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Royal jammed the door on Lilly’s face harshly,he left my hand and move to sit on a long pretty stool that was facing a high glassy stand that looks more of a table.


I stand beside the already locked door and watch the way he handle his pen.


“why are you standing?


“won’t yo sleep???


he questioned me and turn to look at me,he got a call and stop staring at me…



“Ely,I’m okay with it”


“tell the boys,I will be joining practice”


he dropped his call and folded the paper he wrote on into his pocket alongside with two of his phones. He stood up and drag my hands tenderly and made me sit on his laps.


I feel like someone else while doing that…


“Honey,did you call our mom???


I asked him.


“I did,she’s fine”


he replied and encircle his hands on my waist,exactly on my pant line.


“Royal!!!!!! I gasped and touch where his hands was holding.


“seriously” he smiled and remove my hand…


“stay still”


he said and balanced his hands there. My robust butocks made him more comfortable resting his hands there.I just hope his heart is beating just like mine does.


We look at eachother,his looks was more sweet.


“What happened today? did Lilly trouble you? he asked.


“No, she didn’t” I replied.


He almost kissed the side of my neck but his phone disturbed him.


*Royal,we are waiting!!


*Practice should be done tonight


****Do not sleep over…


****Eddy also wants to meet out…


he dropped his phone and made me stand up.


“I will join you later, I have some preferences” he said and went out.


I smiled and rush to where my bag was,I just hope the clothes he bought for me are my type of cloth.


I opened the bag and search for my night gown….


aaah Royal forgot to buy me one.


what type of clothes are these??


How can I wear this to sleep beside Royal??


Gosh,I can’t. I would rather wear what am putting on to sleep like that. I sighed in a smile and entered the washroom. I locked the door,windows and draw the curtains to cover up before taking off my clothes….


Do I even know how to turn on this thing that looks like a mini swimming pool(jacuzzi).


Lucky me,I found s bucket but there wasn’t a bowl and I already took off my clothes. I don’t think I can do without taking a night bath.If I don’t, I will feel sooo uncomfortable….


Now,how do I turn on the jacuzzi?


I started touching anything touchable then I finally found a tiny white switch on the wall.


Water started pouring on me from different directions. I was wet from head to toe.


My nose almost blocked.


The water flow towards a round hole that was sealed with a slivery plate


if this is how the bath is being operated,then I think I need to start getting use to it. I switch it off and finally saw a knob beside the jacuzzi, I tune it,a mixture of cold and soapy water filled the bath. I got into it and stayed inside for a while.


This feels so good…


I got away from the bath and wanted to draw the towel to my self but I mistakenly make my cloths fall into the already used bath water.


I bent in quickly and picked the cloths.They are already soaked.I squeeze them immediately then I hung them somewhere in the washroom. I wrapped my towel and waited for the clothes to get dried.


After waiting for about 30min,I left the washroom to the room,i picked my under garments and added a bumber shot and I singlet. I can’t wear bra to sleep.


I return to the washroom and wore them there,then I wrapped my towel again,waiting for the soaked clothes to get dried.


I heard the sounds of the entrance door opening.


He must have entered-i thought.



After a while,he knocked on the washroom door.My fingers didn’t still leave my towel.I can’t withstand standing before him in my transparent singlet and bomber short.


“sweetheart, are you there?? he asked..


“umm..honey,am still bathing” I replied.


“ohh sorry” he said cutely and left. I watched his pretty legs through the base of the door till he was out of sight. I reach for the soaked clothes, it still hasn’t dried.


Royal knocked on the washroom door 30mins aft




“what are you doing inside??


“Sweetheart,are you there?


he asked….


“I’m fine,I’m still bathing”.


I replied and shivered in cold.


“For how many hours? You won’t kill me or have you forgotten you have cold? your health is delicate” he said.


I kept quiet…


my mom already told him I have cold.


He opened the washroom door.


And I thought I locked it.


I fidget and turn sideways.


He can’t actually see me in this singlet.


“Come to bed” he said. I widened my eyes and shivered.


“i…I …I can’t come,my cloths.. You should go,I will join you later” I said.


He didn’t go,he just stood there staring at me.




Royal’s p.o.v


I smiled watching her hold her towel very well.


Maybe this is the reason why I can’t just take my eyes off her. Not like Lilly who is always exposing all the parts of her body just to get my attention.I just regret every moments I shared with her in the past.She ruined my life.


Wealth,I have it all,


I have everything money can get, money sleep,wakes up with me and follow me wherever place I go. No matter how I spend,I have never being poor..


But those money,can they get all this feelings???


All my life,I needed someone clean,


someone to value her body,


someone who will be faithful,


someone who won’t be after my money and popularity…


Yes,Krishna is that person.


She cares more than I care for myself


She wanted to leave because I was standing there in the washroom with her,I move into her from the back and remove her towel with just a finger. She shivered and hugged me.


Her br**st was kind of pressing into my chest.She doesn’t want me to see her br**st so she hugged me.


“I’m your boyfriend and husband”


I whispered into her ears…


“I know but I feel like am naked wearing just only bombershort and singlet without


bra in your presence”


she said.


I smiled…..


Millions of girls are out there dying for me,even those that haven’t seen me before


are ready to strip in front of me so as to catch my attention…


And here is someone who knows that I am madly in love with her,she won’t still


allow me to see any part of her body.


Not even her shoulders…


“Sir,stop buying this types of clothes, I don’t like them and I think I prefer my Cinderella singlet to this types” she said,still hugging me. I wanted to move away,


she move into me.


“Okay,I won’t look” I said.


She quickly pull away and turn her back against me.


