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Lilly sniffed and placed her palms on her face while her shoulder lean on the door.


Chris and Jeff turn to her,


she hide her tears by drying it.



“Royal, did you really kiss this bad luck that ate up her own sisters? this idiot killed her you really kiss her? Lilly asked.



“At some shouldn’t talk to me like we are in the same levels”


I replied her.


She rushed out.


I look at Krishna, she look away.


Chris smiled and left with the remaining boys.



I wanted to touch Krishna’s hand,she shifted her hand back,then I noticed she was crying sillenty,making her look more innocent.


I don’t know what came over me,I was just lost in the manner in which her long lashes stuck with her tears and together with the base of her fleshy cheek bone.


My dad clearer his throat.


I slam my forehead… like seriously,I forgot he was inside.



“You made mention of explain”


he said…


I look at Krishna,she look away.


“I need privacy” I said.


“I will flog….okay 30min,I need to see you” he said and left with Mrs Rose.


I looked at Krishna,


She hijack her hands out of mine and gave me a cold shoulders like she’s avoiding me.



“Krishna,look at me” I said.


She ran to where she kept her cross bag.


“where are you going? I asked.


“why didn’t you tell them that the kiss was a mistake? I just wonder what Lilly will go and tell everyone…she will make me gain more insults and might tag me as a disaster student since her dad owns the school” she said and move out of my longue.


I felt something left me. I sat back on one of the couches and switch on all


my phones.


Messages buzzed in,


I also got a call.





I pick up,her voice beeped.


Royal my dear,how are you?


she asked.I answered.


There was a brief of silence after that.I wanted to end the call but her voice beemed again.


Romeo finally agreed to share the assets with you by 90% to 10%” she said…


I almost expounded but I controlled myself.


“you will have to take 10% while Romeo will take 90%” she said.


“as you wish…


You also need to do me a favor by helping me to give the 10% offer to the


motherless babies.” I said.


she kept quiet,the line went off



“Your dad calls for you.His flight is in the next 1hour” a guard bowed in. I tapped the glassy table steadily, thinking about what Mrs suga just told me..


I mean how can she do this?


Though,I can’t really remember the past but I read it myself from the house diary that….





May 19th,1997….he was born,


Royal was gifted some assets…


Whatever thing he wish to do with the asset should be decided by him~~ signed Marley.



Is my mom really playing games with me?? I’ve never seen a true mother hurting her sons. Instead,she’s suppose to bring them together.



A message popped into my phone, it was from Mrs sugar.


Read and understand the clearance so as to avoid any form of disorderliness.


Feb 14th,1996….he was born.


Romeo was gifted an asset…


whatever thing he wish to do with the assets should be decided by him~ signed Mrs sugar.



Gosh, am confused…..


what I saw in the diary is different from what Mrs suga is telling me!



“sir,your dad” the guard reminded me. I got myself and followed him out of the camp…



Everywhere was filled.


Training might soon because it looks crowdy all around.


Securities tightened around me and prevented crazy fans from causing violence.



Romeo crossed path with me.


“excuse me,I want o see my brother” he said and dismissed my guards.



waoooooow,they are cute!!!


Royal please touch me!!!!


Pleeease,look at me…


Attend training for my sake,Royal” girls started dreaming.



Romeo used that opportunity to move into me properly.


“won’t you say thank you” he scoffed.


“For……??? I asked.


“For dashing you 10% of my assets” he boasted in a low tone.


“like I asked for it…at some stages, you need to keep your silly asset with


you” I replied and walk out on him.


My guards followed.


We got to the airport,


Sir Zayn came to join my car…



Zayn’s p.o.v



“Royal, were you re



ally trying to make out with Krishna? i asked because I’ve never seen him holding a girl like that. He’s always scared of falling in love.



“Do you have feelings for her or you just want to use and dump her or


friends with benefits? I asked him,


he kept quiet.


His phone rang,he wanted to pick it.



Royal,I will flog…..


You this pervert,you’ve been with me for eight good years,you should know


when am serious”


I said.



“the kiss was by mistake” he said.


“Do you have feelings for her? I said.


“Yeah…maybe…yeah…but she’s not comfortable around me…ummm I’m not a kid,I know how to make her comfortable around me and I know how to treat her well.I pray she won’t change tho” Royal said.



