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everyone was silent and royal kept quiet. He looked at the way eddy carried me and his expression changed.


he became subconsciously angry, his securities tightened the more.


I was holding eddy back.


Lilly smiled but it came out with fear.


“Royal what are you??


Lilly sturtled.


“Lilly,what’s all this?


Royal yelled and removed his mask, everyone gasped, more students moved out..


they were up to 900 in numbers.


The securities were pushing the students back.


“the noise…it is awful.


if you keep shouting, royal will leave and you won’t get that chance to see him like


you’ve always wish ”


Elliot said.


That was when I opened my eyes widely.


I saw them.


Boys band,I mean complete boys band.


No one was left out.


Chris was standing beside eddy,


Romeo was in his car pressing phone and Justin was right behind Royal.


I felt someone beating boys with cane,I turned and it was Jeff..


I was scared,


I felt like fainting…


“what’s…..Lilly you still haven’t-


Royal yelled and signaled the securities to move away.


they did.


The anger in his face was deep as he looker at me..


I feel not soo me cos I know he will claim Lilly.



its the double-R


boys band,sooooo cute


Royal, I love you


eddy is back fully…


did you see that ring on Justin, Royal is wearing the same.. awwww is royal standing up for the nothing????


I heard things.


Royal scoffed,


his guards rush to collect his phones from his hand.They took his wristwatch too. No one notice when he forced Lilly’s hand, Lilly thought he wanted to kiss her but royal push her away with style.



omg omg…


ohhh my gaaaaad


kisssssssss,aaaah he missed it. Lilly smiled.


“Eddy please drop me,I want to go”


I bat my lashes and wanted to run away but stoppers when I saw Dora coming


close with so much actions.


She was carrying two buckets.


she ran away immediately she drop.them.


I wish I knew what was inside.


“Lilly how could you-no I can’t watch you do this”


Royal picked one of the buckets and opened the cover,everyone gasped but no one dare talk.


He moved closer to Lilly with the bucket and all the students shouted.


“Royal we can help” a guard said.


“Royal let’s do this, you hand might get infected doing this” another guard said.


Royal didn’t give in.


Ohhhh nooo!! royal don’t.


βœ‰omg omg


gaaaad…what’s happening?


did we really bully the wrong person???


Royal has hot temper..


but why-


*Krishna is Royals girlfriend*


Nina shouted into a very big microphone,everyone was quiet.



Royal is it true?


is it true?


omg,Lilly made me bully krish…







Royal moved but Chris and Justin stopped him and held him tight.


He smiled and revealed his tight dimples.


Two girls fainted.


Royal, calm down before you kill someone please.


He nodded and dropped the bucket..


Chris and Justin left him.


He quickly carried the bucket with actions, he poured what was inside on Lilly, two.guards quickly made Lilly kneel down.


she knelt well,


she scoffed out heavy tears.


Royal quickly pick the second water and spilled ice water on Lilly.


Chris and Justin stopped him from spilling things on Lilly.


Royal, you will hurt her,calm down..


phones went up.


” I won’t …..just let me do this…


“how dare she bully my girlfriend in my school-this school belongs to me, it’s my property-


is Lilly mad-


Royal said.


He moved his fingers into his face and looked away. Students continue flashing camera lights on him,


but the securities prevent any form of contacts with the students.


“stop holding me….just let me do this” he said.


Justin left him but Chris was still holding him..


Jeff stopped beating the boys that push me down,he started writing down their names.


“Chris move back or elssssseee!


Royal yelled, Chris shifted back.


Dora catwalked on with 6crates of eggs on her head,two students were carrying two gallons of chemicals behind her.


the boys band moved back,


Royal dragged Lilly with one hand and carefully carry one crate of egg from Dora’s head.


“if you die and come to this planet on


your next life and perhaps we see each other in the future,learn to stay away from my sweetheart…


Royal said and pushed a table away angrily….








*Royal calm down…


*oooo no soo Lilly was never with him, Nina is very correct..Krishna is something to Royal..


Two guards carried the crates of eggs from Dora..


Lilly looked sooo shocked.


Chris wanted to take the crates of eggs away.


“No,just let it be…let me teach her how to bully someone” Royal whispered.


“Royal,later we need go be at the studio” Jeff said.


“hunnnn….let’s do this thing fast..


Royal I was crying when I saw the way Lilly was treating Krishna, I called you on phone so that you can make her go through that same pain of being a laughing stock” Dora said.




Nooooo,Royal has temper..he will injure Lilly” Chris said.


more students trooped out…


more than 900+…


All eyes followed me,


just me and Royal.


“At some points,no one has the right to influence my decisions…


how I do my things is no ones business”. Royal said.


tension was everywhere.


“sweetheart should I continue?”


Royal looked at me.


“Yes,do what Dora said” I said And dried my tears.


Eddy made me stand well,


Royal.gave me one crate of egg,


he started smashing the eggs together on Lilly and her friends head, one of the guards poured them conc chemical.


I quickly smash one of the eggs on Lilly’s eyes..


“who are those that contributed in the bully?” Chris asked.


