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Davina stood amongst some group of people who looked quite scary but now she doesn’t look like the beautiful davina


But an ugly witch with with eyes, she stood beside a woman with a Lucifer trident in her hand. This shows that they are evil


” Leyla ( Davina) , why haven’t you done what you were asked to do?


I thought you would be able to do this, that was why i told you to do it. You haven’t done a quarter of your assignment ” the woman with the trident said with a voice that shook around the whole room


Davina who is now revealed to be Leyla shook in fright, she had a small crown on her head


” mother, I’m trying my best but a girl ruined my plans



She got married to Finn, it was an arranged marriage and there’s nothing he could do to convince his father


He told me to give him few months, don’t worry mother, I will collect everything before he can remember anything about himself ” Leyla said with fear


Her mother laughed wickedly, it’s obvious she is the queen as she sat on a not too big throne.


Let’s get to know about Leyla who is known as Davina in the human world.


Leyla is the princess of the fallen fairies clan, she had two older sisters , Kayla and reila.


Leyla was given the assignment to collect few things which Finn doesn’t know was with him, this is very important for the whole fallen fairies sect.


Leyla has been entrusted with this task for a year but hasn’t been able to get it done and this had infuriated her mother


you know how important this clan is, we can’t lose the fallen fairy sect to the mount light and fire sect ” her mother said and Leyla nodded in correspondence


I will do everything I can to make us stronger, our clan won’t be destroyed mother ” Leyla assured her mother even she looked scared.


Fallen fairies sect were fellow disciples in mount light sect when a senior disciple named Liam got jealous of his fellow disciple because he was more favored than him


He framed his fellow disciple but he was caught and banished from the sect, he finally thought that he should have his own sect so he created the fallen fairies clan /sect.


This sect practiced black magic and they need the soul stone of the heir to mount light to increase their own power.


Leyla, what is the name of the girl he married? ” her mother asked her


her name is Wanda, Wanda Frederick! ” Leyla said, her sisters looked at her with hatred in their eyes


Leyla knows her sisters have always been jealous of her, they always wished to go to the human world just like her but her mother preferred her to do all the tasks.


But what they don’t know is that it’s not easy for Leyla too, they just also want to know how the human world looks like.


Leyla faced her mother, the members of the fallen fairies court murmured some incoherent words as the Queen called Wanda’s name while chanting some voodoo words


Wanda’s face showed in the air but immediately it disappeared and the queen’s hand burned


oh no, my queen. What just happened? ” Kayla asked and went to meet her mother, she held her hand and quickly uttered some words which healed her wound


Only Kayla has the power of healing in their sect, it was specially born with her.


she holds immense power, I can feel that there is some hidden secrets behind their marriage.


Make sure Finn divorces that girl or better still cast a spell on her ” the queen said to Leyla and she bowed, she disappeared immediately .








since last night when Finn entered my room, I have been unable to get to sleep



His eyes when he looked at me was quite seductive, what did he want with me at that time?


I got off the bed and tidied up my room, I went to take a hot bath in the bathroom because the weather this morning is sending chills down my spine


I can catch a cold if I had bathe with cold water, I wore a white crop top and a blue knicker and went to the dining to see Finn already on his food


I just sat four inches far from him and served my food, he kept stealing glances at me and he looked like he wants to tell me something he is afraid of.


I only concentrated on my food, then I heard his voice


I’m sorry about last night Wanda ” I heard him say, his eyes holds sincerity


what? ” that was what I could only manage to say.








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