His sweet expression suddenly turns cold as thou angels are angry, his deaninor made me felt shivers underneath me.



“Sir Zayn,what do you know about my past? he asked,affectionately.


“I don’t really know much,i adopted you when your were 15. I noticed some villains are trynna make you die with your talents, I helped you by proclaimly publicly that you’re my son.You even had amnesia three times…


don’t worry,it will soon be over…Mrs Rose even said that dice high was written in your name…we don’t need to rush now,the truth vwill finally surface” I replied him.



“Did Mrs sugar give birth to me?


I asked,he breathed out.


“yes,she confirmed with a DNA test” I replied.


“are you sure it’s not fake” he asked.


“I don’t really know” I replied.



“who’s Marley??


He asked.


“Royal,my flight” I reminded him and step out of his car to my jet which will


take off in the next 5min….


His driver drove away.





~~Krishna’s p.o.v~


I stayed with Shantai all through because I was somehow scared Lilly might show up, I was so lucky she didn’t come out.


I didn’t see her face during training sessions for today and I wonder why, hoping am not causing any trouble.


Those that are present today will have 5marks ahead of others who didn’t come.Tomorrow’s activities will be sent to your mail” the educator anounced


Soon enough,the day training session expired,we signed in back into our longue.



“how does kiss with Royal look like? Shantai asked in a very funny way, giving me a “please tell me” look as if it is something very serious. “how many times will I say it was a mistake? I asked her back. “I wish I am you” she said.


“What will you do if you’re me” I asked.


“I will do many things….


Firstly,I will make Lilly cry by exposing her to the school that she’s such a


f**king liar and a souless human being,then I will make Royal fall in love


with me more and more.”


she said.




“How is Lilly a liar?? I asked.



“She lied to her fans that she and Royal are a thing when they are not. You can imagine lying against a public figure” Lilly said.. I look on as she speaks.



“what if Royal ask you out,what will you say? she asked.


I faked a cough and pretend as if she wasn’t talking to me.


“what will you say? she beckoned.


“how will Royal ask me out….or have you forgotten Mrs Rose hired me to


work and not to fall in love with him and besides,Royal won’t stoop so low not after when Han Lilly already told him bloody lies about my family. Lilly lied against me in front of royal, sir zayn,Mrs rose and the rest of the boys that I killed my sisters and father.


Gosh, you should see the way she was calling me bad lock, it was damn




I said to her.


Shantai smiled.”I’m here for you” she said and entered her longue. I walk faster and got to the entrance of Royal’s door,the guards standing outside open the door and allow me in. I lock the doors and used the bathroom,I really need to do that before royal comes back.



I wore my nightmare and slept on the couch after drinking a juice from the fridge.


My tommy started aching me badly, it made me feel so uncomfortable.



ohh no,it mustn’t be my menstruation!


I carresed my tommy and left the chair for the bed….


aaahhh!!! it was worst.


ummmm I didn’t even come with my sanitary pad and I can’t be allowed to move out of the longue once have signed in….


I closed my bag and called Dora, she said she doesn’t have sanitaries wi


th her,I called Shantai and eve, they said the same thing.



resulted into kneeling down…


gosh, i don’t even have cotton wool. what type of human being am I??? I bend down for close to 1hour…


just then,Royal came in.



He noticed the pain in my eyes and moved close to where I bent.


“please don’t come closer? I said.


He nodded and opened the bag he brought in,he took two bundles of money and went out.



I still bent,


He came back inside and was surprised to meet me bending down.


“who gave you punishment? he asked and remove his head band…


He took off his top….


I closed my eyes….



“Do you need something?


he asked and remove his belt and sagged his trouser a little bit.


I opened my eyes….


He looks more handsome like this.



“For the last time,do you need anything? he asked.


I stood up and rested my back on the wall,making sure that my period flow didn’t stain the wall.



“what’s it that you’re hidding?


he asked and moved close to me…


“Turn around” he said.


“whaaaaattt,sir Royal, please let me stay like this” I said.


He smiled and held my waist with both hands.



“Royal stop” I said.


“Sweetheart” he called my second name in a romantic way then turn me around just to see what I was hiding.



OMG!! did he see it???


“Royal,what did you see?? I asked.






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