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Lilly’s p.o.v~


I made sure I satisfied Eddy before retreating back to the suite that Mira and I are sharing together.


The loud scream that I heard from Royal’s suite made me feel rejected. That’s Krishna’s scream.


Gosh, I hate her.


why is she screaming like that???


I banged my door lowly.I hate the fact that she is innocent and has never been in any sort of crazy s£x activity.


Her innocence is one thing that will make Royal get attracted to her because he thinks such a girl like that does not exist.


It’s verrrrry visible that he is taking care of her.


Not that she is not pretty before,


She was sooo beautiful but now her beautifulness is getting out of hand. Money finally touched her,


Royal is spoiling her stupidly with money,he is bathing her with money that she didn’t work for.


A common daughter of a laundry worker?????


“ooooouuuch,Royal stop!!!!!




“Stop or I will call Dora to take me away from you.


“ouch,you won’t hear word,gimme my phone,let me report you to Mrs Rose” I


heard Krishna’s high voice.


Soo soft and amazing.


I got sooo angry that I push into their door but it was already locked from the inside.



“hunnn,I’m not playing games with you anymore,you’re seriously cheating” I heard her voice again.


It got me irritated.


“Please,pretty,just one last time” Royal said to her.


I couldn’t hold it anymore,I left their door and entered mine with little years in my eyes.


“why will Royal tell her please?


He has never said that word to any f**king girl and he has never called any girl ‘pretty’.Not even me but that brat–Krishna.


Is this how Krishna will pay me??


I allowed her to climb high by not evicting her when I had the chance to do but she bite my fingers and climb higher! I dried my tears immediately Mira stepped out of the bathroom.


“Queen,what happen,why are you sweating like this???


Mira asked.


I hit my forehead.


“why are you dressing half naked?


she asked.


“I slept with Eddy” I told her.


“Again????? she shouted.


“Lilly why??? she expounded.


“I I did it to hold him down since him and Royals are competitors.He will help me to ruin Krishna and I will take my place back the world must not know that Royal isn’t dating me for real,I will be done for good!!! I replied her.




But lilly-


you don’t have to go to that extent-


What if Eddy finds out that you faked lies for him to help in ruining Krishna??? he


will hate you!


Mira got annoyed.



“Who is more pretty between me and Krishna??? be sincere? I asked.


Everyone knows,I get jealous easily.


“why are you comparing yourself with her???


she is below, you’re above”


Mira said.


“I’m not talking about class,I’m talking about s£xiness and beauty. I still don’t get why Royal will stoop so low to that thing” I exclaimed,holding my head. She kept quiet.


“You’re both s£xy and pretty but Krishna looks more….firm in shape, it is well


set,she’s natural but you’re very beautiful and you’re the queen of hotness,Krishna is still learning” she replied.


I fall into my pillow.


No matter what,


I won’t still give up on Royal.


Not when the whole of dice high knows me as his girlfriend…







“Best,you’re not eating! I said.


He smiled and hit my head slightly with his spoon.


“I’m eating,you’re noisy” he said.


“it is taking you 30mins to finish one stick” I said.


He remained a slow eater.


Maybe I should teach him in the hard way to eat faster.


I need to help him out.His slowness is getting out of hand.


“what,don’t touch me.If you do not eat, I won’t curdle with you,I won’t allow you rest your head on my laps anymore” I threatened.


“Go ahead” he said and maintained eating at that same slow pace.


“sir,I am not joking….


I give you just 30min to finish this plate of rice pudding or else…..”


I paused and look into his eyes.


“please,curdle with me” he smiled.


“only if you eat!! I replied.


He doesn’t understand how to eat fast.


15more minutes” I announced.


“You really mean it?? he asked.


I smiled cuz he was


a little bit fast.


2more minutes– I announced.


Time up-


I said.


He gasped.He just had five spoons left to finish up.


“aaaisshhh” he pouted and took a stick of meat. I packed the plates and waited for him to drink water.


I went to the kitchen and wash the used plates,I cleaned everything and went back to the room,he already changed his top and tie a blue head band on his hair.


