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Davis’s POV

The car horn from the gate indicated that dad was around. She screamed and stood up.

“Your dad is going to kill me, I’ve just completed 25 out of the fifty” she said and sank to the bed ..

“Calm down Nuella”. I said. End of Davis’s POV


Nuella’s POV

I marked the 25 chores I did, I was crying as I was marking the, I knew I was dead already.

I placed the list in the parlor and ran to the the kitchen and starting the dirty dishes. I kept praying in my mind for God to spare me the forthcoming embarrassment.. “Nuella”. I heard his tough and fierce voice which sent me back to reality. “Nuella”. He thundered and I ran to the parlor.

“What is this?”. He asked throwing the list at me. Davis just stood motionless..

“I… I…”.

“Will you keep shut and don’t talk when I’m talking”. He said as his friend entered. “Who’s he?”. I asked myself.

“Is she your nanny or maid?”. He asked “Yes”. Raymond replied.

I was resisting the urge to punch all of them because of little Davis. “You only did 25 out of the 50 tasks”. He said.


“I’m sorry sir”. I muttered withtears.

“Wait”. Leo said and glanced at me. “You mean she did 25 tasks and you’rehere blabbing that she didn’t try”. Hesaid.

“What are you trying to insinuate?”. Raymond asked

“Is she a machine that would work from morning to night non-stop, Sack her, let her come to work in my house”. Leo said and Raymond chuckled.

“I’m not sacking her but she’ll be punished”. He said and I looked at himshocked. “Punishment? Was I a kindergarten child? Was I a kid? What’s even wrong with this one? Is it because he is a billionaire and he’s acquired too much wealth”. “She won’t eat this evening”. He said and Ifroze.

“But Dad, she hasn’t even eaten this afternoon”. Davis reminded

“Well, I didn’t say she should not eat in the afternoon and since she didn’t eat, till tomorrow before something enters her worthless mouth”. He said.

“It’s not fair, I won’t eat then”. Davis said.

“Davis! What has come over you?”. He asked and slapped his cheeks. “Why are you like this because of a worthless lady?”. He said.

“She’s not worthless”. Davis replied and ran into his room with tears. “Davis”. I called out but he didn’t listen…

“Now you see what you’ve caused”. Raymond said and leo chuckled. “Make me something to eat”. His friend said.

“Sir?”. I asked surprised.

“I said make me something to eat”. He said again and I looked at him shocked “I only take orders from Mr Raymond”. I shot back and he stood up angry.. “How dare you?”. He asked annoyed.

Raymond scratched his hair… “She’s right, it’s rude to order her around” He said and I smiled.

“But you order her around”. Leo reminded.

“That’s because I own her, I own her life”. He replied and I felt hatred for him. I was starting to build up the urge to beat this fool and run with Davis but Iwas already joyous having someone like Davis by myside.

****************** Raymond’s POV

“Sir, you called me”. She said as she entered my room.

“Here’s your new list”. I said and handed her a new list. “Just ten tasks”. She screamed happily


“Yes, i reasoned that you aren’t a robot after all”. I said and she was happy. “But will my salary be intact?”. She asked and I smiled.

“Yes, I’ll increase it”. I said and she looked surprised.

“But you won’t still eat this night, have you taken Davis food to his room?”. He asked.

“Yes, I want to go and check on him, sing him a bedtime song until he falls asleep”. She said and I smiled.

End of Raymond’s POV


Nuella’s POV

I knocked on Davis door and he quickly opened the door for me and I entered with a smile.

“Hi”. I said and he smiled. “Hey”.

“You should apologize to your dad tomorrow, you were kind of rude today”. I said and he nodded.

“What happened?. You haven’t eaten?”. I asked noticing his plate.

“I know you’re hungry, come and join me, let’s eat”. He said and I smiled “No Davis, you need to eat, you’re still a child”. I reminded him

“And you’re still young”. He said and I smiled and sat on the bed.

I took the first spoon and fed him

“Wow, you’re such a great cook, I enjoyed your pancakes and now the fried rice is awesome”. He commended and I blushed.

“I love you Davis, I wish I was the one who gave birth to you”. I said and I noticed a drop of tears fell from his eyes on my hand.

I looked at him shocked.

“Did I say something wrong?”. I asked “Do you love my dad?”. He asked.

To be continued

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