peacefully beside me. He look so handsome while sleeping, am not letting go of this handsome dude. I quickly stood up not to wake him then take bath and dressed up, i so much love Chris i really don’t know why dad never liked him. Chris is not that bad but people see him as player and a bad person.

“are leaving me?” he asked, i think he’s awake.

“dad is so strict, and won’t want me to stay out late,” i said while he smiled.

“so are you still gonna travel? i asked him.

“yes, i and dad will go for a business trip but dad said we might stay for so long,’ he said which broke my heart, i don’t want to miss him so much.

“Leah, just know that am coming back for you, no matter how long it takes am sure it not gonna take a year maybe months,” he said while i sat down him and he kissed me passionately.

“i don’t like to see you sad, well we’ll always get in touch,” he said while i smiled. Am gonna do everything i could just to have Chris, not even my parents will ever stop me, am not giving up on him that easily.




Chris POV

I drop Leah back home and return back home, i meet my mom in her study room, she’s always their, yes my mom Tricia is a a writer and dedicated christian, she’s one of the famous writer in the country and i love her for that cos she always changed many sould through her piece of writing, i do love reading her books. I sometimes how she get to fall for my crazy stupid dad, he don’t even deserve cos he cheat on her which make mom to cry each night, she’s such a strong woman and am sure she’s doing everything she could to keep her family safe but dad is the only black sheep in the family, mom has sacrifice a lot but he never sees any of these, he still goes about chasing young girls around which keep spoiling our family name. Mom is so busy and so do my dad, but she still have time for me and Tania my kid sister, which make me feel special, to her she’s not having with problem with Leah, she do like her a lot, the only problem is my dad and also Leah parents, i think dad is hiding something from me, but he never told me the reason why Sir Robbie never liked him.

“mom, i will just get my thing ready for tomorrow’s trip,” i said while she smiled.

“always be a good son, never let your anger control you,” she said, then i remembered the girl i slapped, i just feel sorry for her, i acted so wicked that time, i shouldn’t have threw her phone away, i need to apologize to her if possible get her a new phone.

‘Okay mom” i smiled then went upstairs to my room and meet my kid sister Tania playing on my bed, she only like playing in my room while her room always kept neat. She’s just seven.

“What the heck are you doing? i asked her while she smile.

“just go to mommy or to your room,” i said while she smiled again.

“i want to stay with you, since you’re traveling tomorrow,’ she said while i smiled.

“are you gonna miss your brother? i asked her while she nodded.

“okay then if only you tell dad to cut the trip short, he want us to stay for long over their which i don’t know why,” i said.

“dad will never listen to me, he never listen to anyone not even mom and not even you,” she said so sad while i hugged her.

‘it okay Little Tania, let play a video game, let see who’ll gonna win,” i said removing my shoes while she smiled.

“am gonna win you this time,” she said runing downstairs to her playing room, that’s were we usually play whenever i feel so bored. I only love mom and Tania in that house, i just hate this trip am going with dad, but i gat to do this for the sake of the company.


The next day i woke up late cos I’ve been playing with Tania throughout, i quickly dressed up and checked the time which was 8AM, their’s still time, our flight will be at ten so i will just go and check up that girl at the restuarant, but i fired her! will she still come over their! I hurried zoomed off in my car to the restuarant, i got her a new phone, an Iphone. I walked in and everyone bow to greet me, i just ignore them and walked to Mr. Ken the manager and asked him about the girl.

“who’s the girl i slapped yesterday? i asked him.

“uh.. but sir you just fired her, she hasn’t showed up today,” he said while i felt so sad.

“what’s her name? i asked.

“Irene..” he said, i felt so angry with myself as i threw the phone in the waste bin then hurriedly left, i know those workers will gonna picked it once am out of sight, well it their lucky day, i entered back my car then zoomed off, i need to call Leah before i leave.



Robbies’s POV

Dave is still a bastard even at this stage he can’t even changed i wonder how Tricia his wife fall for him. He’s just a player even now, he didn’t even realise he has a children, Chris and Tania, i hate him so much and i don’t want my daughter to have anything to do with their family, his son might be just like his dad, am not gonna approve of her relationship with that Chris of a guy, i quietly drive to work but almost hit a young girl who was runing, i don’t know if she’s mad or something..

I quickly stepped out of the car and went to her, thank Goodness nothing bad happen.

“are you okay,” i asked while she nodded in tears, she looks so beautiful and that makes me remember Vanessa, i feel somehow connected to this girl.

“please, can i take you wherever you’re going,” i said to her while she nodded and entered my car she told me the address, i hope nothing ad happen to the person she’ll gonna see at the hopsital cos she seems so hurt.

We arrived at the hospital and she quickly stepped out.

‘thank you sir,” she said wiping away her tears.

“can i go inside with you,” i said but she quickly said no.

“please sir, you can leave,” she said then ran into the hospital, she have not even tell me her name, i quickly ran after her but she was no where to found, so i went back to my car then zoomed off.



Irene’s POV

Mom was already at the hospital while i slept at home and made breakfast the next day, i guess same man that stab my grandmom wearing on mask came in, he collected the breakfast i made for my mom and grandma, cos the doctor said she might be awake today. Not only that he tried to rape me but i struggle with him, then escaped, he wanted to stab me just the same way he did to grandma, i ran as far as my legs could carry me when i almost got hit by a car, the man look so handsome and also concern, i decided to follow him because i have no transport money with me. When he arrived at the hospital he offered to go and see my grandma but i refuse, i quickly ran in, i need to tell mom cos we can’t go back to her house, we are no longer safe, i really don’t know who is after out lives, i arrived at the hospital and meet my mom crying so bitterly.

“mom what about grandma again, is her condition getting worse? i asked already in tears.

“she’s death Irene, she’s gone,” those words echoes in my ear and i felt my head spining, i couldn’t think striaght again..





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