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Episode eighteen





Mira’s p.o.v


I was about sleeping again when Lilly walked into my room and closed the door,she sat down…she looked so restless.


“hey,are you alright?” jing entered with water dripping out of her body, a maid quickly handed her a towel jacket.


“Now I think i made a mistake” Lilly said.


“what did you do?” I asked.


Angel walked in all dressed in blacks. I rolled my eyeballs and faced Lilly.


“hey did you watch Krishna receiving the best newcomer singer award at spark?” angel asked.


“thought you said you won’t mention her name here again and you know Lilly is


just recovering” Jing said.


“babes am sorry” angel said.


Lilly fell on my pillow.


Her phone rang,I gently sip my wine as I watch her connect her phone speaker to


the room Bluetooth.


“dad am sorry” she said..


“you’re seriously going down and as we speak sweetheart might take your place


totally” her dad said.


Lilly breathed out.


“Not singing with royal doesn’t mean loosing, you will team up with liam, Lee’s representative” her dad said.




Liam…..over my destiny!!


Lilly shouted and the girls gasped.


“Lilly it’s okay” I said.


“it’s not okay,I don’t see my self getting to win that competition. I admit that liam is royals competitor but the difference is clear….


But liam is a great singer,he’s handsome too! Jing said.


“not like royal!!!!Lilly shouted,jing flinched.


“Lilly!!! her dad called,still on phone.


“can’t yiy understand I can’t stay with any other guy if not Royal! Lilly shouted very well,


she ran upstairs.


“won’t you prepare your flight.Call liam already” I said,she shot me that deadly glare.


“don’t uproot the past…I don’t care what you know! Lilly bragged and removed her expensive wig.


hmmmmm,she already cut her hair..


she ran upstairs and slam the door angrily,the sound was really loud. gaaaaaaad,


Lilly just annoyed me right now with her vulnerability. She desires what she know she can’t have and she has issues with self control…. just soooo spoilt.


Anita’s p.o.v


I dressed for work even though it wasn’t yet time.I felt nervous,am going to meet a


governor this morning.


this is a dream come true.


I kept my gun carefully in my bag and tucked another one into my jean pocket.


my phone rang…I looked at it.


“inspector Gray!..


I hastily picked it up.


“concerning Marley’s case,have found the prime suspect” I reported quickly… Kani is Mrs sugas informant,he has all the information based on Mrs Marley’s hideout! I told him,smartly.


“you’re a genus…you’re doing a great work..


quickly send spy’s over to watch over kani,we would get him kidnapped here in the station so as to get information..


in my mind,Mrs sugar is a killer…even mr Han,they are both killers but their acts are covered up with their professionalism.it’s time to stop it! he said.


“yes sir! i replied.I dropped the call,I trust my prosecutors to do a good work.


i headed out in my black van.I passed by Royal’s empire,the place was just sooo quiet.


Too bad I would have to look at the stars at night,I won’t get to see his face…


what am I even thinking,he doesn’t come outside.


his movement is highly monitored.


Finally,after a long drive,I got to the governors house.


waooooow escaped my mouth!


I heard he changes house every one month,he is really rich.


I carried my back and catwalked to the entrance with my bag..


I took off my glasses to see well.


three maids came in and accompany me to the visitors room.


I sat crossed legs and looked around with my eyes wide.


I really desire wealth,imagine me being born with all these.


soon,the governor came.


I quickly controlled myself,he smiled and shook hands with me.


“Governor Amendra Knight…..


this is my wife Nora Knight” he introduced,we shake hands and I sat. “actually,I want to get information about this girl” he said and brought out a picture.


this girl again!!!!



I looked the picture clearly and I remembered the girl I met at Royal’s house. “yes,she’s my daughter…I need information about her and h


er mother,I don’t mind the cost.I need my daughter back” he said….


I bashed my lashes..and bite the inside of my lips.


that beautiful girl I abused is actually a governors daughter.


“actually…..I would…I would consider it” I sturltled and picked her photo.


the governor wrote a cheque for me and I left.



