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now, enjoy…….


(families, the episode is short, please manage.I will make it up tomorrow)



now, enjoy







Gosh, am I crying again….


I wipe my tears quickly,he saw it and turned right then left.


Then,he look me,just only me with so much emotions.


Those involved in the bully were now getting scared.



He face the people standing with the due respect that he deserve since he’s gonna be the country next ruler.



“sweet heart” he said.


I swallowed into nothing and took my hands.



what’s happening???


Royal is touching a girl and even calling her sweetheart… Lilly is this


really happening in your presence?


gazes were directed to Han Lilly.


I suddenly felt like leaving or better still walk away because I’m not ready for trouble…


“What happened here??


Royal faced the chefs who catted on their feeble kneels instantly…





one of the chef’s stammer.


“you’re fired” Royal said.





Lilly screamed,


Royal kept on firing all the workers in the cafeteria’s.



“Sir Royal,she wanted to buy food but Mira came here and shouted that she’s a disaster…no one wants to go near a disaster,she was pained and kept on running…them a banana was thrown by…….”


the chef that was explaining stopped talking.Only me saw the killer looks that Lilly sent the cook.



“Banana was thrown by????


Royal asked impatiently…



“It was thrown by Ariana..”


the chef lied against another person..


“well Ariana,you’re evicted” Royal said.I opened my mouth slightly.


I swear that girl is innocent,they lied against her.



“well,I don’t want to hear anything, right now,I don’t want to see any food on the counter….Cafeteria would be closed until when I feel like unclosing it” Royal said.





Lilly screamed.


“at some points,you need to stop shouting name like a dog”


Royal replied,frustratingly.





I thought they were couples, I mean Lilly and Royal.What’s happening? someone should explain.


Who is this mysterious girl????


Lilly a dog,it’s okay….


Maybe they had a fight but I know for sure,they Will be back together




everyone gasped.



“Sir Royal,I wasn’t the one, it was Lilly who throw the banana peal” Ariana said.



“Ariana!!!!!!!!!!!! shut up you this slimmy worthless bitch!! Lilly glared. I


wonder why her life is full of lies.


Gosh, she’s souless and heartless.



Royal took my hands and dragged me passed where Lilly was sitting with her crews,he made me sat opposite their tables.



I couldn’t even raise my head to look at han Lilly. Her looks are killing and dangerous.



New chef’s matched in,


New dice high workers uniform,


New chef apron,


New chef scarf,


New brand of plates with different delicacies.




The foods were set in my presence.


I raise my head,it met with Lilly’s own intentionally…..she look away.



Royal is eating with a girl….


This is so romantic….


who else notice the girl is more cute than Lilly????


everyone took pictures.



Royal help me to open the water,


I guess Lilly couldn’t hold it anymore, she ran out with her crews.



I took the spoon and started eating..


while Royal diverted his attention to his phone.



“Sirrr,did you eat??


I asked.


It seems he’s addicted to staying hungry.


“Nope,I don’t feel like”


he replied.


I remembered the chef in Chris house told me Royal is really selective.



“Shall I make grilled chicken and salad for you once we leave here? I asked and ate one meat.



“until then”


he said and stopped what he was doing on his phone.



“Were you hurt???


He asked.


“Noooo” I replied.


“Who throw you that banana peal??


he asked.


*answer with sincerity” he said.



“ummmmm wellll……”


I stammered and look at him…


I don’t think am ready for trouble.



“Was it Lilly?? she was involved right? he asked.








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beautiful love song


[i know,i can’t be yours ]





Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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