Tue. May 28th, 2024

The next morning, Wanda went to the swimming pool to freshen up. She wore her bikini and tied a towel on her waist


She went out of the room without saying anything to Finn, she got to the pool and dived in


” so relaxing ” she said and closed her eyes, exactly what she needed


She turned and played with the water laughing heartily. Suddenly she started drowning, the water was going up more than her height


She started crying, she isn’t a good swimmer and she doesn’t know how to get out of the pool.


If only I had told Finn where I was going, he won’t be cruel to the extent of not saving from this river of a pool ‘ she thought and cried louder when she saw no one coming to help her


She kept trying hard to swim up but she couldn’t, now she is finding it hard to breath, she is getting drowned


The pool has gotten to the utmost top, this doesn’t seem normal. Wanda had already lost hope of anyone coming to save her


Then someone swam down to where she was and pulled her up. They both swam up and he carried her in a bridal style


It was finn, Wanda gave him a faint smile and closed her eyes immediately.


Finn placed her on the bed and applied pressure on her stomach till some water came out of her mouth


She coughed and opened her eyes slowly, she sat up while Finn covered her with the blanket on the bed



She looked at him and he cared for her, ‘ he isn’t bad after all ‘ she said in her own thoughts


how did you know I was there? I didn’t remember telling you I was going to the pool ‘ she sat up and gazed at his ocean blue eyes


Her stomach churned in a funny way


yeah, you didn’t tell me ‘ he started and laid on the bed with the small space that was left under Wanda’s feets


But I just decided to open the window after you left then I saw the pool water getting absurdly full than it normally was ‘


He stopped for a while and turned, their eyes met and Wanda quickly avoided the eye contact


I waited for a while, then i didn’t see you coming up so i quickly came to save you


Finn explained


Wanda sighed heavily, her eyes were wet already from little sobs ‘ thank you and I’m sorry too ‘ she sniffed


‘ it’s not about you saying thank you or sorry


It’s about you telling your whereabouts, I know you don’t like me and I don’t like you either ‘ he half yelled


‘ but I can’t watch you die, that will make me evil.


Learn to tell me or anybody where you are going. You are now my wife and I will be responsible for anything that happens to you ‘ he told her and she just nodded repeatedly


She was already crying, not because she was already saved but she was crying because she might have lost her life



Then she will leave her parents in lifetime sorrow, a sorrow of eternity. She is the only child they gave birth to


She cried more and kept sniffing ‘ stop crying, you look ugly when you cry ‘ Finn said obviously trying to make her angry


I’m not ready to trade words ‘ Wanda crouched down


but don’t you think what happened at the pool was strange


The water got full than normal, someone intentionally did this ‘ Finn shook his head and twitched


‘ but who could be doing this? ‘


Wanda looked inquisitively , ‘ nobody followed us here, who could be trying to kill me ‘ she thought


don’t worry about that for now, just take a nap ‘ Finn left







Finn just foiled my plans, why will he save her?


I thought he doesn’t like her, I thought he doesn’t want the marriage between them. He could have left her to die but he saved her instead?


I won’t give up, if this doesn’t work another one will work. They can’t be together for long ,they will put me in trouble with that.







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