Justin’s p.o.v


I felt heated up, have never been like this before.


Eve please don’t travel to Vietnam,please pity my condition-


I rubbed my palms on my face.


gossssh,am almost crying….


I loved her but she doesn’t seem to notice me…I felt soo foolish each time she ignores me.


this silence punishment…it hurts..


she should just be anything to me.


even if it’s friend,I will accept it like that…I should be something to her. anything!


just anything…..


“So you want to kill yourself because of a lady?”Chris came in.


I sipped in wine..


“gosh,that’s too strong! Jeff entered and collected the bottle from me.


“your feelings are soft,you shouldn’t hurt yourself.You know you’re the youngest among us” Chris said…


“do you know what it feels to be ignored in love?” I asked Chris.


he smiled and ran his fingers into his hair…




“that word doesn’t exist in my dictionary..love f**k,love hurts,love breaks,love betray,love destroy…


am not really saying you shouldn’t fall in love but why not use Royals principle to get eve wrapped in your fingers?” Chris asked.



“use your brain to get what you want!


I tried that but eve is a very difficult person, she’s principled.. I even told Dora to help me she said eve can’t be convinced!


gosh,that girl is she woman!


Chris sat comfortably and brought out his phone…


“Jeff, who’s more sΒ£xy between these girls?” Chris asked and lifted his phone.


“Be careful with girls…. conor will kill you if he sees all these” Jeff said.


Chris chewed in..


“I love this…nice waist.. what do you think??? her twerking would be hot right?” Chris asked.


Jeff and I laughed.


That’s Anita,she’s a designer!


Jeff said.


hmmmmm she isn’t.


Nita is a detective….go with her she’s pretty” Jeff said.


“whaaaaaat detective…delete her fast.she might point gun at me at every mistake” Chris said..


we both laughed.



my sweetheart


I wonder what my life would be if I didn’t meet royal .


hmmm maybe I would be in the village.silly me!


he took the hand shower and sprayer it on my body I smiled…that felt sweet.


I can’t believe we made love with each other,he is even bathing me.


The way he pressed me yesterday,I enjoyed it…and I can never forget the painful part. it hurts.


when did this star started acting as my husband…he was actually overlooking my childish behavior all these while.


I smiled as he purposely used the soft glove sponge to press my br**st from the back.


I turned to look at him,he applied soap on my face..


“Honey my eyes! I said,his finger was still trapped on my pinkish nipples.


“You’re too stubborn,stay well let me bath you…why are you trying to look at me?” he asked and rub my soap on my face fully.


I know what he’s doing…


he kept on touching me all in the name of he’s bathing me..am really enjoying it.He romance the place that turn him up the most…my killer hips. I hastily covered it.


“Purity,I haven’t wash your hips,kindly remove your hand it’s blocking my view” he said.


ohh purity…that’s soo sweet and I stupidly left my hips for him.


hmmm no sign of water..


“Baby,water…my eyes! I shouted and my hand caught his ear,I twisted it. “oouch my ear…it’s not the water”


he said and used his fingers to twist my nipples as a pay back .


I bashed my lashes, Royal started laughing.


“you can’t hurt a president and go scott free…do you know how many girls that are dying to be in your position” he chuckled.. I reasoned it.




Royal poured water on every part of my body except my eyes..


“my eyes!!! I caught his ears again.


“baby hold on…” he said starred sucking into my back..


“honey my eyes” I said.


“don’t open it till am done” he said…


I felt his sweet fingers moved in between my legs..he made me wide my leg a bit…


next,I felt him rub the upper wall of my vagi




desires almost made me ran wild…


“honey……leave me alone!!!!!!!!!


I screamed in a sweet moan.


he spanked my butts..his hand didn’t contain cos I was wide there.


hmmmm that felt somehow.


I felt fireworks in my tommy but I still held him.


A deep blue song played in my heart.


i want to hold you like a folder…


I’m the beauty,you’re the beholder



The soap started peppering my eyes.. am so scared of darkness I hastily held royal tight and carefully brushed both hands into his waist..


he stopped romancing me and moved a bit away… he poured water on my face with the hand shower and used his hand to wash it off.


