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Dad, you are so mean. How could you do that? ” Wanda stomped her foot on the floor


She went to meet her mother who was busy on a magazine


” mom, at least talk to dad for me. You know Finn mom


He is so arrogant, I can never marry someone like him. Where does he expect me to put Roland Huh? ” Wanda said squeezing her face


Wanda dear, you know your father wants the best for you. He knows what he is doing, just listen to him ” her mother patted her shoulder and she shrieked


mom!!!!” she exclaimed loudly


you will support dad? You know I hate this guy. He is too mean, we can never get along ”


my dear, Finn is a good guy, handsome and rich, you will be happy with him ” her mother gave her a reassuring smile


no mom, no…I can never be happy that way


He is handsome and rich doesn’t mean we will be happy, no one forced you to marry dad so let me marry someone I love”



Wanda rolled her eyes, she stood up parading around the house


” Wanda.. ”


don’t call me mom, please ” she continued pacing to and fro Her father came to meet her and held her hand


there are some things you don’t know about this marriage, you won’t understand my dear ”


make me understand then, what is it I can’t understand ” she felt like he was hiding something from her


But then, she wants to believe that her dad will never do anything that could hurt her


“dad.. ”


” enough Wanda, say no more. You are going on a date with Finn tonight


You have to know a lot about your fiancee, so you have to look your best tonight ” her father looked at her with the kind of eyes that says no objections


” but.. ”


” no buts Wanda, I already spoke with my eyes just now ”


aargh, ” she grunted and angrily left for her room.


my love, don’t you think we are pressuring Wanda too much on this


I know it’s a must you do this, but at least go easy on her. She is going to have a hard time accepting this ” Wanda’s mother tried talking to him calmly


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hard time or not, she has to accept. This is all for her and everyone’s safety ” he said and sat down turning up the TV


I know..”


since you know, don’t pressure me anymore ”


Wanda’s mother sighed and faced her magazine again






I can’t believe dad is making me do this, he knows how much I hate finn


He is not only arrogant, he is a playboy too, he just uses and dump ladies like clothes


He doesn’t even remember most of their names. I can’t marry such a person, and I’m even more afraid of his scary girlfriend Davina


this is just too much for me, I’m not ready to have a husband ” dad will never listen to me


He won’t change his mind at all. My phone rang and roland’s picture popped up on the screen


Just what I need right now, ” hey love ” he sound excited over the phone


what’s up? You sound so happy, you won a lottery? ” I sounded sarcastic


well, I finally bought the tickets for the movie, it’s this evening. I wanna watch it with you ” oh my God I’m stuck in this


Dad wants me to go on a date with Finn and Roland wants me to watch a movie with him


How am I supposed to do this all Tonight?, I don’t wanna face dad’s wrath else I would be grounded for weeks



“uh..uhmm..i already have a schedule for tonight Roland, ca..can…can we do that another day? ”


but why, you know how much I really want us to watch this right? ” his voice changed and I felt guilty


What do I do now? I’m in a dilemma, ohhhhh


you know what Roland? I will call you later to let you know what I’ve decided Bye I love you ” I quickly hung up


Dad what have you caused, crying won’t solve this and dad doesn’t like Roland a bit


So there’s no point in telling him and mom won’t be able to convince him, oh lord


t b c


Will Wanda watch the movie with Roland or go on a date with Finn? Billionaire Bride






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