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Episode 9


now enjoy


I think I am dreaming.


How can he be talking to me???


I made a quizical look and concentrated more on my laptop.



Gosh,I wish he I’d sitting beside me or my has been so long I percievd the scent of his perfume.


I wish he will touch me one day.


I wish he will speak to me.


Does he even talks?? ooh no,he hardly talk but it will be a very great honour of he can talk to me in the public!!!!


mummurs brewed up.


Students were not using their phones to take, lectures,instead they were using it to take,several shots of royal.


Sir Davidson couldn’t comprehend it, he couldn’t complain about his class being divided because,it looks exactly as if he is teaching sticks. No one was probably listening.


Han Lily was chatting with her crew.


They were talking about trending gists,trending clothes,trending heels and all other unnecessary stuffs.


I sensed Romeo’s presence,


he was busy scrolling on his phone and I thank my stars he is sitting very far from where I sat.


“maintain absolute decorum!!


Sir Davidson ordered.



please,move,out we are not interested in your boring subject!! Lily protested and look in my direction..


Just then Royal mistakenly touch my hair. This time it was his bracelets that tangle with my hair.


I saw the look on Han Lily’s face,


it look scary!!!!


It looks murderous….


it made my panting increase.


Lily,don’t think otherwise! I said in my mind and squeak my phone in between my hands.


“ohhh my,let this not be the beginning of my doom” I sweated from the inside.


Royal finally succeeded in untangling his bracelets.


I think he wanted to tap me to deliver what he asked me to write but my identity is a thing that I dare not reveal.


Royal breathed out “have seen those faces before but where????..


I don’t think he is talking to me.


I turned slightly and noticed he wasn’t doing anything.He didn’t take a single lecture. He didn’t bring his laptop too.


“Royal,did you take lectures??? sir Davidson asked and turn off some parts of the smart board so as to hide some solved answers.


“what business do you have with my lectures?? Royal puffed out.



ohh my,he can talk!


I thought he can only sing.


Gosh… I need to admit he is best handsome whenever he is pissed off. Gosh, blessed be to those that spotted that his actions are similar with one of the,most wealthiest Indian hero!!!!


I think those statement made Romeo jealous.He suddenly stood up and walk out of the lecture room.


“Royal, come and solve this. You need to be serious with your studies. you’re dice high most rated ambassador” sir Davidson complain


“ambassador my foot!!! royal breathed out and took his car keys.



ohh my,Royal don’t leave!


pleaseee me,baby!!!


don’t go!!!





“Royal,come and solve this or I will report you to Mrs Suga or Mrs Samantha or I put you in 7hours detention” he threatened.


Everyone are now quiet,


waiting patiently for royals action.


Royal stood up and pick his keys on his hands.Some had the chance to take his full pictures but he was so fast to have bounce walk to the smart board. He turned it on and took the writing piece.


“solve this!!! sur Davidson said and displayed a very hard geometry on the board.


The sight of the hard work made two girls faint.


they were rushed by the nurses.


Royals look at the,geometry without much stress then back to sir Davidson.


He faced the board and used just eight lines to solve it.


“such brains!!!!!


He scoffed and faced sir Davidson.


“you’re fired!! he glared and throw the writing piece at him.With that,he walk out.



aaaah Royal, you’re the best


it is as if you know how I hate,geometry. Thanks for sending this man away.At,least someone brain will relax.


Royal, I love you!!!!


students dispersed one after the other.


But a particular girl never left.


She catwalked to my seat and talk my desk.



what was my boyfriend telling you????? she glared. I was puzzled. I thought Royal is for Han Lily.


“no,he was not telling me anything” I replied.


“really,but he was touching your hair???


his ring is with you right??? she asked.I was speechless and at the same time infuriated.


“follow me!!!! she glared and showed off her hotly polished nails.


She smells political money.


“can’t you hear??? follow me!!! she ordered.I shivered at her voice.


I took my laptop in my bag and followed her.


I wonder where she is taking me to.


“stay away from Royal, he is mine!!!


“and mine alone!!!! she glared and pushed me into something deep. I didn’t noticed it,I didn’t see it coming or else I would have escaped.


I fell into a cold floor.


My head spinned and hurt a little.


I tried standing but my nerves failed me,I fell back. I resulted into crawling..


I opened my bag and saw that my iPhone screen was scratched a little.


I winced in little pain and stood up.


It pains but I managed.


I stopped immediately I felt the presence of Royal……


My jaws dropped.


He was sitting very far. I think the song he is singing made him not to hear the sound that I fell with.


Gosh, I got pushed because of him.


I pouted and started looking for a way out but of I really want to go out,I will have to pass,besides him but my identity!!!



I was pushed just because he mistakenly touch my hair. what will now,happen if he see me in person??? maybe I will get killed.


I waited till it was night.


Royal didn’t leave. I moved back and,hide.


Suddenly, he started singing.It was a romance filled song and a sensational song



I will be your silver


I will be your gold


I will be your bronze


love me, love me….



he sang and waited.He might be thinking of the best chorus but I think a very simple line chorus will make,it more sensational.


He sang it again.I don’t know what happened, I find my self helping him with a very simple chorus that looks likes a back up.



loveeee meee now ohhh baaabyy will can be brooonze……


I made it more sensational by making it so loud.


he turned back,I moved in totally into my hideout.


“Please,come out!!! he said……


I froze into my spot.






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Beautiful Love Song


( Krishna )

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