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The stares were unbearable, it made,me felt as if all the part of my body are exposed.For a seconds,I said slow words into my mind. Slow words like; “if I should come back in my next life,I swear I will choose to be ugly so that people will stop looking at me like I am a food”.


The two men noticed my confused and uncomfortable look and so,they stop staring at me. I moved back and pull my Saree pretty well so that they will stop staring as if they’ve never seen a lady.


“she is the one” Mrs Claudia said again and point at me.


“ma’am,did I do anything wrong?? I asked with an uneasy mind.


Just then,a woman entered holding five shopping bags.Another lady moved in with a transparent thick nylon. I was quick to, sense an apple laptop that have the same color with my lips while a new pack of phone was on the other bag she was holding.



I look at the woman then back to Mrs Claudia but she was busy signing files with the two mens who still had lustful gazes on me.


I think I.should go so that she can have privacy with her visitors” I pouted and moved back but she called my name.


She handed me a white file and a black pen.


I glanced into the file.




I don’t know if I should start jumping up or shouting.


“won’t you fill it?? it is not for staring! Claudia expounded.


I opened the pen with some nervousness and filled the form.


“why is she helping me out??? I sighed and handed her the filled turn,she gave it to one of the men and made payments to them through transfer on her phone.


immediately she made payments, the mens dismissed with the ladies.


“ma,why are you helping me?? I asked Claudia, still in shock.


“don’t you feel like going to school? she asked with a smile.


I couldn’t answer.instead, I transfer my gaze to the apple laptop.


“do you like it??? she asked.


I felt tears on my eyes.I move my hands into my face so that she won’t see my tears.


“but ma’am, what if they find out that I am a commoner?? I asked.


“they won’t find out.You are the only one that can make them find out. And let me tell you something; Krishna you can’t change where you come from or what you’ve been through…but you see this opportunity, I will urge you to hold unto it tightly and never let it slip away.Vision is not for senseless people” Mrs Claudia smiled. I became happy and rush to hug her.


“always take lectures with your phone,then read with your laptop whenever you’re less,busy” she concluded.


“umm thank you…” I wiped my tears while her guards helped me in carrying the heavy bags to my doorstep.


jeeeezzzz,another problem!


“how will I explain to my mom??


“she won’t agree.She might not accept the offer Mrs Claudia is giving me.


“how do I explain?? how do I convince her??? I tap my head and thought of an idea but none was forthcoming.


after several fruitless thoughts,I pushed the heavy bag backwards and covered it with a big basket. Then I went back to our door and knock softly. She opened the door immediately.


“why did you stay long at Claudia’s mansion??? she asked with a strict face.


“I’m sorry mom” I replied while rubbing the back of my neck.


“that does not answer my question! she frowned the more.


“well…actually… I was…” I starmmered, wishing I know how to lie but I guess lying is not in my character.


“you’re hiding something” she said and look in the direction of the basket.


“what do you hide there?? she raised her brows in the direction of the basket. I felt miserable and dragged my sluggish feet to the heavy load. She opened the bag and brought out dice high uniform.


I was scared of what her next reaction will be.


She might burn it!!!


She saw the laptop and some other expensive stuffs,she look at me,I looked away,pretending to be removing something from my fingers I know she will burn everything.


“Krish,you want to go to school?? sgr asked in some strict manner..


I dare not answer or else,she will get more angry.


“Do you want to go to school or you want to go there And be dancing and singing??? she as


ked,almost in a shout that made tears drop down my cheeks.


“no,I don’t want to go” I shakes my head.


She soften her face.


“mom,please let me go” I begged.


“no,way” she objected and made a sad face. I wonder why my mom is so strict.


“if you go there,you will start dancing and singing, then you will get attracted to guys,other dice high students will be jealous of you… some light go through a long journey by finding out about your background….


Krishna,if your background is known, what do you think is the next????? she asked.


my heart shanked.


“mum, I promise I won’t dance and sing” I said,still in tears.


“are you sure??? she asked.


“certain” I replied.


“you will go but you must never dance” she finally gave in.


I moved in totally and hugged her from the back with a smile replacing my tears.






I was up early,


I dressed up with nervousness and took my bag with a shaking hand.


“Krishna,Dora is waiting outside”.


I rushed outside and entered her car.


She stared at me for a while before telling her driver to drive.


“Don’t forget the rules!


“Run away whenever you sense Romeo and don’t give anybody face” Dora said as her car drove into dice high.