I hugged her from the back and remove her hand from her br**sts, she covered it again.


“You need to stop keeping these things to yourself,they are mine” I said and made her turn.


“my eyes” I screamed with a pout.


She removed her hands and rush to me….


“What happened to your eyes???


she asked and went to the sink to get water.


“It’s fine” I said and pretend as if I wasn’t seeing well but part of my eyes were busy looking at her curves.


She took my hand and led me to the room…


“is it still paining you,let me see”


she said and made me sit on the bed.


I intentionally move my head to her br**st…






Sir,your head is on my……


*my eyes” I screamed sweetly.


She neglected my head on her br**st, she bent into my face and made my head


more comfortable on her br**st.


“sorry,I will blow it for you”


she said and touch my face.


She blew air into my face.


“Tell me,are you okay??


is it still paining???


she asked,blowing air persistently.


Just for me, someone is bothered,


someone cares soo much.


“Should I call the doctor? she asked.


I opened my eyes well and saw what I wanted to see very well.


her br**sts….


The singlet was transparent and the light was bright.


“Sweetheart,blow my eyes,it still hurt” I said.


“ohhkay” she moved into me.


I saw it more clearer…


Her br**st was soo fresh like her skin,her nipples was pink since she’s a white and it was just the normal size.


“Royal,what are you still looking at? I thought your eyes hurt? she asked.


I blinked my lashes,it’s obvious she caught me.


My phone disturbed.


Am on my way


Send them in….


“Can you sleep alone???


“I will be going for practice tonight since the show will be tomorrow” i faced her and pressed her




“yes,I can sleep.alone” she replied.


“like I will allow you”


“No worries,you’re gonna stay with Shantai in other to be on a safer side. You like that right??? I asked her.


She smiled. I took my phones and stood up.


“I can’t go out like this”


she giggled and hide behind behind my back.


“will you wear a robe? I asked.


“what,am I a president? she chuckled


“It doesn’t matter.Queens do wear robes,in fact it is normally worn by wealthy people” I told her and took her hand to the wardrobe,I opened it. in the wardrobe was my slivery traveling bag. I opened it.


She was smiling all through.



I smiled also and brought out a red robe.I bought it for her when I was ordering mine.


“you like it right? I asked.


“yes,it’s pretty”


she said and collected it from me. She removed the nylon and put it on. Beautiful was an understatement for how ethereal she looks.


“Red fits me a lot” she smiled.


I helped her in tying the belt of the robe.The front was slainted to travel her pretty long legs.


Exactly how I want my woman to look like.






~~Krishna Krishna….


We left the suite and stood at the entrance,he was locking the door with his ringed fingers that was also wearing bangles while the other hand was holding his phone and a short yellow card.


Royal locked the door and held me by my waist.


Lilly stepped out.


I had no idea I was smiling at her.


she didn’t talk,she pass by us.


Royal and I took another direction.


We stopped at Shantai suite,


he kissed me there. I was too shy to reciprocate because of my friends.


He left me.


“take care of her,I will be back soon” he spoke as thou angels are speaking.


Shantai smiled.


“Sir,am your craziest fan!!


Eve jumped up and hugged Royal.


“I’m a Korean,I love your styles… Oppa touch me,am hugging you” Eve smiled..


Royal look at me..


“Sweetheart,tell your boyfriend to touch me” Eve said.


“Royal,touch her” I said.


He touched her hair.


Eve pulled away from the hug and touched where his hands lay.


He smiled and left.


Shantai and Dora started coughing.


“Gossipers” Eve said.


“How does the kiss felt?? Dora asked me…Eve coughed.


“Did you guys just finish having sΒ£x? he went deeper right? did he use condom? Shantai asked.


“I don’t know! I told them and slept quietly beside Mohan.


“girls,let’s go for general dinner”


Dora said. I smiled and took my phone.


“1%,you guys didn’t charge my phone” I said as we walk downstairs to the dining.


The table was gigantic.


There are like ten of them and I could sense that only the rich’s are dining there.


Lilly and are crews are sitting opposite us…


I maintained my boundary,


but she kept on hissing and hitting her plate angrily while looking at my robe.Maybe because I was the only one wearing such an expensive robe .


“I wish royal will come so that I can watch him for long” Mira said.


Lilly cast her a glare.


The table after ours was cleared and replaced,new foods and plates were placed on it…


“And I think Royal will come” angel said to Mira. I wasn’t even listening to them,I just dish my food into my plate.I took my cutlery and started eating.


Everyone stopped eating…


I was soo engrossed with my food that I didn’t know everyone stood up to honor Royal and his friends.


“Krishna,stand up” Shantai pinched me but they already sit.


I saw Lilly standing up,


She went ahead to the new table and took Royal’s plates..


She was already gaining the popularity she had always wanted..


“Don’t do that,Krishna can serve him”


Jeff said like he was talking to nobody.


Lilly smiled it off and sat beside Royal who was busy using his phone.


Justin look around…


Dora went ahead to sit beside Jeff, they started eating together on the same plate.


Chris signalled me to come.


I went over and took Royal’s plate…


He dished plantai and egg sauce into his plates.


Lilly smiled crazily…


Some people that I don’t know joined her.


“egg sause and plantain,Royal doesn’t eat poor kids food” Lilly gasped. I felt embarrassed.


I drop the plate slowly in front of Royal. He look at me and took the fork…..


Will he eat it because of me???


He dipped his fork


into the egg sauce. He drop it and drank only juice…


“what does she knows??


Lilly said.


“At least she’s better than someone who ruined my life in the past. In case you don’t know,egg sauce is now my best food” he said and started eating the food.


I smiled……


Lilly scoffed and left angrily.




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