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I came to the parlor after his dad has left for work to find out the reason behindhis dad sadness.

“Hey”. I said and he didn’t reply. What was wrong?

He was behaving weird

“Hey”. I said this time and he turned to me, he was crying. “Oh my God, what’s wrong?”. I asked and rushed to him hugging him as I sat down.

“What’s wrong?”. I asked cleaning his tears.

“I miss…. I…. I miss my mom”. He stammered as he looked atme.

“What happened to her?”. I asked.

“She left dad immediately I was born, I guess she didn’t want to have a kid”. He said.


“You reason like an adult even though you’re just four years”. I commended and he blushed.

“Why would she leave?”. I asked.

“I don’t know but all my life I’ve never experienced the love of a mother or a woman to take care of me”. He said.

“I’m really sorry about that”.


It might sound ridiculous that I’m actually taking to a four year old boy but his brain seems even more developed than adults.

“Is that the reason why your dad is bossy?”. I asked. “Yes”. He said and nodded.

“That’s how he is, frustrated”. He replied and I kind of felt his pain.

“Well, I’m here to take care of you and I promise I’ll take care of you in any way I can, emotionally and physically”. I said and he smiled and rested on my laps. “Thanks Nuella”. He muttered.

“You’re welcome, my prince”. I said and stood up.

“I’ve to go and continue my chores before your dad gets back and please don’t cry again, if he finds you crying, he will sack me”. I said and he nodded.

End of nuella’s POV Davis’s POV

I was battling with my mind if I should show her my diary but she was like a mother to be, even showing me the motherly affection my mom didn’t show me… How couldn’t I show her?

“Nuella, can I show you something?”. I asked her and she looked surprised.

“No problem, what’s that?”. She asked and followed me to my room. I pulled the diary from under my bed and handed it to a very shocked Nuella…

She flipped through the pages and was very shocked…

“You’re really brilliant, when did you start writing this?”. She asked. “This year”. I replied with a smile.

End of Davis’s POV


Raymond’s POV

“You wouldn’t believe what happened yesterday”. I said to Leo who was just staring at me.

“What happened?”. He asked.

“Guess idiot, guess”. I said as he smiled.

“You met a fine lady and you’re dating now”. He said with a grin



I looked at him disappointed.

“You know how much I hate women, how could you guess that kind of rubbish”. I said.

“I’m not good at guessing”. He replied. “Well, I have a nanny now”. I said.

“Is she cute?”. Leo asked and I got offended and ignored his question.

“Well, my son likes her and he doesn’t associate with people but I wondered why his spirit just liked her”. I said.

“That’s strange, even your son don’t like me”. Leo said and I nodded. “I think he’s thinking of something”. I said.

“I wouldn’t doubt that cause your son is really brilliant, a four year old boy with that kind of brain”. He commended and I smiled.

“Thanks”. I replied.

“I’ll follow you to your house, let me see your new nanny”. He said and I nodded “That girl is tough, I added over 50 tasks for 100,000 dollars and she agreed, I was shocked”. I said and he laughed.

“It’s possible she’s one of those prostitutes”. He said and I shook my head negatively.

“No, she’s responsible”. I replied.

“Are you falling for her?”. He asked and I got annoyed.

“If you ask that question again, I’ll make sure you never use your mouth again”. I joked and he laughed.

“How about we go to your house now?”. He suggested. “That’s a good idea”. I said and stood up.

End of Raymond’s POV. Davis’s POV

She was crying by the time she reached the last page of the diary…

“Oh my God, you’re really hurt”. She said and hugged me.

“My dad doesn’t know I have this diary and I want it to remain like that”. I said and she nodded.

“I can feel your pain”. She said and hugged me again. The car horn from the gate indicated that dad was around. She screamed and stood up.


“Your dad is going to kill me, I’ve just completed 25 out of the fifty” she said and sank to the bed ..

“Calm down Nuella”. I said.


To be continued

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