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Everyone looked back quietly and shocked, I don’t know what they are looking at but I saw Lilly looking uncomfortable.


I moved to the extreme to get a clearer view,it was a car~ Royal’s newest brand of car..


Everyone admired the beauty of the car, some even took picture of the car. Soon the driver who was putting on a black suit step out of the car and opened the side door widely…






*this must be Krishna


*she’s pretty, is there something I can compare her with?


*she’s fresh,spotless and clean…


everyone uttered.


I couldn’t stop staring at her waist downwards, she’s really thick in between her legs.




I think Lilly made a mistake by choosing this outfit.



This outfit is even better than what Lilly is wearing.Although it’s a uniform on everybody but it doesn’t look like a uniform on Krishna….


it was so different and unique,she looks so matured,her sneakers got me gasping.


It was signed~Dyardin.


No one wear that sneakers except they meet with the maker,its not even sold..


Definitely, royal must have meet with Dyardin.




Krishna even fixed nails and hair was curled sideways.


The length of her hair made me to think if she’s really a goddess and her skin freshness is sooo obvious.


Students started taking pictures,


I look at krish, she collected her bag from the driver and avoided eyes with Lilly and any student that look at her. She even hold hands with her driver cos of nervousness.


Nina smiled into something as students took pictures.


Everywhere was rowdy as more students tropped in.


It’s very true Krishna means a lot to Royal.Are all this wealth ordinary?


who don’t even know who to believe?


I heard from students.


waaaaaaaattttt Noooo!


I said.


More students crowded Lilly,they really want to know the truth but Lilly kept quiet and watch krish instead.




she’s a pure perfection…but can she be the goddess?


Goddess are too kind,


Goddess are spotless,their skin doesn’t usually have blemish nor marks, they have amazing voice, they are sweet and innocent,no matter how they hide,they always steal attention.



All eyes followed her as her driver escorted her to the elevator door,he was even helping her to hold her pass card and student ID card. The driver left immediately she entered the elevator.


She turned back and waved a bye bye through the glass door.


Nina smiled and position her microphone very well. she really want to ruin Lilly lies and Krishna is her ticket to do that. As it stands now, Krish is Lilly’s fear.


“Guys,login into the newest website,there are many proves already.Lilly is a fake liar! Nina said.


Lilly liar!




fake bloody liaaaaar!!!!


students rioted Lilly.


“waaaat,don’t believe nina, she’s only doing this because we are rivals” Lilly said.


Just then,four power bikes drove in,


it was five stars band member.


Chris,Jeff,Justin and Royal.


Another power bike drove in and it turn out to be Eddy.


Nina smiled as all eyes were fixed on Royal since he’s the center of attraction. Student whispered,


Nina moved over to Lilly.”I’ve not started dealing with you,by the time am done you won’t be alive to tell the tale” she said. Lilly didn’t say anything,


I trailed her eyes,it was on Royal.


The celebrity boys don’t wear uniforms,they wear whatever they like and beside they hardly attend lecture cos they have their separate building in the school.


Chris moved over to Royal who was removing his helment.


“we will be leaving school very early depending on five stars” he said.


Royal nodded and drop his helmet, he turned.


is this only happening to me?.


Sometimes I feel like he is not human.


How can someone be soo wealthy,cute and still have pride when it comes to swags?


oppps I forgot he is also a model.


His hair was dyed black although he used a band to tie it up so as to prevent the fringe from covering his face,on his ears were two little sparking black earrings,the tracksuit trouser he wore was pencil,an anklet was on his left fe


et,his sneakers alone who let one know who he is without being told.


His rings were black and very simple, Chris also had on the same ring and bracelet with him.The only difference was his red presidential bracelet which make his dressing standard.


His red tracksuit was pretty,most especially the jacket.


He walk Justin and whispered something that made Justin nod.


Each time royal makes any gesture,the students will just shout like mad people.


Royal smiled,while pressing phone as they walk to the elevator that will lead to


their own private building.


Fans went crazy.


Lilly put on a smile and ran after Royal, she stood in front of the celebrity boys and


turn to Royal.


But instead,


Royal walk past her with his friends..



“May we never talk to each other ” he said.


ohhhh nooo Royal don’t.


ohhh my gaaad


ohhh my gaaaad


ohhh gosh… what’s happening


____he spoke to her as if she’s nothing…


but why?


Royal gosh!


Royal.and the celebrity boys moved in,more students crowded Lilly.


Nina smiled and breathed out ‘at last’ she said.


Lilly dried her tears and rushed in..







gaaad,am so frustrated!


I smashed my phone as I entered Mira’s locker room.


She moved in and joined me,


she opened the window, I could see students downstairs shouting ‘there’s punishment for fake updates,if you won’t explain better, then we will force you to talk with acid….


“Lilly…acid! Mira gasped.


Angel entered with Yifei.


“Lilly why not go and tell.them not to believe in Nina’s craftiness, you are the queen they will believe you because you’re the queen! Yifei said.


“Things are getting out of hand, Krishna’s dressing today really spoilt everything,can’t you see the way she look like an idol in those shots and jacket?… She doesn’t look poor.


Guys are already placing bets on her.


The website is already receiving harsh messages, the chats are flooding, they are


too much!


Mira said.


“I think you should close the website for now” Angel said.


“Never,I can’t….


ohh nooo,I never lose” I said, looking really frustrated.



