Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

I once again took my eyes off what she

was doing with my cock to her clit to look

at her face, but there was no smile this

time, she was horny and all she was

bothered with was getting herself off; I

could see where this was going but I had

no way of stopping it. I had only ever

slept with one person in my life, Moji,

and although I always quite fancied the

idea of having s£x with someone else,

just to see what it was like, I never

planned on actually doing it, as I knew

exactly how much it would hurt her if I

did. I looked over to where Tolu sat and

saw her still playing with her br**sts, I

glanced down to her pu**y and saw her

slightly protruding lips glistening with

her pu**y juice. I moved my gaze to

Tochi, legs spread wide, sawing her

fingers in and out of her obviously

sopping pu**y.

I couldn’t believe they were both getting

off on the sight of Ife getting off on me. I

turned my attention back to Ife just in

time to see her stop rubbing her clit with

my cock. She then proceeded to hold it

upright as she lifted herself slightly off

the chair, moved slightly closer to me

and then positioned the tip of my cock at

the entrance to her pu**y, there was no

way I could stop her now, even if I

wanted to her stop her; I was about to

cheat on Moji with her best friend, but

all I could think about was what Ife’s

pu**y felt like. She seemed to hover just

above it for ages, and then she sat down

and my cock speared easily into her

sopping wet pu**y.

I caught the look on her face as I

penetrated her, she looked like she was

in heaven! She started slowly rocking

herself back and forth on my cock,

grinding it deep inside her. I couldn’t

believe how good she felt, she felt silky

smooth and after what must have been

hours of teasing her cunt was doing an

excellent job of cooling down my cock.

She then started easing herself up and

down the length of my shaft, moaning

every time she got to the bottom, I just

couldn’t believe how good her pu**y felt,

she was now f**king me quite fast and

my cock was easily slipping in and out of

her, her moaning was getting louder and

Tolu had just noticed.

I saw her stop playing with her tits, look

up and then a look of horror spread over

her face as she realised what was


“IFE!!! , what the f**k do you think

you’re doing?” Tolu asked

She shouted, trying her best not to make

it audible to Moji who was still

handcuffed in her bedroom.

“You know we aren’t allowed to have s£x

with him, just tease him, that’s all she

said we could do. Get off him now!”

“Oh but, mmmmmmmmm” Ife protested,

still sliding herself up and down on my


“Get off him!” Tochi shouted.

Having heard Tolu shout and seeing

what was going on. Ife reluctantly

unmounted me, her pu**y juices

glistening on my cock as it stayed

standing to attention.

“What the f**k were you thinking?” Tolu


“I dunno, I was just so horny, and he

was so big, I just had to have it inside me

and then it felt so good I couldn’t stop.”

Ife stammered,

“I’m sorry, but you won’t understand

until you’ve had it inside you.”

“But I couldn’t do that to her” Tolu said,

referring to Moji

“Come on, what difference will it make,

I’ve already had him after all, besides,

she’ll never know.” Ife tried to persuade


I could tell Tolu wanted me in her, I

could tell by the way she looked at my

d**k. Besides if she had stayed on me any

longer she would probably have ended up

doing the exact same thing as Ife did.

“OK, I suppose, but only to see what it

feels like.” She said, giving in easily.

She positioned herself on my lap, lined

the head of my cock up with her

glistening slit and then slowly, impaled

herself on it.

“Holy shit, he’s big” Tolu shouted in glee.

Despite the abundance of Ife’s pu**y

juice, my cock was having a difficult time

penetrating her fully, I was stretching

her pu**y to double its normal size.

“Jesus Christ you’re tight!” I told her.

Finally the last inch of my cock

disappeared inside her pu**y as She

moaned in pleasure, I must have easily

been filling her completely.

“Shit, that does feel good” She


“I thought I’d never get it all in me!”

She grinded against me for a while

before getting off. I caught a glimpse of

the huge gaping hole that was now her

pu**y as she dismounted, looking at the

size of her compared to it I couldn’t

believe it actually fit inside her!

“I thought I was going to be split in half

there!” She said, a broad grin on her


“My turn now” Tochi exclaimed.

She wasted no time in impaling herself

on my cock, sighing a huge moan of

pleasure as I penetrated her. Her pu**y

was completely soaked from where she’d

been fingering herself and she easily

slipped up and down on my cock. It

wasn’t long before she was moaning

loudly as she bounced up and down on

me, before suddenly:

“Oh Shiiiiit, uh uh


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” She

moaned as she came, her juices shooting

out and running down my cock and into

my lap. She took a second to compose

herself and then slipped off me.

“I can’t believe you just f**ked him until

you came!” Tolu exclaimed.

“I just couldn’t help myself, his cock

filled me so well it was incredible!” She


Tolu couldn’t help herself now, after

seeing Tochi cum she was so horny she

straddled me and pushed her pu**y down

onto my cock, letting out a gasp as it

penetrated her. It slipped in easier this

time, but there was still some resistance,

and she was already doing her best to

get rid of that.

“I can’t believe you two” Ife shouted,

“You drag me off him, only for you to

f**k yourself to an orgasm on it (she

said pointing at Tochi), and now you’ve

gone back for seconds (pointing at


“Well you were right, it just feels too

good” Tolu said as she slid up and down

on me at an ever increasing speed,

“You can have another go next, you

started, so it’s only fair you finish!”

By now Tolu was frantically playing with

her tits as she slammed herself up and

down on my cock, she was looser now,

but still very tight and it wasn’t long

before she too had an orgasm:

Fuck yes, oh shiiit, fuuuuuuck, ohhhh

Godddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss”

She screamed as she came violently, her

body trembling with her orgasm.

Her pu**y was clenching hold of my cock

and it took a hell of a lot of self control

not to shoot my cum into her. She slipped

off me, my lap now full of her and

Tochi’s juices. I barely got to see my d**k

though, as soon as She was off , Ife

literally jumped back on, sighing loudly

as I penetrated her.

She was soon bouncing at some speed,

her tits flayling wildly as she did, I

wanted to grab out and play with them,

but I still had the damn handcuffs on.

She started moaning loudly and then

came violently with a loud squeal of

pleasure. Her juices ran out of her pu**y,

down my cock into my lap.

She collapsed into me as she fought for

breath. She eventually crawled off me

and flopped down into her chair.

“Don’t I get to cum?” I asked.

“Of course you do, just not near any of

us.” Tolu told me.

“Oh” I said, slightly dejected.

“Not this time anyway, Moji has been

waiting for you to shoot cum into her for

the best part of two hours, she just told

us to make sure you had a nice big store

of cum for her. But maybe next time…. If

you want a next time that is.” Tolu said.

“I think I’d like there to be a next time.”

I said with a broad smile,




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