I swallowed nothing and stared at the exclusive school building.


“what about Han Lily???


I asked.


“the only way to protect yourself from crossing Han Lily’s boundary is to stay away from that guy you bumped into the other day.if you see Royal coming,run away. You understand the type of running I mean?? Dora asked. “yes,I understand” I bashed my lashes.


Dora is already a celebrity already and I think that’s why students are always shouting her name and taking pictures of her whenever she drives in.


At least,I will be protected with Dora, Shantai and Eve on my side.



she is cute…..


she changed car again. Ummm is it only me that is seeing that Dora is more


wealthy than MIRA….Gosh,Dora hold hands with me….


Dora,who is this new girl????


can she dance like you???


was all I heard.


Maybe this is what it means to be so close to a celebrity.





Han Lily and Mira”


more,paparazzi came up.


I just pray Han Lily won’t recognize me” I pout And hold hands with Dora till lily passed us with her friend.


“could it be that she did not recognize me??? I pout again and glance back at them.


Aaaah,am sooo lucky.


I left Dora’s hand out of nervousness and headed for the lecture room. Sinr I’m having class that very morning.


I was able to find the ‘numeracy’ lecture room with the help of the map application on my phone.


Everything in the lecture room was either shining silver or diamond.


I took a seat at the middle roll and thank God it was a one seater with a desk for be placed on.


Not quiet long,a man entered with two big textbook.


He dropped the textbook on the stand almost close to the smart board.


wait,is he going to teach only me!!!


I was surprised because I was the only one in the man’s class.


“Sir what about other students?? I asked politely.


“in dice high,coming to lecture room is by choice and not by force.Mine is just to teach and go I don’t care if it is a single person” the man replied and started solving very hard geometry on the board.



I took videos of very difficult aspects with my phone. I don’t really know how to take notes with laptop so I used my note pad instead.





~~~Romeo p.o.v



“we don’t have any information yet and as it stands now,we can’t say if she is a commoner or not..” my private investigator gave reports.


“how can you not say if she is a commoner or not??? don’t you know how to do your work!!!! I scorned with deep jealousy in my veins.


“yes sir,they are many hindrances affecting my observations!!


he bowed at my feet.


“what stupid hindrance???


“is there anything you can ever do?


I fummed in anger and wore my rings.


“yes sir…


“firstly,we don’t know her name…


“secondly,she did not give anybody face,and her hair is long enough to prevent


people from seeing her face not to talk of knowing her name”.


he gave full reports about the girl Royal bumped into.


“so what are you telling me


indirectly??? that you can’t do the work?? you’re not up to the task of a private investigator??? I asked with a snap.


“I will try finding out,sir” he begged.


“gosssshhh,you’re horrible!! I puffed out air and took my phone and car key. “since you can’t find out about her, I will find out about her” I shot him a ‘you will soon be fired’ look and went out of my penthouse to my car. I took just a guard and drove into dice high.


I think the first class should be ‘Numeracy’ but students don’t like attending that class.Sir Davidson is so difficult to understand.His lecture sounds so tasky.Only Royal understands his method of teaching.



Even though he understands it, he doesn’t attend classes because students will stalk him.


“just always drooling on him as of he Is the only guy” I rolled my eyes in jealousy.


“check if there is someone in lecture room 115” I commanded my guards. “ohhh I’m coming sir” he said and connected his phone to lecture room ‘115’ projector.


“yes,only a girl”.


“she’s pretty too” he commended and showed me the phone.


I peered into the phone and saw,the girl my investigator coykdbt find out, about.


I was able to see her full face of a f**king face through the help of the projector.


“do you understand” sir Davidson came up from the projector.


“I’m trying” she replied.her voice came out more like an angel.


“she could know how to sing” I said and gave back the phone.


I positioned my face cap and took my phones in my hand. I went for lecture room 115.


“waaaooooww!! escaped my mouth.


Her hair seemed to be the,most pretty thing I have seen in my life and her lips looked as if they’ve never been kissed before.Her skin was soo pure looking. “can she be a commoner???


“sir Davidson, can you repeat that part you just solved,its confusing” she pouted,making my eyes to glitter


I joined the class and pretended as if I came for lectures.


After what seemed like eternity,it came to an end.Sir Davidson went out. I turned back immediately to the direction the lady was sitting and discovered that she wasn’t there anymore.


how smart?????


extraordinary everyday.



Beautiful Love Song


( Krishna )

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