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“Yes,I am Krishna”


I replied him and pick my tag.


“Sorry for your phone” I bowed slightly. He shifted away from me and brought out another phone from his pocket.


“You’re the commoner who is pretending to be rich. We don’t need commoners in


dice high and since Lilly said I shouldn’t expose you as a commoner now,I need to


wait for tests to finish so that I can give them more tips to get you out of dice high..


You’re an epitome of beauty,


I won’t get carried away by it…a commoner is a commoner.Just leave or you will be forced to do so,you have no place here” he spoke and left.


I wonder what exactly I did to Lilly that makes her hate me so much.. hmmm why is she so scared of me? was it my fault that Royal loves me?


“hy sweetheart!


Eve tapped my shoulders in smiles.


I cheered up and tapped mine back.


“Babe,will Royal come?


she asked,smiling like a flower.


“I wish I can look into his face… i mean as friends” she expounded happily like a crazy fan usually does.

“he won’t come,he is in a meeting, he doesn’t have time” I replied.


“ohh that means my day will be boring” she sighed sadly.


She cheered up again and took my hands.


“it’s time for geometry class”


I said.She shrugged and followed me upstairs.


I even forgot about what Eddy told me…


“Most students failed in his test” she said.I remembered I haven’t checked mine.


“I scored 62 out of 100,I so much hate maths” she said.


“you tried” I smiled.


“I didn’t, someone scored 100.does the person has 2heads” she pouted.


“waooow,who’s that person? I asked, my eyes widened.


“is it Chris? I asked.


“hunnn….Chris and the rest of the idols scored zero.They need flogging” she




it’s not that they ain’t intelligent, they don’t just have time for studies.


They came here for fun.


“Shantai and Dora scored 60”


she said.


“what about me? I asked.


she brought out her phone and helped me check online, my name wasn’t among the list.


I even saw Lilly’s name,she scored 70 and she hardly attends class.


“why is my name not there? I asked.


“you should keep checking” she said.


We entered the class,


it wasn’t that filled-


maybe because of the test result.


Sir Davidson came in few minutes later,I took my seat at the window side and brought out my phone and notepad to write any long equation or strange formula.



Not quite long that sir Davidson entered,lilly and her crews catwalked in. I look at Lilly,her dressing was wild….


She sat opposite me after glaring at me for sometime.



Miss Sweetheart Knight,your performance was impressive 100 out of 100.Come forward for it” sir Davidson said,everyone started clapping.


Lilly glared at me,I look away and stood up,they continue clapping. I reach sir David side and collected my result with a little bow.Gosh I am damn happy.


“that’s a lot of brainwork”


he said and shook hands with me.


I smiled and went back to my sit.


Eve blew me a Kidd from where she sat. Sir Davidson started teaching on the smart board,whosoever cared to listen listened.


I used my phone to take lectures,


Lilly continue hitting her pen angrily on her laptop while Mira continue saying something into her ears.


From the movement if her lips,I could say it was an evil thought.


sir Davidson summarize his teaching and left,Lilly stopped looking at me, she followed him.



come with eve to my penthouse”


Shantai sent.


I still have a class left in the next 6hours” I sent.


Just come,we will both come together,6hours is a long time” she sent. okay” I sent and followed eve in her car after saying some things to Royal’s



my mom called while in Eve’s car, we talked for long,she said I should try and check on Mrs Claudia, it’s been long I saw her.


Eve and I continue chatting in the car till we got to shantai’s house.


I smiled when I remembered those days her mom usually chase me out of her house.


“is her mom around?” I asked Eve.


“yeah” she replied….when we got to the main door.


The door opened,it was shantai’s mom.I shifted back and hide behind the door.Her mom doe


sn’t like me right from time.


“How are you,my daughter?”


I watched as Mrs Brown hugged Eve warmly.


“I’m fine….” Eve smiled and hugged her back.


I look away when she saw me staying behind the door.


one of the main reason why I don’t like coming to Shantai house.


