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Living over here has been much easier to me, just as what my mom said after delivery i will return back to school fully, but before i put to bed i got a job at the orphanage and it was so much fun working over their with the kids, and i didn’t regret it, my mom was always on my side and i became more closer to God, my mom has always said everything happens for a reason, i guess she’s right about that, but seeing a bastard child grow in me everyday filled me hatred but now am no longer angry or feeling any hatred i have made up my mind to move on and be a strong girl, my dad has always told me to be strong, he sees he as a strong person, so i have to be. I arrived home and made dinner for myself and my mom.

“so have you gone to the hospital? my mom asked.

“no, till tomorrow i have talk the nurse,” i said to her, am already nine month pregnant and the doctor said i could deliver at any time from now.

“Vanessa, you need to rest, i don’t want your delivery to lead to so many complication,” she said while i nodded. Am so scared i don’t know if i will be able to survived after this delivery, i kissed my mom on her cheeks and return back to my room. I silently prayed to God to help and interven in my life then slept off.

The next morning i had my breakfast and then went to the hopsital on my way home i meet Jones in his car and he insisted he take me back home. We arrived home and my mom was also glad seeing him. Ever since we moved to San Francisco Jones has been their for me and i sometimes wonder if anyone would ever want to marry me after knowing that am raped. Jones is different, he has been of great help to me and my mom, he confess his love to me and even propose to me that after my delivery we can get married and he’ll help me moved on with my studies. I liked him so much but i still haven’t forgot about Robbie, he’s still on mind and will forever be. I accepted his proposal and i hope starting new life with Jones will change my life for good because he has been too caring and loving and i like him too. Days rolled by i found myself in another world which i felt like giving up, giving birth is not an easy thing, it was on 25th of Febuaury which rained so heavily even thou i kept struggling, pushing, sweating for about an hour now, i could hear the thunder roaring, i guess it heavily raining that evening, i felt like dying and i couldn’t believe the word i could utter was Robbie, which i don’t why. Robbie was the last thing i called when i finally put to bed, i only had the cry of my baby then passed out.


The nurse quickly cleaned up the baby and rushed out to meet Andrea {Vanessa’s mother} and Jones.

“how’s she doing doctor, what about my daughter? Andrea asked in tears.

“she has delivered safely without any complication, she just need some rest she will soon regain consciousness,” the nurse said while Jones breathe out.

“we need to see her,” Jones said while they nurse directed them to her room.

They walked in while Andrea was in tears.

“Vanessa my child, please be strong for me okay, at last you have deliver safely, you’re now a mother,” Andrea whisper to her holding her hands.

“she’s such a strong woman,” Jones said as he moved over to where the little baby was kept.

“its a girl mom and she looks so beautiful like Vanessa,” Jones said while Andrea walked up to him and smiled seeing the baby. The rained immediately stopped and everywhere was getting cold just after some hours later Vanessa regain back and was awake, the first person she saw was her mom and Jones seated beside her.

” Va..nessa,” Jones called then then caress her hair as he held her hand.

“you did it Vanessa,” he said smiling as tears slide down his cheeks.

“thank you Jones, what would i have ever done without you,” she said while Jones kissed her forehead.

“where’s my baby? she asked while her mom held the little baby.

“she looks so beautiful dear,” Andrea said while Vanessa smiled holding her baby.

“so what are we gonna call her? Jones asked.

“Irene,” Andrea said smiling.

“Irene, that a nice name for a beautiful girl like my daughter,” Vanessa said while they all smiled.

Vanessa was discharged back home and Jones has been of great help, buying more clothes to Vanessa and her baby, he took the responsibility of their feeding and everything which make Vanessa very grateful for what he did.




Vanessa’s POV

I felt so happy seeing my daughter each day, Jones has been of so much help and we are actually planning for our wedding in just some few months to come.

“so Vanessa, how is Irene doing? mom asked as she walked in and at beside me on my bed.

“she’s already asleep mom, but mom am still scared, am scared of what they future holds,” i said while my mom smiled then held my hands.

“you have Jones, he’s such a nice person and you’ll soon get married to him atleast your daughter will gonna have a father. Vanessa you just have to accept things they way it comes,” she said while i nodded.

“i know Jones truly love me and i will do everything to make him happy, maybe this is just my fate and i have to accept that,” i said then hugged my mom so tight.

It just three months now after the birth of Irene and am only counting down a week to my wedding with Jones, this time i felt so happy but wonder why Irene was crying they whole day. I took her to the hospitial but they nurse said it normal for a baby to cry but i don’t think is normal cos the crying seems abnormal i said to the nurse but i was told my baby was perfectly fine. I return back home and Jones visited me that evening, he was glad seeing Irene and i told him about her cries.

“it just a normal thing,” he said while i nodded, i felt something strange about my baby but i just pray to God for intervention.

The next morning i couldn’t help but carry Irene in my arms, she has been crying throughout the whole night and that same night i had a terrible nightmare which i can’t even explain. I was so worried about Irene, she’s just a three month old baby and i wonder if she’ll gonna die soon and leave me, i felt my heart aching am already used to her this three month and i wish nothing bad happen. Irene was later asleep and i took her to my room to laid her donw on her bed. My phone rang and i picked the call which i recieve the shocked news of my life, i couldn’t belive what i heard. Jones is death! my phone fell to the ground and i rushed outside, i bumped into my mom on my way going out.

