Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Katrina took her sword and made a drop of her tear fell on her sword
It became ten times more stronger than before, ‘ for reed’s sake, I will kill all of you ‘ she charged her sword at them and they started fighting one another
Mount light’s soldiers started oozing out from nowhere, Reila and Leyla tried using black magic again but it didn’t work because Katrina’s sword was blocking the power of the black magic
They kept fighting for hours nonstop
The dukes had joined Katrina in the fight and they all put their strengths into the war
Leyla and Katrina faced each other, Leyla charged her sword at Katrina who stood still and did nothing
She was waiting for the perfect moment and the perfect spot to plunge her sword into
She monitored her movements and kept dodging Leyla’s attack towards her. Katrina closed her eyes and lifted her sword up and it lit up with immense light shining bright on it
She turned swiftly and dipped her sword into Leyla’s stomach
Leyla looked shocked as she breaths her last and disappeared. Katrina killed the whole of the fallen fairies soldiers and she fell on the floor
She looked at reed’s body laying on the floor and tears flowed continuously from her eyes
you see, I killed them ‘ she hugged his lifeless body
please wake up, I don’t want to marry anyone else please ‘ she continued crying but his body was just still
The dukes dragged Katrina up and one of them took her into the carriage that has been prepared for her
your highness, he is gone. Just accept your fate ‘ the duke of north told Katrina, she glared at him and he withdrew backward
just shut up ‘ she shouted at him and entered the carriage, glancing out of the window as they carried reed’s body and placed it on a long carriage
he is gone, He left me all alone ‘ she wept silently as the carriage started moving back to the Mount light’s palace
They got to the palace and everyone already waited for them at the palace gate
Katrina came down and went into the palace, she walked to the courthouse where the king and the priestess were waiting for their arrival
Katrina, what’s wrong? Why does your face look so bitter? ‘ the king asked He stood up from his throne and walked to where Katrina stood
we won ‘ she said , king Reid smiled heartily and the priestess looked fulfilled
then drop this expression and smile. Where’s reed? ‘ he asked looking around
Katrina fell on her knees and bursts into tears, king Reid looked scared immediately ‘ what’s wrong?’ he asked her
he’s gone, he left me. He is dead ‘ the moved back and held his heart that ached suddenly. His only son is gone, his heir is gone
No one is going to succeed his throne, no one will bury him when he dies. These thoughts clouded his mind and he burst into uncontrollable tears
The priestess couldn’t help but cry too, ‘ my Reed ‘ the king said amidst his sobs
Katrina was just lost in thought, in thoughts of reed. He had promised her the previous day that they will get married after the war has ended
They have defeated the fallen fairies clan now, but reed is gone. gone till eternity
The day of reed’s burial came and he was clothed in pure white clothes. His coffin was opened as per their traditions
It was time to put him in the ground and Katrina begged to kiss him one last time
They moved away from him, Katrina went close to the coffin and placed a necklace in it ‘ this is the sign of our love. Even after your death, you are and will always be in my heart. I love you reed ‘ Katrina said
She puts the necklace on his chests and tears gushed out again, a droplet of her tear dropped on his cheek and his eyelids fluttered
She was surprised and she made more of her tears drop on his face and he opened his eyes
reed ‘ she called happily, he came out of the coffin and everyone was surprised at the miracle that happened in front of them
Katrina hugged him tightly ‘ did you ever think, I will leave you alone on this earth? ‘ reed said and hugged her back
King Reid and the priestess were happy and shocked at the same time
‘ I love you Katrina ‘
‘ I love you too my earth billionaire ‘ Katrina Saif
Reed and Katrina got married and gave birth to a girl whom they named Erika.
Many more troubles lie in the future for Erika but her parents haven’t find that out yet.
Reed and Katrina lived happily but not ever after
I’m coming for you, I’m not dead yet. You will all pay for this ‘ an unknown voice yelled from a place that looks like a dungeon.

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