“good afternoon,mom”


I greeted,my head down.


“come,come,come” she held my hand and hugged me too.


my heart this not the same woman that doesn’t want me with her daughter those days.


“waooow,you’re pretty….


are you also Shantai’s friend? you’re so clean,I love clean girls.What’s your name?


she asked,still hugging me…


I swallowed into nothing.


“Krish” I said…


“pretty name,please go in,your friend has a lot of gifts for you” she said and kissed


my cheeks.


I smiled and followed Eve inside.


Does it means she doesn’t recognize me anymore???


Did I really change???


hmmmmmmm I pray she doesn’t recognize me cos she would regret if she does.




Mira’s p.o.v~


“Lilly,your enemy is back.I’m very sure she is back for revenge. I’m scared Eddy might not want to help you if he finds out you lied to him about Krishna.



He will hate you the more for allowing him face Royals warth. Royal does not play with the ones he love,all his friends try to make him happy because whenever he is angry, he can destroy a mansion” I said.


“Nina is really back”


she said.


“yes” I replied.


“she’s welcome…I will be in my penthouse” she said and pick up her bag.Her guards followed her.


hmmm I wonder why Lilly is so scared of Krishna…


And Nina is back.


This is getting more interesting.


Dating Royal was what made Lilly popular…


Royal dated her cos of Mrs suga’s influence.His amnesia was very worse then.You


know Royal, he doesn’t talk and he keeps all girls on suspense with suspense with


his handsomeness. Everyone was curious to know how his voice sounds, how he


eats,how he smiles, how he laughs….


He was every girls celebrity crush…


Even me,I had a crush but the crush I had faded because he never spoke to me for close to 2years.


Students went mad the day he was forced to attend class by sir zayn.


so when Lilly finally got Royal to date her as a result of Mrs sugar influence, she would post his pictures,videos about them together, his achievements,the way he sings on the general school blog every Wednesday then on every Sunday mid night,she would post something romantic and in the morning, she would post Royal dance video…


Lilly usually control Royal like a remote then because his amnesia was more than worst adding to the fact that Royal wasn’t allowed to see other girls except from Lilly.


All the girls get jealous and make up their mind that Lilly is better than all of them.


They started seeing her as a semi-god.



Till now,they still believe that Royal is still dating Lilly…


And Nina,the governors daughter,


I don’t really know her motive of coming back!


I stood up from Lilly’s locker room, my maids handled my bag and followed me to my car.


“drive me to my dad’s mansion, after there,I would love my suite” I command my driver and sat at the back sit.


I turn on my internet and stormed on a post.




Royal or Romeo✉Who owns BLS…


~~Beautiful love song is an emotional love song featuring lots of intellectual


wordings.It was first sang by Roneo,now Royal claim he owns the song. BLS worth 15.6billions of rupees note on net… Now,who owns the song? strange right!


I scrolled on the comment,most had Royal had the rightful owner of the song. How on earth will Romeo compose such songs??? perhaps, he might have stolen it from Royal and sing it first.


I turn off my internet connection and entered my fathers mansion.


He wasn’t in,I only saw men in black suit and then maids on one side.




they bowed. I rolled my eyeballs.


“where’s my dad?” I asked.


“In his room but he said no one should come! a maid said.


I rolled my eyeballs and walk upstairs.


I leaned on the door and was about opening it but stop on hearing some strange voices.


“Amendra,you need to renew your yearly sacrifice” I heard an husky voice. “sacrifice? do I need to do another one


again this year? my dad’s voice came up.


“you have two options as your sacrifice” the husky voice said.


“what are they???


my dad asked. I felt my breath seized


what sacrifice are they talking about?


my legs trembled.


“Your daughter,Mira or a Spotless earth goddess! the husky voice said.


I was about leaving,


the door opened,revealing my dad.


“Mira,did you hear anything?


he asked….


I bursted into tears.


“where are you going to find a spotless earth goddess??????????




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Beautiful Love Song


[as long as U gimme love ]





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