“Jones is death,” my mom said in tears.

“what happen mom? i asked her as tears slide down my cheeks.

“He died in car accident just this evening,” she said while i cried out my eyes. I do like Jones i thought i will soon start a new life with him but i still wonder why death has to take him away from me. Now i know why Irene has been crying, their’s something different about her, is she gifted to see something before it happens, i was so confused but ever since Jone was death she never cry that much again. I visited the priest in our church at St. George and he told me my daughter was gifted to know something before it happens, it could be through her dream, as she grows you’ll get to know much from her,” the priest told me while we prayed. I told my mom about that and we felt quite relief maybe we can always knows the bad thing that is yet to happen.

I missed Jones so much and i prayed everyever he is, he’s happy.


As time rolled by Irene is just a year old and am already in college, my mom has been the one taking good care of Irene at home. I get to meet Toby a cool and handsome guy, our love story started when we bumped into each other at the mall, ever since then Toby has always wanted to be friends with me, at first i never liked him but i came to realise he’s a nice person, we’ve been dating now for like five months now, i could tell he so much love Irene because i told him about my story and he decided to accept me that way. Toby is a loving one but am scared same thing might happen to him just as Jones. But thank goodness we later got married, Toby has fulfilled his promise to help me moved on with my studies and he has always been supportful throughout my days in college but everything changed when i pregnant and had a miscarriage, this actually my second time of having miscarriage which i don’t know the reason behind it. I was done with college and am looking forward to get a job, on the other hand Irene is turning five and we celebrated her birthday but i wonder why Toby never liked that, maybe he wanted me to have him a child. His attitude changed and he was into drinking, moving from one clubs to another with so many girls. I love Toby and it hurt to see him that way with those girls and he sometimes bring them home, he accuse me of not wanting to give him a child he could call his own and i sometimes wonder why i had that two miscarriage within a year. Toby was now into maltreating Irene and beating me up each time he came back home drunk, for this reason i took Irene back to my mother to stay with her, i thought i was going to changed Toby but all my efforts was in vain. I guess Toby was fed up with the marriage and so do i, i was ready to quit cos i was damn tired of him, he treated me anyhow and he still have the gut to followed my daughter and still hurt her while she’s still with my mother.

“Toby, am ending this marriage, but thank you so much for helping me and being a father to Irene,” i said to him while he landed a heavy slapped on my face.


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“you are my wife and you’re going nowhere, even after the miscarriage you couldn’t give me any child again,” he yelled.

“but we have Irene, she’s our daughter and you promise to see her as one,” i yelled at him.

“she’s not my daughter, she’s not,” he yelled then carried me in his arms, i struggle to get down but he was too way strong, he took me to our bedroom and laid me on the bed trying to rape me, this time i remembered how Dave rape me and i vow never to allow any man do that to me again, i slapped Toby and pushed him down, i quickly opened the door then rushed out, io guess he was faster than me cos he quickly caught me up on my way rushing out, he slapped me harder and then the door went opened i was surprise to see Irene and my mother.

“stop hurting my mom,” Irene quickly rushed to help me out.

“mom, please take Irene away from him,” i yelled but Toby was too fast he pushed Irene so had to the wall and she ended hitting her head on the wall which she fall to the ground, everywhere was quiet as i saw my Irene lying on the floor, her eyes were closed i looked up to see Toby, i found a sharp object on the ground and quickly picked it up and pierced Toby so hard on his shoulders, blood was gushing out while my mom came to stop me.

“i want him death, cos i can’t watch and see my daughter get hurt,” i yelled then pushed him to the ground, i kicked him so hard then quickly carried Irene in my arms.

“mom we need to get out of here, we need to leave this place for good,” i said to her while we rushed out and took a cab back to Manila. He arrived in the evening ad got a small apartment to lived in.

“at least am free from Toby,” i said in tears as i laid Irene on the mat, she’s still not awake and mom suggest we take her to the hospital.

I and my mom quickly rushed her their, i hope Irene will be fine again. Why is 12th June always attached to badluck, i checked my calendarand notice it 12th of June…





Robbie’s POV


“Happy birthday daddy,” i heard my little daughter voice with Juliet as they walked into my study room, holding a cake and on it it written: *HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY*

“happy birthday,” Leah my four year old daughter said smiling. 12th June. I hate this day!

“i need to be alone,” i yelled at her while Juliet walked in.

“that too harsh on her,” Juliet scold me while i glare at her.

“i dropped the file i was working on then walked passed them.

“Mom why is dad always angry on his birthday? i heard Leah asking Juliet.

I walked to the balcony, holding a glass of wine and stood their pacing up and down. Where on earth will i see Vanessa, because i never get peace of mind since then, am still angry with myself and hated myself for this. The glass cup wine i was holding fell to the ground unexpected, i was shocked all of a sudden and i felt my heart beating faster, i knew something is actually wrong somewhere…



Back to Manila that same evening***


Vanessa’s POV

I promise myself never to get married again, at first i wasn’t able to be with my first love Robbie, Jones died few weeks to our wedding and now Toby turned out to be monsters, Maybe LOVE wasn’t my thing, all i asked for now is for my daughter to be alright.

The doctor came out of the room with a sad face.

“doctor what about Irene? my mom asked, my heart was beating much faster. The look on the doctor face was that of pains.

“am are sorry Ma’am we lost her,” the doctor said, i felt like i was stab with a sharp knife…



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