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It was my 21st birthday and I was on my

way to see my girlfriend in school. She

stayed off campus in a 3 bedroom flat

which she shared with two of her friends,

Tolu and Tochi.

Tolu was short, dark skinned, attractive,

Tochi however was a bit taller and light

skinned, but still reasonably attractive.

My girl’s bestfriend however was Ife, who

was in the same department as her and

whose best feature (in my humble

opinion) was her big br**sts.

Apparently the four of them were taking

me out for a meal and drinks that night.

I arrived at their house and rang the

doorbell, Tolu answered it, wearing a

dressing-gown, obviously still in the

process of getting ready to go out, she

gave me a kiss on the cheek, wished me

happy birthday and ushered me into the


I asked where my girl was and she

replied that she was in her bedroom, but

didn’t want me to come in just yet, as

she had a surprise for me. I went to sit

down on the couch, but Tolu quickly

stopped me, and pointed me towards a

chair placed in the middle of the room,

as apparently I had to be centre of

attention in the middle of the room. I

didn’t see the point in arguing so I took

the chair. But as soon as I sat down, I

felt my arms being pulled back behind

the chair and heard a click and I could

feel my hands were restrained.

I looked behind me and saw that my

hands had been handcuffed behind the

chair. I turned my head back around to

protest and saw Tochi and Ife were now

standing next to Tolu, both also wearing


“What do you think you’re playing at?” I


“There’s been a slight change in plan”

Tolu informed me.

“We’ve decided not to take you out after

all, Instead we’re all going to have a

cosy night in.”

“Why the handcuffs? And where is

Moji?” I demanded. (Moji being my


“Well, as we’re not going out we had to

think of a way to treat you, as it’s still

your birthday after all, and Moji kindly

agreed to let us have some fun with you,

but we didn’t want you running away,

getting impatient or generally doing

anything we don’t want you to, so we’ve

had to handcuff you to the chair.” Tochi

enlightened me.

And to stop your babe from interfering,

unfortunately we’ve had to handcuff her

to her bed, but don’t worry, she’s fine,

and you’ll get to see her later. But for

now, sit back, do as you’re told and most

importantly enjoy yourself!” Ife Said.

With that the three girls undid the ties

at the front of their dressing-gowns and

to my amazement, one at a time, took

them off.

Tochi was the first to slip out of hers,

revealing herself to be wearing just a

pink bra and matching thong and then

doing a little twirl to make sure I’d got a

good view.

Tolu took hers off next, to reveal a black

push-up bra that gave her a nice

cleavage and matching tie-side briefs,

she also gave a little twirl to give me a

good view.

Finally Ife took her dressing-gown off,

revealing a white bra that was

struggling to contain her big br**sts and

matching underwear that was revealed

to be a G-string upon her completing a


I couldn’t believe what was happening,

Moji’s hot friends were in just their

underwear in front of me, apparently

ready to give me a good night, something

I was more than willing to accept, even if

it wasn’t being forced upon me via

handcuffs, after all this was already

turning out better than my wildest


Now, let me explain what’s going to

happen” Tolu told me, “We’re going to be

asking you a number of questions, what

happens depends on how you answer

them, and at the end, the number of

them you get right will determine what

happens next. That’s all we’re going to

tell you, the rest you’ll find out as we go


Tochi asked me the first question, it was

about Ancient Lagos History, something I

had absolutely no clue about, and duly

got the answer wrong, the consequences

of which being my shoes were removed.

The next two questions were just as

hard, leading to my socks and trousers

being removed, leaving me in just my

shirt and boxers.

I thought I saw where they were going

with this, until the fourth question was

asked, which was amazingly easy. I

managed to get it right, which wasn’t a

big feat, but I nonetheless felt proud of

myself for doing so. I soon felt even

better as I saw Tochi reach behind her,

unhook her lacy pink bra and slowly

remove it!Her bra wasn’t lying, she did

have quite small br**sts, maybe at most

a small B cup, but they were very perky. I

was definitely starting to feel happier

about this whole thing now! I also got

the next question right, and this time it

was Tolu’s turn to reach behind her,

unhook her black bra and with a smile

reveal her br**sts to me. They were

bigger than Tochi’s and probably about

the same size as my Moji’s at a C cup,

they sagged ever so slightly, possibly due

to weight loss but the thing that stood

out most was the size of her big

chocolate coloured aureole’s, they

seemed to be about the same size as the

bottom of a drink’s can!

I wasn’t given long before Tolu fired the

next question at me, it was another easy

one, I couldn’t believe that these girls

actually wanted to strip for me! I

quickly got it right and turned my gaze

to Ife, as soon as she heard Tolu say

‘Correct’ her hands had gone straight

behind her back, she seemed desperate to

strip, and even if I’d been in a position

to, there was no way I was going to stop

her. She unhooked her bra and slowly

pulled it away from her chest, showing

off a pair of huge br**sts, they must

have been at least a D cup, if not a DD,

unlike Tolu, Ife had very small aureole’s,

but most surprisingly, considering their

size, her br**sts seemed not to sag at

all, for a second I debated if they were

fake, but decided that they looked too

good to be and she was only 20 after all.

I now had three topless, hot girls

standing in front of me, this was fast

turning into the best birthday I would

probably ever have!

Tolu (who by now I had worked out was

obviously the ring-leader of this) soon

interrupted my thoughts to inform me:

“The next question will be slightly

different in that it’s more of a choice for

you than a question and you can choose

whichever option you want.” She told me.

“Now the question is… Would you like to

carry on with the previous format, OR,

just for this turn would you like to make

a trade?”

Ife continued. “In return for us removing

your shirt, we’ll take it in turns to let

you suck on our nipples.” Tochi finished.

I weighed up the two options and quickly

came to the decision that I was going to

end up with my shirt removed one way

or another, so I may as well get

something out of it!

“I’m going to let you remove my shirt.” I

told them.

“I thought you would.” Tolu informed me

with a knowing smile. She then walked

over to me, flanked by Ife and Tochi and

started to unbutton my shirt, before

pulling it off my body as best she could

considering I was still handcuffed to the

chair. Then she ran her fingers down my

chest, saying:

“Mmmmmm, you do have a nice chest

don’t you.”




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