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The king and the priestess walked into the crown prince’s room, he noticed some presence and he walked out


father, high priestess. What are you doing here? You could have summoned me over ‘ he said


don’t worry my son, we are here for a serious matter ‘ the king said and reed thought about what it could possibly be


your highness, did you bring any stranger into this palace? A woman? ‘ the priestess asked


yes, I did ‘


I was planning on telling father later tonight ‘ he said with utmost surprise


it’s her your highness, the one you have been looking for ‘ the priestess said with happiness written on her face


She walked to and fro with her rod in her left hand


your soulmate whom you have been looking for is that woman. Take her to where she is


We have to make some cleansing for both of you ‘ the priestess hits her rod on the hard floor and the prince nodded hastily



‘ let’s go ‘ he said and left the way to where Katrina is.






I was already planning on resting on the soft and fluffy bed when I noticed footsteps coming my way.


I saw the prince and two other people who looked like they are royals too, I stood up from the bed with a lot of questions on my mind.


uhmm… Katrina, this is my father and that’s the high priestess ‘ he pointed at them one after another


I quickly knelt and bowed my head down just the way I greet my father in Mount fire


oh…my dear, you don’t need such formalities but where are you from? ‘ he asked me and I contemplated on whether to tell him I am a princess or not


I am Katrina, the third princess of mount fire clan ‘ I said and the king looked surprised






lei never told me his daughter was coming here ‘ I said trying to get her attention, I want to know if she’s really lei’s daughter


how do you know my father’s name? ‘ she asked with surprise, only I know this name


Lei never told anyone about this name except his wife and possibly his daughters too


Everyone knows him as King Sishi , ‘ your father and I are long time friends



This is really a joyous thing, to know that both you and reed are made for each other


each other? ‘ she muttered lowly


he is your soulmate whom you have been looking for, you can both activate your powers now after the cleansing ‘ she looked happy after I said this


Her face lit up a little and she smiled at reed who also smiled back at her


please follow the priestess now, I will send a message to your father about your whereabouts ‘ she nodded and followed the priestess, Reed bowed and left with them.


This is what I have been waiting for, for years the fallen fairies clan have always planned on taking over the two sects


Only reed and Katrina’s powers can finally erase them completely






The priestess had prepared everything they needed, reed and Katrina were both on white clothes


They sat in front of a burning fire in the palace


The people all gathered to watch what was going to happen, the king sat at the top far from where the fire is


The priestess grabbed a knife and cut open reed’s wrist then she poured his blood in a cup, she did the same to Katrina and mixed their bloods together


She asked them to drink and they did, she took the cup from them and poured the remaining blood into the burning fire


She started muttering some incoherent words and immediately reed and Katrina started moving up like something is carrying them up in the air



They were midway laying flat, with no support but a force was holding them


Their bond was strengthened and they were granted immense power, their souls have now been bond together


you are now one, because your souls have become one. You will feel each other’s pain


You will share all burdens together and no one in the world will ever be able to separate you ‘ the priestess said and they fell flat on the floor unconsciously


‘ congratulations your majesty ‘ the priestess said







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