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Vanessa’s POV

I was so shocked when i saw Robbie, he look so sad, although he still handsome and dressed richly.

“Vanessa, where the hell have you been? he asked me.

“i should be the one asking you this Robbie, cos it seems you never cared to tell me when you just left me duirng your birthday night at the restuarant,” i said while he moved closer to me.

“we need to talk i need to tell you something,” he said holding my hands, i hand over my bag to Irene to take it home for us. And i went into his car and drive us to a restuarant.

‘who’s that? he asked me i guess he was referring to Irene.

“she’s my daughter,” i said while he was shocked to hear that as he looked at me.

“what happen Robbie, where have you been? i asked while he just stared at me for a while.



Robbie’s POV

Maybe she has moved on, cos she already has a child just Leah’s age i guess, i really miss Leah. Am so worried and confused i really don’t know how to tell Vanessa all that happen in the past.

“Vanessa, where on earth have you been, i have been searching for you, i never got peace of mind all these years,” i said holding her hands while she just looked at me, i really hope she feels the same way for me.

“Robbie you are already married to Juliet, am just a poor girl, and i guess you don’t actually know what happen when you left me at the restuarant during your birthday.

“i was raped Robbie, i was raped by your friend Dave and that’s my daughter Irene, they one you saw me with,” she as with tears streaming down my face.

Am more than confused now, so Irene is my child. Gosh i f**k up so much. I stood up and knelt before her, i guess she was surprise seeing me acting that way.

“am sorry for everything i did Nessa, i didn’t plan for any of this to happen, please forgive me,” i said in a cracking voice.

“stand up Robbie, you’re not at fault,” she said while i felt so guilty the more.

“am at fault Vanessa, cos i was the one that raped you that night,” i said and looked up to see her reaction.



Vanessa’s POV

Now that explains why Irene isn’t Dave biological after the DNA. I can’t believe the one i so much love was the reason behind my sorrow, even after raping me he still left.

“i have to go,” i yelled at him then fling his hand away from mine and hurriedly left. I arrived home in tears and Irene was surprise seeing me like that.

“mom, did he hurt you, you shouldn’t have follow that man cos he’s a stranger,” she said while i kept crying, that really hurt. I was surprise when i saw Robbie walked. I guess he might have follow me.

” i hate you Robbie just go,” i yelled at him.

‘am so sorry Vanessa i know it hurt but am regretting everything i did in the past, am so sorry,” he said almost in tears, but i couldn’t stand seeing his face.

“mom, what’s going on? Irene asked.

“he’s your father Irene, the one who raped me,” i yelled in tears while Irene seems so shocked to hear that.

“please sir you have to leave, she still need to think straight,” Irene said to him.

“am so sorry child, sorry for not been their for you,’ he said to her while Irene lead him to the door then locked it.

“mom! she called out then hugged me.



Irene’s POV

Mom was quiet throughout the whole week she seems so tired and devastated, i know she must be hurt much but that was all the bygones and in the past, i have decided to forgive and accept him as my dad and i did, we are actually getting alone. I know mom will also forgive him even thou he comes each day but mom keep on sending him away, it really hurt to see them that. I talk to mom and she said she will look through it, well we actually planned it for mom to meet him at the park, i just hope this time she’ll gonna forgive him.



Vanessa’s POV’

Everyone need a chance i know Robbie has regrettd all he did and i decided to give him a chance, i was already dressed to meet him at the park so we could talk but when i arrived i was surprise when i saw him with another woman, the face looks so familair, one of his ex girlfriend back then.

“Imelda, how am i even sure he’s my son,” he yelled at her.

“you can go for DNA, your son need you now Robbie,” she said.

“i don’t believe you Imelda, you’re such a gold digger,” He yelled at her and that’s when he realise i was behind them.

“Vanessa, thank goodness you were able to make it,’ he smiled as he walked up to me then held my hands and we moved a bit far away from Imelda.

“who’s she? i asked him.

“she just a gold digger,” he said then turn to me. “Vanessa am sorry for all that happen,” he said trying to kneel down but i stopped him then hug him.

“love conquers all Robbie, am glad you realise your mistakes, i have always love you and will always do,” i said while he hugged me passionately, just then i heard the gun shoot which make me shiver i was shocked when i saw Robbie bleeding through his mouth, who might have shoot him.

“it me Jake his son, yes i killed my father, he can’t reject my mom and still have another woman,” he said while i saw Imelda smiling she collect the gun from him and pointed it at me.

“please Imelda, you don’t have to do this, we need to rushed Robbie to the hospital,” i cried but Imelda shoot me smiling, i fall down beside Robbie and was already bleeding, my breathe was ceasing.


“we have to leave mom before anyone caught us,” Jake said holding the gun while Imelda smiled. Before they could realise the were surounded by the police men and some security gaurd who witness the incident. Robbie and Vanessa were rushed to the hospital but it was too late.


Chris POV

“Am leaving, am leaving this house for good,” i yelled at my dad, he was at the bar getting himself drunk.

“I just regretted getting married to you Dave, you’re such a badluck,” mom said in tears as she walked up to us.

“Imelda and Jake are also part fo this family, so treat them well Chris,” he yelled at me as he stood up with a bottle of drink he was holding.

“never dad!, i yelled

“Dave, you’re so irresponsible, you have never been a good father to those kids and also a good husband to me, if only you showed me your true color when dating me i couldn’t have marry you,” Mom yelled at Dad, he became so furious and he wanted to hit her with the bottle of wine he was holding but i quickly pushed mom and i was badly hit by it, i felt blood rushing down my face, my vision became blur before my eyes were later closed.


Tricia’s POV

‘what have you done to my son,” I yelled then held Chris, Tania was crying at the corner and Dave quickly ran out, i quickly called the security dad and asked them not to open the door for him until the police arrives and then arrested him. That same evening we heard about Imelda and her son who were arrested for murder, i was shocked when i heard they weren’t even Dave’s family they just wanted to dupe him and later killed him. Chris was at the hospital when the doctor came with a bad news.

“what about my son? i asked in tears while Tania was crying.

“sorry ma’am we lost him,” he said while i felt my world crushing down on me. I hated my life and when Dave heard about Chris death and also what Imelda and her son intention to dupe and kill him, he ran mad. I and Tania travel out to forget all the sad memories over here.




Irene’s POV

I didn’t get the chance to know my father so well but am glad i was able to spent time with him even for this little time and i was glad mom forgave him. I dropped my flower at their grave as tears stream down from my eyes. I was badly hurt when i also heard about Chris death, this is just awkward.

“sorry for all that happen Irene,! i heard a familiar voice behind me as i turn and was surprise to see Sean after a very long time.

‘what took you so long Sean, where have you been without even telling me? i asked him while moved close to me and dropped his flowers.

“a lot has happen Irene, am sorry for not been here for you,” he said while i just nodded. I sat down watching my parents grave while he also sat down next to me and told me all that happen, about his father’s treatment which he later died and lots of things actually went wrong, well i never blame him for any of these and am so glad at least i have someone by my side.

“thank you so much Sean, thank you for coming back for me even thou you were not sure if am gonna accept you,” i said then hugged him tightly as i cried in his arms.




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