“umm maybe you should go downstairs and tell the students that all what Nina re updated are fake,tell them the updates aren’t real,tell them you and Royal have misunderstanding. They all know Royal have an hot temper he can say anything whenever he is angry or do another editing or post an old picture of you and royal together and caption it ‘together again’ Mira suggested.


Nina moved in and drop her hands on her waist.


“there’s someone more better than dice high queen…” she smiled.


“Nina,what exactly do you want?”


I shouted at her.


“I want to tell the world how vulnerable,frustrated and crafty you are,I want to let them know Royal fell for your lies…


Apart from that,


Han Lilly,you will regret your decision of choosing that outfit.


I can’t believe your vulnerability… You actually want to show everybody that you’re different not knowing that where your beauty stop,another persons own starts from there.


Who are you beside where Krishna is? I bet it,you can stand on her ground. umm Krishna will be recorded as the most beautiful girl that has unique physique in dice high,each time you look at her, you will search for your pride and realize that when it comes to Krishna, everything suite her, everything is good. You’re just selfish,


You just want everybody to believe you’re much more better. Krishna has been


staying with Royal for five months now,no one knows about it except they search.


Am very sure if it was you,you would have shake the whole world and treat


whosoever come your path with pride.!


Nina said.


“Are you so much better? is there any difference between me and you?” I asked..


“I’m not as selfish as you are neither am I desperate.I always admire anybody that is pretty than I do but you always eliminate them by killing them..



You think I want Royal soo bad that I will live a fake life and boast of what I don’t have.


And at the end of the day, Royal fell for a lie because of his amnesia,you even faked a bethrothed evidence with Mrs Sugar. You guys injected Royal te




n different times…


Lilly fear God, there is God ooo…


eight injection at the same time and ten different times.


You guys ruin him,you want his life.


This is so much unfair,just because he is wealthy.


Royal is not a robot neither is he a money making machine.Whatever wealth he has now is as a result of his sweat and hardwork.


He has emotion,I can never hurt him the way you did..


I can never sleep with different men’s the way you did.All my life,I only slept with two guys. Chris and my formal boyfriend but you Lilly is a cheat…


I can never kill my fellow human but you Lilly kill and bully for fun. That’s the different between us”


Nina said….


she walk out.


hmmmm I won’t stop.


I can’t be made a laughing stock because am a queen.Who dare hurl insult at me..


I really need to stop pitying Krishna.






I walked quietly into my locker room. Nervousness was all over me.


I dropped my pass card and ID card and carefully open my bag to memorize what I read.


I pray I score 100 out of 100 in this next subject.


My phone beeped immediately I finished a page of what I was revising.


*Leave dice high…


*I already told you to choose between your certificate and Royal…


*Leave dice high or else you will be forced to do so


*And at the end of the day,your mom lured you into prostitution… She sold you to


Royal just for money that your generation has never seen before…


What do you even think?


That royal will be all yours….


You’re nothing to him.


Celebrities don’t stick to a girl, once he has seen your pant, he will dump you for another girl….


He can be for any other girl but not you,the daughter of a laundry washer


*If you dare,come to class….you this disaster…


I read the message,


my tears fell.


Gosh,why do I cry soo easily.


Eve came to join me in studying.


“Hy,Honey…. good news,you will soon be recorded as the most beautiful girl with


unique physique in dice high” Eve said while bringing out her laptop.


I didn’t even know when I smiled out tears..


She frowned as she use the tip of her finger to wipe out my tears,


I showed her my phone.


She read the message.


“what did you do to Lilly?” she asked.


“Nothing” I replied.


She drop my phone and left.


Chris came in….I hastily turned back and wipe my tears.


I turned immediately and jammed Royal face. I close my eyes and wanted to move away,he took me by my waist.


unnecessary tears fell.


I smiled out tears.


Chris smiled in a chuckle and look at the way Royal was soo close to me.


“Careful,boss” he said while texting someone on his phone.


“what happened?” Royal asked.


I closed my mouth.His phone ring silently. It was accountant.


He picked the call.


“I’m coming,am in an important meeting” he said and used the tip of his finger to clean my tears and even the one that fell on my lips. He dropped the call.




“Are you alright?”


he asked.his breath was soo close.


Gosh,I almost kissed him cos his face came close.


Chris smiled.


“Are you scared?”


he asked…


“umm noo” I replied as I clutch my phone in between.


“I need to go,I have a meeting”


he whispered and hugged me,carefully brushing his fingers against my hips.


“Can I go?” he asked in a sweet smile.


I shivered in sweetness as he move his fingers to my ears.


“yes” I said.


he left my shoulders and followed Chris out.


“Test start now! the projector beeped.


I took my pass card and ID card, I took my writing maker and left…


I got to the hall.and stood at the entrance.Many people entered,I still stood beside the door.


“If you dare,enter!


Lilly and her crews came by.


More students entered.


Each time I want to enter,more students will come and fill the spaces.


“Lilly please,I don’t want to score zero,I really prepare hard for this test” I told her.


*And at the end of the day,her mom lured her into prostitution!


she kept on saying that hurtful word and I wonder why she keeps looking at me like that.


“Yes,she left me but it wasn’t for prostitution,even if it’s for prostitution it is my life and not yours” I said.


Someone opened the door…




“Enter,we are w


riting test together” he said.


Lilly and her crews stood watching like a lost dog.






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