No one moved…everyone was nervous.


“are you f**king deaf??” Eddy yelled.


No one answered.


Royal angrily kicked down the oil Dora placed on the table, it spilled on Lilly’s face.


everyone shifted back.


ohhhh no!!!


his temper,


it’s getting out of hand.


“Baby should I still continue?”


he asked me.


“Yes” I said.


Lilly became so frustrated and angry.



I moved away from Eddy and walked to where Lilly was kneeling down, a guard quickly gave me a cup of chemical and a crate of egg.


Royal moved away.


Nina came forward and collected the crate of egg from me.


“let me teach you how to use raw eggs” she said. I quickly pour the chemical into Lilly’s hair.


Everybody started pouring different things on the girls band, Nina focused more on Lilly,she poured kerosene into Lilly’s hair..


Lilly scoffed out heavy tears.


Eddy dragged me away from there.


“so you’re the Krishna all this while?


he asked.


I stayed quiet.


Royal came close to him and stretch his hand to take me, I look at my clothes and nod my head.


“should I go then? he asked.


I slowly moved into him.


I wanted to fall,he press into my waist slowly and made me stand well…I hide my face in his chest shyly.


“Lilly is a liar,if he is your boyfriend, will he stand for krish? dirty liar! someone brought hot water, I watch the hot water spill into Mira’s legs.

felt someone…


and I pity Lilly.


“Are you alright?


he asked and stopped me from looking at the bullying scene.


“sir let’s take her to the hospital” a guard said..


“Royal,check up” another guard said.


“take me home” I said.


He smiled and carried me very well.



he intentionally pass Lilly’s front and kissed me instantly, All the students shouted.


I couldn’t open my eyes.


so much cameras!!!!


I may be blind…


the lights fell on my face.


I didn’t even know I hold royal tight.


He smiled and kissed me again,


I opened up and kissed him back.


Students clapped.


“the truth is that I can do more of this in the name of love,I love you” he said.


“I love you too” I said shyly.


my handkerchief fell off.


The guard quickly pick it up,


Royal collected it and throw it back to the floor.


“Lilly,bring that handkerchief”


Royal said, Lilly was so shocked.


she quickly stood up and picked the handkerchief.


Royal hijacked the handkerchief,


he pushed Lilly exactly the way she pushed me..


it was as if he was here earlier.


She stood up and ran out…


All eyes on me,


I felt shy. Royal understand and carried me away.


the guards carried my bag and slippers.


Eddy helped to beeped the car,


I hastily move into the back seat, royal entered and the driver joined in.


The car zoom out.


“why didn’t you fig


ht back?


royal asked.


“they were much on me” I said.


“I really hate cowards” he said..


“am sorry…but why didn’t you play along…what about that diary?


I asked..


“My woman first, before the diary..


plus I don’t trust Eddy. He might use that tiny opportunity” he said.


I stayed quiet.


He was staring at me..


“turn” he said.


I quickly turned.


He adjusted something on my back..


“Lilly is lucky the chemical didn’t affect your skin…or else, I would have put her


behind the bars”


he said…


I stayed quiet.


“will you still remain innocent to me if perhaps you know who I really am?


he asked.


“Yes…” I said.


“In this moment, tell me how much more you love me” he said.


I was confused.


“Krishna” he said.


“your words are too hard for my understanding… but I know I will stay with you all days,all nights, till I will fight all my fears” I said.




He smiled…and lock his hands around my waist.





Mrs Sugar


“Queen mother that diary, we didn’t find it!! two guards rushed in with panting.


Han Cheng came inside looking very bitter,…..


his expression was blank.


“Mrs Sugar!!!!


he shouted my name.


I was scared with the tone he used.


“Would you continue standing here when there is fire on the mountain? he asked…


“what fire????” I asked.


He kept quiet.


“we still didn’t find the diary”


another set of guards came in.


my mind was disturbed.


“look for it!!! I shouted.


“Mira’s dad is in a grief state.


He got engaged in black rituals.


The answer to his problem is Royals girlfriend-


She is a goddess even Theila, Zayn’s second daughter too” he said.


“who is theila?


“which girlfriend are you talking about?


“when did royal start having time for girls??? all this nonsense must stop! I said…


“how can all this stop when Royal is already making use of his parliament


authourity…his words seems ruling!


Han Cheng said.


“is the diary with you? I asked.


“No,I gave you back” he said.


I widened my eyes in shock.


“The diary is not with me… I gave you!!! I shouted.


“it’s not with me either” he said


ohh gaaaad,


how do I solve myself from this mess.


“call me Kani! I commanded my guard, a mid man came in.


I was already sitting on my throne seat, Ken knelt down with his head bowed..


“Kani!!!!!! I said.


“my empress” he bowed in return.


“where’s that secret diary???


I asked..


“No my empress I didn’t…know-


he sturtled..


Then where is—-


I stopped talking immediately Lilly came in….


“what’s all these???


Cheng and I stood up,


we covered our nose……




she sturtled and fainted into Romeo who was also coming in.


stood speechless…..


heavy rain started falling.






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