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Two weeks had passed since another palace guard, Mike, suffered the same fate as Obinna, tossing everyone into wild panic.

“Oh heavens, What is going on with this land?” Obiageli asked no one in particular. “Why is our kingdom facing this disaster, or have we committed an atrocity? I have to meet someone and ask for help because this thing is getting out of hand.” She rose from her chair.


“Girls, have you heard what is going on in the palace?” Angel asked.

“Amibor,” Joy said. “You have come again. Okay, tell us what is going on.”

“This is one of the reasons why I don’t like telling you anything,” Angel nagged. “You always doubt me eh.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Joy pleaded. “I was just playing with you. Tell us nah.”

“Anyway, I don’t blame you,” Angel said. “I blame myself for always giving you free information and now you’re taking it for granted, but I will still tell you sha.

“People are dying everyday in the palace.”

“Chai, Angel!” Joy exclaimed. “If I call you a gossiper you will say that I am insulting you. Just two guards that died have turned to everyday, abi?”

“If it’s your brother or father, or your boyfriend or even husband that died, would you be saying this thing you’re saying now?” Angel’s temper flared dramatically, silencing Joy.

Angel went on, her voice rising even higher, “People’s children are dying in the palace and you’re here telling me rubbish.”

“It’s okay nah, I have heard you ” Joy said.

“And what is wrong with her?” Angel asked, pointing at Obiageli who had been quiet all through their conversation.

“I don’t know o,” Joy said. “She has been like this for some days now. She hardly talks or does anything. She just keeps starring at the sky as if she will get all her answers from there. Why not ask her what is wrong with her?”

Angel moved to Obiageli and tapped her shoulder, startling her. “Obiageli, what is wrong with you?”

Obiageli stared at her in confusion. “Were you calling me?”

“No o, I was driving you,” Angel joked sternly. “Tell us what’s wrong with you or maybe I was calling your ancestors.”

“Nothing, I’m just not in a very good mood today,” Obiageli replied, hoping her friends would drop the issue.

“We don’t believe that,” Joy said. “So tell us what’s wrong with you and right now.”

“Everybody is going to die,” Obiageli said. “And the worst is that no one knows how to stop her.”

“Stop who?” Joy asked. “And please you’re scaring me.”

“She is here,” Obiageli said. “I need to find her before my fear drives me mad.”

She walked out of the room, leaving her friends at the mercy of their thoughts.

“God, I pray it’s not what I’m thinking o, ” Joy said.


Weeding around the garden with a cutlass, Miriam hummed a tune. A shadow alerted her to a figure looming behind her. She turned around, but there was no one. She returned to her chore, and almost immediately, the figure appeared again.

Once again, she turned around, but there was no one. “I know you’re here, so show yourself, you coward.”

Feeling a presence at her back, she whirled around, stabbing at the person with her cutlass.

“Miriam!” the person she’d attacked called.

Miriam opened the eyes she’d shut a moment ago, believing she’d find an enemy. But fear swept through her as her eyes found Michael’s. What had she done?

“My Prince,” she cried, gripping him so he wouldn’t fall. “I’m sorry.”

“Why did you do it?” he asked weakly, blood streaking out of the wound on his stomach.

Miriam sobbed. “I didn’t know it was you. I’m sorry, but please don’t die on me, I beg you.”

“I know you didn’t do it intentionally, and I forgive you,” he said, fighting to stay on his feet. But the pain was too intense for him to handle. Grunting, he fell to the ground.

“Mikey, please don’t leave me,” Miriam pleaded amidst tears. “Because if you do I don’t know what to do.”

Michael struggled to speak, “It’s okay, Mimi, because I am already meant to die. You just made it easier for me.”

“No no no,” Miriam screamed. “Please don’t leave me behind.”

“I love you and I will always do.” Michael breathed his last.


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