“use the washroom”


he said and brought out a transparent fansy bag from the closet.It had a tag,he quickly detach it.I know he doesn’t want me to see the price..


“I bought it for you” he said.


“umm I love it,I will keep it very well, thank you” I replied.


“you can use the bath then” he said.


He got a call and walk out in a swift.


I rush the bag and hugged it.


It was a nighty package.


I unzipped it and brought them out in set,it had two sets.One was red all through while the other was pink all through.


I selected the pink on one side on the bed,then I entered the washroom and had a fast bath.


I dried my body and rush back to wear I kept those stuffs.


I wore them.


The signlet stopped and stood firmly on my wide hips.I kind of hate the way it made my nipples shouting. I wore the remaining undergarments.


Royal entered immediately I drag my pant up.I moved funningly and wore the jacket.


if he see me like this without jacket, I know for sure he will start acting like Dora and Shantai who always say shits about my br**st.


It’s pointy,it’s firm,your body is perfect,your boyfriend is lucky and all those stuffs.


I felt Royal coming to my back.


“you wear it in the wrong way” he said and wanted to take it off.


“my br**st!!!! I shouted and stopped him..


“what are you hiding? he asked and took the jacket off.He wore it in the proper way.


Like I new,his eyes got trapped in my chest..


“Best,what’s that? I asked.


“aaahhhh nothing” he rolled his eyeballs cutely.


Now,I felt secured because everything was normal.


I left for the kitchen,I need to return the bowl of flour back to it’s normal position. I got to the kitchen and carried the bowl of flour,I stood on my toe cus the cupboard was high but I ended up pouring the large quantity of bowl on his hair…. it clings to every part of my body.


I opened my eyes,flour entered into it.


“my eyes!!!!!


I screamed and bash my lashes non stop. Royal came in and lift me up. “You ought to have called me” he said and made me sit on something in the washroom.


He made me stand again and started applying something into my hair- maybe soap.


“Best,what’s that in my hair??


I asked him.


“shut up!! he said and added water.


ohh-it was soap”


I exaggerated.


He wash my hair thoroughly and purposely rub soap on my eyes.


“Best,my eyes!! I said and held him by his cloth so that he won’t run away.


I felt my jacket was loose and it made me feel like Royal is seeing my br**sts.


“Are you seeing anything? I asked.


He smiled and add more soap to my eyes,then he add water to my hair.


I was soaked thoroughly.


That means my nipples!!!


ohhh goodness!!!


I quickly covered my nipples,Royal took my hand away and poured water into my chest.




~~Royal’s p.o.v


I watched as the water drip down her hair into her chest, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and treasured.


My eyes just got trapped with her body shape most especially her br**st.It was well set and firm.


Her lips was beautiful too.


I comprehend the way it stuck together like they have never been kissed before.


Her legs was straight,


not even a blemish nor mark was seen, her whitish complexion was uniform.


I can’t even take my eyes off her pinkish nipples….


It was well standing that I feel like touching them.


Most times,I ask myself what exactly is holding me from doing the main thing with her. The girlfriends that I had years back, I do have s£x with them just an hour into



the relationship but her own is two months now and I haven’t done something crazy….just because I respect her body.


This is really a temptation!


Everything in her was well set.


Even someone that is dumb will know that she has never been involved in any form of immorality..


I fel


t it that day–


I can never forget that day I mistakenly brush my hands into her buttocks.Gosh, it was firm and bouncy that I did not feel like removing my hand.


Each time I touch her,


I usually feel shocks like I have never seen a lady….


She seduced me without her knowing ……..


She’s the only lady I can’t press anyhow……


I can’t count how many good thing that happened to me when she came into my life.


The more good thing I do to her,


I get paid back in twenty folds.


“Best,did you leave me!! there is still soap in my eyes” she said.


Am I mad–


how can I leave you?? I chuckled and pour her water while looking into her body.


“no one can take you away from me!


I said…


“Best,what did you say? She mutters


I smiled.


I swear, she will kill me if she finds out that she has been standing like this in my


presence for long.







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Beautiful Love Song


[As long as you gimme love ]





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