“you’re okay?? he asked.


I bashed my lashes.It flapper and curled inside…


“what now??” royal asked.


“nothing…” I replied and tried to straightehed my lashes but it was heavenly curled inside…


“baby,you’re okay?”,Roy asked and handed me a towel. I tied it in a wrong way…my eyes,it still peppers..


“Purity…what now?? he asked and removed the pink towel. he tied it correctly..


“my eyes…..royal see what you’ve done.. my eyes!!!!!!! I said.


he moved closer to blow air into it..


I caught his ear and twisted it..


“it’s nothing…your lashes is long,it curled inside” he said and widened my eyes,he blew air into it.


“air won’t work” I said.


he poured water and it curled out back.


“Don’t leave me!!! I said and opened the eyes slowly..


“I’ve never left you” he said.


“okay” I said and walked out of the heavenly bathroom, he followed me.



I just feel different…sooo crazy and sweet each time he touches or talks to me.I keep getting crazy thoughts each time he’s with me and if he’s not there,I always find it difficult to think..


guess am getting really stupid thoughts in my thinking..


I feel special….this is how love should be.


He stood inches away pressing phone i bite my lips beautifully,too bad I didn’t have the chance to check him out.


his dressing was ethereal,


he tied his hair and still used a white band to wedge it,the band was dipped in a very stylish manner.


our eyes almost locked,I looked away.I don’t even like looking into his face,I find it difficult to do so cos he’s too seductive. i might end up having stupid dreams.


deep into his blue eyes was a spark of silver, he doesn’t like showing it.


that’s why he prefers lens.


Finally he came to my side and removed the stained bed spread,he took it into the washing room and dipped it in the washing machine.. he came back and I started creaming my body.


He came to my back and helped me cream my back.


Royal suddenly looked at me in a different way,I too was lost.


aaaah that kind of looks,


just like in movies…


father lord save your daughter.


I dragged my towel up.


“do you know you’re spoilt?” he asked…..


the projector beeped.


it means someone is at the door.


“Madam Gina right???” royal said into the romote.


“just drop it,I will get it” he said again.


he opened the door few minutes later, a box was standing in front of it.


Royal carried it up.


“you ordered?” I asked.


he smiled and opened the box,he brought out a black lace pant and squatted..


I shy dug my legs into it and hastily held his shoulder for support, he dragged it up…


he didn’t get how to wear the bra,I smiled and wore it myself..


he couldn’t even hook it.


finally,I wore the singlet with the matching short.


I wore the yellow body hug gown, royal quickly kiss me..


“am a very jealous person! he said and wore my heels for me..


my hair was down, I creamed it and brushed it down.


“we are running late” Roy said..


he slipped a bracelet into my hand, his family name was boldly written in it.. Marley



does he knows already?


we got to the garage, the securities tightened….


we they also follow us to Germany??


a guard rushed to open the door for me,I was about entering when a car drove in..


it was really easy cos the gate was widely opened.


It was a woman in the car..


Mrs sugar with Romeo!!!!


Royal quickly covered my eyes..


“baby,quickly enter the car” he whispered..but he wasn’t leaving my hand..


Mrs sugar catwalked to where royal and I were.Romeo stood behind. go


ssssh,why is he looking at me like this..


“Son I want to see you?” Mrs sugar said…


“You’ve seen me” royal replied.


Mrs sugar scoffed..and looked at me.


“you have one minute left” royal said with so much superiority..


“in private” Mrs sugar said.


“whatever you want to say,say it here and in front of her” Royal said.


“in front of who?” Mrs sugar questioned.


“Don’t you understand English…”say it in front of her” is that hard to grab.


Royal asked.


next,he walked out and took me to the car.


“I wanted to see you” Mrs sugar yelled.


“You’ve just seen me…!


Royal scoffed, a guard beeped the car and we entered.


our cars driver out,


I still turned back to look at Mrs Sugar.





beautiful love song


[ my sweetheart ]




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